Obama: US could ‘penetrate’ Iran S-300 defense system

Of course the U.S. could “penetrate” Iran’s air defences. However, Obama pointedly omits to mention at what cost, in aircrews and planes, and whether it would be worth the price?

Sayyad-3 missile is part of the new Bavar-373 air and missile defense system Iran has developed, to fulfil the role of the Russian S-300 that has been denied by the Russians since 2010. Click to enlarge

Iran plans fielding Bavar 373 air & missile defense system this year

Iran plans to deploy the advanced air defence system, which it claims is better than the Russian S-300, later this year

Pentagon: US Warships Preserving ‘Options’ in Yemen Crisis

Navy officials confirm that the USS Theodore Roosevelt — together with other Navy vessels — is sailing to stop Iranian weapons shipments to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Netanyahu: Russia must halt sale of S-300 to Iran

Putin has warned Israel against taking retaliatory action over the sale, such as selling its weapons to Ukraine. Netanyahu has yet to respond to Putin’s warning

USS Theodore Roosevelt. Click to enlarge

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

Another potential flashpoint emerges as Iranian warships are also sailing toward Yemeni waters

Iran supreme leader says US created ‘myth’ of nuclear weapons

Just like it did with Saddam’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’

Lindsey Graham: there’s a ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ for congressional OK of Iran nuke deal

If one of Israel’s leading players in U.S. politics has his way, the nuclear accord with Iran just isn’t going to happen. He’ll make sure of it

Iran leader urges military to increase 'preparedness'

Iran leader urges military to increase ‘preparedness’

Ayotollah urges commanders to prepare after warnings by Chairman of the Joint U.S. Chiefs of Staff that the military option in dealing with Iran was still open

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Defence Minister Ehud Barak. Click to enlarge

Barak urges Netanyahu: ‘Daring action needed against Iran, not just words’

But is Israel capable of acting alone against Iran? Or is it banking on U.S. ‘intervention’ once conflict starts?

Iranian armed drone on display during a parade in Tehran.

Rouhani says Iran’s military strategy purely defensive

Is Iran now attempting to conceal its growing military capability from potential adversaries?

Indigenous Bavar-373 goes operational

Iran announced Saturday that two advanced locally developed air defence systems — the Bavar 373 and Sayyad-3 — were now fully operational nationwide

The “Possible Military Dimensions” Bomb That Could Blow Up the Iran Deal

A nuclear agreement is far from being concluded and “Possible Military Dimensions” or “PMD” could still derail talks

U.S. Military Option In Iran ‘Intact’ Despite Russian Missiles

So despite the supposed “nuclear agreement” with Iran the U.S. hasn’t entirely dispensed with the idea of a military strike

IAF must ‘invest a lot’ to overcome Russian S-300 missiles, says former air force official

Any guesses as to where the funding for that investment will be coming from?

Iran’s new Fateh-class submarine test-launched

Iran’s latest Fateh submarine currently undergoing final tests before joining the fleet

Iran: US Congress Meddling in Nuke Deal

On this particular issue are U.S. congressmen serving the interests of ordinary Americans? Or Israel’s?

Here’s what would really happen if the US bombed Iran

Even “limited” strikes would be a massive military undertaking but many hawks see them as the only way,

S-300 in Iran ‘no threat to Israel’: Putin briefs Netanyahu on defensive weapons concept

Russia will send 5 of the potent air defence systems to Iran as Putin tries to reassure the Israeli prime minister’s “grave concerns”

Not Tom Cotton but Peter Sellers doing an imitation of him in Kubrick's Dr Strangelove. Click to enlarge

Tom Cotton: Obama’s Iran Deal May Lead to Nuclear War

Two borderline psychopaths — former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg and Senator Tom Cotton — discus prospects for striking Iran

Russian FM defends Moscow’s lifting of S-300 ban

As White House warns S-300 delivery could threaten deal over Iran’s nuclear program