Iran DM: S-300 Defense Shield Deployed

After many delays and false starts the first S-300 air defence systems are now operational and deployed in Iran

Iran’s FM Extolls Country’s Ability to Restore Nuke Program

Of course this is Iran’s way of saying ‘if the West doesn’t fulfil its part of the agreement …”

Iran receives the missile part of S-300 defence system from Russia – Tasnim

Iran has already received some of the air defence system’s radars, now some of the S-300 missiles have been delivered

Iran vows to continue developing ballistic missiles

Iran defiant after UN Secretary-General says its missile tests are not consistant with the spirit of the nuclear agreement

House passes measure to stop sale of Boeing aircraft to Iran

U.S. lawmakers vote to stop the sale of passenger planes amid claims they could be used to carry ballistic missiles

Camp Liberty after mortar bombardment that left 40 injured. Click to enlagre

Anti-Iran terrorists struck in Iraq: Report

Iranian exiles in Iraq blame blitz at Camp Liberty on Tehran’s Revolutionary Guard. Forty injured

Report: Russia to Send Iran Another S-300 Missile System Shipment ‘Soon’

Russian system to become fully operational by the end of the Iranian year (March 2017), alongside its Iranian counterpart the Bavar 373

Islamic State plotters featured in the TV documentary. Click to enlarge

Islamic State militants paid to stage bomb attacks in Iran – State TV

Fortunately Iranian security foiled the attacks but neither Reuters or Press TV identify who exactly paid for the planned attacks

New film blames Israel for failure of Iran malware

Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly had the malware rewritten to be more chainsaw than surgical scalpel. As a result it began crashing the wrong computers, bringing it to antivirus companies’ attention

Iran receiving 2nd part of Russian S-300 delivery

The delivery of the “game changer” air defence system is ongoing and scheduled for completion around the end of the year

Screen grab from Iranian TV news.

Report: US sailors ill-prepared for Iran encounter in Gulf

Report finds poor leadership and a lack of “war-fighting toughness” gave Iran a propaganda coup, when it seized US Navy boats with 10 sailors in January

Iran’s Trying to Rebuild Its Air Force

Iran has already chosen Russia’s cutting-edge Su-30. But the sale and delivery may not be finalised until 2021. David Axe explains

Launched early in 2013, the Iranian built submarine can reportedly launch cruise missile (pictured). Information from the Iranian launch was probably used in the development of North Korea's missile. Click to enlarge

Deputy Chief of Staff: Iran’s Secret Military Power Surprises US, Israel

Iran may spring a few surprises should Israel or the U.S. launch military strikes against it. Includes video

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he arrives to address workers in Tehran, Iraq, April 27, 2016. Click to enlarge

Why our nuclear deal with Iran is turning to dust

It’s not difficult for the Iranians to spot what they call the “dasisa” – and what the Hezbollah, in Arabic, refer to as the “muamara” – which means: THE PLOT

Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

Originally posted last year but still highly relevant

Khomeini return from exile. Click to enlarge

US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran revolution

Newly declassified diplomatic cables suggest the US indirectly helped facilitate the return of Ayatollah Khomeini. His successor says the documents are fabricated

Jimmy Carter behind Anglo-CIA conspiracy in Iran which installed Khomeini and the Mullahs

Archive footage suggests that the U.S. had been instrumental in deposing the Shah. Although, we believe, they may not have intended to install Khomeini

Iran stated that it held the Saudi monarch personally responsible for the deaths of more than 2,300 people, 464 of them Iranians. Click to enlarge

The untold story of the deaths at Hajj

Robert Fisk on an Iranian diplomat who met his fate in Islam’s holiest city.

Speeding Up: Why Iran Wants to Receive Russia’s S-300 as Soon as Possible

Delivery of the S-300 system to be accelerated in response to what Iran sees as a growing threat from Saudi Arabia

Iran’s Strait Games

In 2002 simulated exercise, based on a Hormuz Strait-closure scenario, the U.S. suffered massive losses, including an aircraft carrier and 10 cruisers. Since then, U.S. capabilities in the Gulf region have only diminished while Iran’s have increased