5 U.S. Weapons of War Iran Should Fear

Should conflict erupt, we explain why it could prove as big a day of reckoning for the U.S. as for Iran

US intelligence with hidden agenda knew of Paris attack: Analyst

Former linguist for U.S. intelligence says some in “the intelligence community … have a hidden agenda” that is served by events like the Charlie Hebdo shooting

Yemen ‘Coup’ A Sign Of Expanding Iranian Influence In the Middle East

Yemen’s collapsing political situation offers Iran a strategic opportunity to extend its influence into the backyard of its regional archrivals, the Saudis

Iran, Russia Agree on Delivery of S300 Defense System

After years of delays following pressure from the West, Russia and Iran finally agree on delivery of the “game changer” weapons system

Russia may send S-300 missile system to Iran – media

Although it’s possible that instead of the S-300 Iran may now take delivery of the even more advanced S-400 system

Argentine prosecutor who accused Cristina Kirchner over 1994 bombings found dead

An Argentine prosecutor who accused President Cristina Kirchner of covering up Iran’s involvement in the country’s worst ever terrorist attack has been found dead, hours before he was due to present his evidence in parliament

Hezbollah’s firepower of 150,000 projectiles exceeds all European armies combined

Former Israeli national security adviser says the Zionist state must be prepared for a military operation against Iran in the near future. In addition to launching large-scale ground war against Hezbollah in Lebanon

Israeli Media Steps up Propaganda War against Syria, Hezbollah and Iran

Der Spiegel has ignited a new propaganda campaign against Syria as did the New York Times who made the same tragic mistake right before the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. The question is, will the world buy the story again?

Iran Has Never Been More Influential In Iraq

Islamic State was covertly created as a means undermine Syria’s President Assad and ultimately attack Iran’s flank. But as Iran leads the fight back its power and influence grows

An Iranian twin-seat F-5F Tiger II flies in formation with an F-5-derived Saeghe combat aircraft (foreground). The two types can be distinguished in this picture by the twin-fin V-tail arrangement of the latter type. Source: Iran state media. Click to enlarge

Iran begins mass production of Saeghe fighter

Some of Iran’s efforts may yet prove successful in ensuring the country can maintain its air-defence capabilities despite a continuing arms embargo

Jamaran equipped with new chaff and flare dispensing systems, which are positioned behind the Fajr 27 naval gun. Click to enlarge

Iran Upgrades Naval Weapons Technology

Iran installs radar counter-measures and new phased array radar aboard locally developed warship

Iran Says it Foiled Israeli Mossad Assassination Attempt of Nuclear Scientist

Iranian intelligence has reportedly uncovered secret Mossad run bases located in “one of Iran’s western neighbours”, where teams of assassins were being trained

What is it about Iran that scares the US?: On Tehran’s military capabilities

A balanced analysis of why the U.S. appears increasingly reluctant to resort to force of arms in its face-off with Iran

Iran and US tentatively agree on formula to reduce nuclear programme

The latest proposal would have Iran ship enriched uraniaum to russia to reduce its weaposn making potential

Iran in new deal to boost Iraq army

New agreement forged to help contain Islamic State

Iran Is Getting Away With Murder

Just when you thought that relations with Iran might warm, Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest blows that deceit away and signals the Zionists real agenda

Iran Tests Skyguard Missile System to Hit Hostile Drones in Drills

Iran has developed its air defences to the point where military strategists would think twice before launching an air campaign against it. If they haven’t already

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Gilad Atzmon is confused about the labelling of Iran’s new drone. Aren’t the IDF’s guided missiles targeting Palestinian family homes also suicidal bombs?

Iran Untroubled by “Satan’s Little Helper”

As its armed forces embark on massive drills, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy says Iran isn’t threatened by the “lesser Satan”

Iran Agitated With U2 Stealth Aircrafts, Schedules War Games From Dec 25-31

Noting an increase in surveillance flights near the country’s borders, senior Iranian commanders have warned “trans-regional states” to steer clear as weapons, radars and missile systems are deployed for war games Dec 25-31