What is it about Iran that scares the US?: On Tehran’s military capabilities

A balanced analysis of why the U.S. appears increasingly reluctant to resort to force of arms in its face-off with Iran

Iran and US tentatively agree on formula to reduce nuclear programme

The latest proposal would have Iran ship enriched uraniaum to russia to reduce its weaposn making potential

Iran in new deal to boost Iraq army

New agreement forged to help contain Islamic State

Iran Is Getting Away With Murder

Just when you thought that relations with Iran might warm, Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest blows that deceit away and signals the Zionists real agenda

Iran Tests Skyguard Missile System to Hit Hostile Drones in Drills

Iran has developed its air defences to the point where military strategists would think twice before launching an air campaign against it. If they haven’t already

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Gilad Atzmon is confused about the labelling of Iran’s new drone. Aren’t the IDF’s guided missiles targeting Palestinian family homes also suicidal bombs?

Iran Untroubled by “Satan’s Little Helper”

As its armed forces embark on massive drills, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy says Iran isn’t threatened by the “lesser Satan”

Iran Agitated With U2 Stealth Aircrafts, Schedules War Games From Dec 25-31

Noting an increase in surveillance flights near the country’s borders, senior Iranian commanders have warned “trans-regional states” to steer clear as weapons, radars and missile systems are deployed for war games Dec 25-31

Obama: Israel knows Iran’s nuclear program halted

Despite Netanyahu’s criticism, President Obama says Israel is well aware that Tehran has suspended work on its nuclear program while talks have been ongoing

Iran Prods Russia To Send In S-300 Surface-To-Air Missile Despite US Sanctions

Seven years after the sale was agreed and fours years after the deal was cancelled, due to U.S. pressure, Iran is adamant that Russia fulfil its part of the weapons deal

Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia

The cost of oil has collapsed, largely due to Saudi-U.S. efforts to undermine the economies of Iran and Russia. Ultimately however, this could result in colateral damage to Western economies too.

Iran honoring nuclear deal with Western powers, IAEA report shows

Despite objections from Britain and France that Iran had not shown sufficient “flexibility” in negotiations, UN agency report says Tehran appears to be keeping its word

UK planning Bahrain base with eyes on Iran

Ignoring Bahrain’s human rights record, Britain aims to establish a major permanent naval base in the Persian Gulf

Iran unveils monument to Jewish soldiers killed in war with Iraq

The vice speaker of Iran’s parliament, who attended the ceremony, thanked Iran’s Jewish community for their support and for speaking out against the “violent and inhumane” Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Arrow 3 missile shield fails interception test – sources

A critical failure given that the Arrow 3 is meant to be a key component in intercepting incoming missiles from Iran

What is it about Iran that scares the US?: On Tehran’s military capabilities

A large global energy corporation received Russian intelligence reports in 2006. They confirmed that the US and Israel were preparing to launch extensive air strikes on Iran in a matter of months. What postponed them?

Iran: U.S. Military Option Is Off the Table

Although Iran has made considerable headway with its military technology these are with conventional weapons. The U.S. still holds a trump card. Not is it impossible that the US to use its nukes. One false flag could change that

Report: Iranian hackers launched massive cyber attack on Adelson’s casino

Previously the billionaire casino owner had suggested that the U.S. drop a nuclear bomb on Iran

Iran president blasts military for excessive power, corruption

In a rare criticism, President Rouhani has warned about Iran’s Revolutionary Guards intelligence wing becoming too powerful

U-2 reconnaissance plane. Click to enlarge

US Spy Plane Warned Away from Iranian Air Space

More evidence of Iran’s growing air defence capability