Three Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats are seen near the U.S. aircraft carrier, USS George H. W. Bush while transiting Straits of Hormuz as U.S. Navy helicopter hovers over them during early hours of March 21, 2017.

Iranian navy endangering international navigation in Gulf: U.S. commanders

U.S. commanders warn that Iran is using dangerous tactics in the Straits of Hormuz that could result in open conflict

The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran

Will Trump pick up where his predecessors left off? With nearly 6,000 US troops currently en route to the region and maybe more to follow the signs don’t look good.

Third Time’s The Charm – These Neocons Want Another Sunni Insurgency (Updated)

Moon of Alabama explains that the Neocon’s want to reignite conflict in the Middle East; using “Sunni Arab tribes” to destroy the Syrian state and then attack the Iranian “bridge” to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Purim Gifts

President Putin gave Netanyahu a gift when he visited Moscow recently. This was just before the feast of Purin and appropriately Putin gave the Israeli leader a 500-year-old book, The Jewish War of Josephus. Israel Shamir explains

After having proferred a few hasty comments about a number of military questions, President Trump left it to his Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis, to handle all the strategic and tactical aspects. The White House will specify the objectives and the political means, and the Pentagon will be given free reign concerning their implementation. This distinction between politics and the military did not exist in the Obama administration - the Pentagon had to submit all lethal action to the White House.

Trump – clarification?

The US Chief of Staff met with both his Russian and Turkish counterparts to discuss the conflict in Syria. But given Iran also has troops there why weren’t they invited?

In this Nov. 29, 2015, file photo, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif listens to a question during a news conference with his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias in Tehran, Iran. Zarif said Thursday, Dec. 17 there "seems to be no agreement" on two key issues just hours before the latest international conference on Syria was held Friday morning in New York.

Iran FM says Netanyahu faking history and Jewish faith

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif has described Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claim that ancient Persia persecuted Jews as “bigoted lies”

Iran mini-submarines. Click to enlarge

Report: Iran Pushing For Deal With Assad Regime To Build Naval Base In Syria

IF Iran does indeed build a naval base in Syria it will give it access to the Mediterranean Sea, which Israel has described as a “radical step”

Israel Lost in Syria. But It Already Has a Backup Plan

Israel was betting on “moderate” rebels gutting Syria. Its backup plan is to wear down Hezbollah until it can “deal” with Iran

Locally developed Karrar tank. Click to enlarge

Iran unveils world-class indigenous tank

Locally developed tank with advanced capabilities about to enter mass-production

An earlier version of the Hormuz-2 missile, the Hormuz-1. Click to enlarge

Iran successfully test fires a naval missile, Tasnim reports

Destroys target 250 kilometres away. Includes video

Israel eyeing Iran’s test of advanced Russian-made missile system

Experts warn: IDF cannot afford to ignore to ignore Iran’s S-300 and that Tehran is now “well advanced” with its own independently developed weapons technology

Bavar 373: Final Operational Tests in May

Bringing to fruition years of work to develop Iran’s own version of the “game-changing” S-300 system

Senior Army Commander: All Israeli Facilities within Range of Iranian Missiles

This is why the Israeli Air Force hasn’t launched any air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities

Iran test fires S-300. Click to enlarge

Iran says S-300 air defense system now ‘operational’

For years the U.S. and Israel had tried to block the sale. Now however, it’s deployed and fully operational. Includes video

Iran will buy warships, submarines and missiles as soon as UN resolution expires, US intel warns

Iran already produces most of its own weapons, many highly sophisticated. So this warning amounts to fear-mongering

Trump’s “Moderate” Defense Secretary Has Already Brought Us to the Brink of War

Trump’s “Moderate” Defense Secretary Has Already Brought Us to the Brink of War

Under “Mad Dog” Mattis war with Iran is now back on the agenda

Bavar-373 Enters Final Phase of Testing

Bavar-373 Enters Final Phase of Testing

The door is now effectively closing for U.S. and/or Israeli air strikes on Iran

Iran Navy test fires Valfajr Torpedo on final day of drills

Iran Navy test fires Valfajr Torpedo on final day of drills

The Iranian Navy concluded the third and final day of Velayat 95 drills with the successful test firing of the Valjafr torpedo. Includes video

Iran Tests Hi-Tech Mine Sweeping Equipment during Navy Drills in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman

Iran Tests Hi-Tech Mine Sweeping Equipment during Navy Drills in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman

In addition to firing new anti-ship missiles, Iran also unveiled advanced new mine sweeping technology. Includes video

Iran military gets financial boost to expand power

As President Trump calls for increased military spending, it has been disclosed that Iran’s military budget has increased 65% since President Rouhani took office in 2014