The secretive order that at its heart may hide a much darker intent

The Jewish Character of the Early Masonic Lodge

Some of the most important “Christian” ministers who are Masons express only contempt for Christianity once they have the Lodge’s secrecy to talk

An Invitation To the Local Lodge

An Invitation To the Local Lodge

A reader was invited to join the Freemasons. After looking into the offer he declined but in the process learned the craft is not all about good works and fellowship. Some of it is enough to make you crap yourself. Literally

Masonic Cops Protecting Serial Murderers and Rapists in the UK

Despite repeated complaints about Worboys (left), police did nothing. Effectively allowing him to rape as many as 500 women

Jersey ‘Care Home’ Murders – the Cover-up Continues

The remains of 5 youngsters are found in a ‘care home’ in Jersey. Despite evidence, the isle’s Attorney General – brother of the Bailiff who happens to be a member of the same golf club as one of the suspects – decides not to prosecute. Masonic cover-up?

Masons framed my son for Orkney waiter murder, says disgraced dad

Michael Ross has just been convicted of an alleged ‘racist’ murder on the isle of Orkney nearly 15-years ago. Trouble is Ross was only 15 at the time and his father, an ex-cop, blames his son’s conviction on a Masonic plot involving local police

Mafia-Freemasonry ‘Prominent’ Arrests

Italian police have made arrests after attempts were made to slow down legal proceedings against members of the mafia with the help of Freemasons

Freemasonry celebrates its many female brethren

Times have changed since 1717 when the Freemasons rulebook stated: “No Bondmen [ie, slaves], no Women, no immoral or scandalous Men can ever join the brethren”. Now women can too. Thing is, will they realise what they’ve really letting themselves in for?

We are all victims of Freemasonry and Common Purpose

As awareness spreads about their evil agenda, Freemasons and allied groups have begun waging a secret war on those who are trying to alert others. A support group for victims of Masonic abuse explains

Humanity is Under Occult Attack

Discrimination has been turned into a dirty word associated with prejudice. However awareness, discernment and discrimination are vital weapons in the fight against diabolical powers. Henry Makow explains how as he reviews a book by Juri Lina

Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace… but the Queen isn’t amused

Of course she doesn’t disapprove in principle. After all her cousin the Duke of Kent is a masonic Grand Master. It is just seen as bad move right now in terms of the monarchy’s image

Terminated! Freemasonry’s Final Revelation!

In ignorance for the most part, the average Freemason is led along a path to his own suicide – sometimes physically but always spiritually. Henry Makow explains

Witnesses mum on NY Masonic assassination

A North Amityville man was slain Friday night. No one among the estimated 20 to 30 witnesses of the killing outside a Masonic social club, have yet come forward with information

Italian illuminati investigated by public prosecutor

A former elite insider turned Muslim convert reports on Masonic intrigue in Italy where key Illuminati are about to be forced into the open by a public prosecutor

Part 2 of 4: The Illuminati

Tony Blair is rumoured to be a Sovereign Knight of Malta and a 33-degree Freemason as was, it’s said, Winston Churchill before him. This video explores the extent of Masonic penetration of the British political establishment

Shriners’ charitable accounting questioned

”Money raised for the hospitals is being used to pay for parties and liquor and trips and they know it,” said Johnny Edwards, a former leader of Oasis Shrine in Charlotte, N.C. ”The way I see it, they are stealing from crippled children.”

Lenin Statue and Masonic Temple In Seattle

Many people in Seattle wonder why there is a statue to a communist mass murderer in a supposedly peaceful American city?

Matrix of Power

Jordan Maxwell is considered to be the world’s foremost authority on ancient religions and modern conspiracies. He asks: who really runs the world? Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing about it?

The Masonic Proctectors

How can you totally CONTROL a population without having to be answerable to them? It’s easy, first take control of the media, covertly. Fathers Fighting Injustice explain how and name names in the process

Israeli Secrets I Shouldn't Know

Israeli Secrets I Shouldn’t Know

No outsider was supposed to discover what I did about Israel. And I’m sorry I did, writes Barry Chamish as he uncovers a hidden web of Freemasonry that lies behind Israel

Israel’s Capital is Occult Masonic Shrine, Like Wash DC

Israel was not founded as a Jewish state, it was founded as an occult state. Like Washington DC, many of its monuments and public buildings have hidden significance that can be seen only by those in the know