The secretive order that at its heart may hide a much darker intent

The then Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis greet each other with masonic hand grip. Click to enlarge with the hand grip highlighted

Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot in 1936

Paranoia or a dire warning ignored? You decide.

Checker board symbolism that is the hallmark of Freemasonry. Click to enlarge

Wife of Freemason Asks for Help

Behind the facade, masonry actively seeks to undermine marriage and honesty between spouses

Rabbi-Rabbinovich. Note the hand sign.

Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

In a satanic cult, the members aren’t told the real agenda.

Video: BeechWood Survivor Melanie Shaw Exclusive Interview

Video: BeechWood Survivor Melanie Shaw Exclusive Interview

Child abuse victim says “If you’re a paedophile and you’re a Mason, or you’re very wealthy, or have a lot of influence … It’s like diplomatic immunity.”

Satanic Ritualistic Abuse Exposed by Canadian Psychotherapist Sandra Fecht

Sandra Fecht M.A, a Psychotherapist from Ontario, Canada, talks about her experience counseling abuse victims, especially those who have been abused by satanic and masonic groups

Second from right, Marcus Garvey, Jamaican Pan African Leader. Click to enlarge

All Black Leaders are Freemasons

The way to control the opposition is to lead it. A principle illustated by Masonic control of Black Power movements.

Masonic affiliates. Click to enlarge

Freemasonry, Fraternities & Satanic Coercion

A spine chilling description of our political reality

Bizarre “Masonic Police Force” Uncovered in Los Angeles

Bizarre “Masonic Police Force” Uncovered in Los Angeles

Despite the news media portraying them as lunatics play acting as cops, there appears to be some real power and influence behind them. Vigilant citizen explains

The sinister Freemason has replaced the Goddess with the impartial scales of Justice

Freemasons Control the “Justice” System

As Rahul Manchanda and Henry Makow explain, the U.S. justice system is firmly in the grip a Freemasons. A situation that is reflected on the other side of the Atlantic

Non-Masons Face Constant Discrimination

Non-Masons Face Constant Discrimination

Author says nothing has changed since he first exposed how Freemasonry works nearly five years ago. Includes video

My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons

My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons

Ever wonder why so many white men seem so cold and soul-less? Society has been subverted by this satanic cult which literally steals souls, one at a time.

Lydia Salce, 50, on the night of her arrest. Click to enlarge

Freemasonry Trumps Feminism in US Court

Henry Makow on a blatant miscarriage of justice that suggests masonic links between Hells Angels and the US Judicial System

The symbol of the winged-sun inside a Masonic lodge.

Freemasonry – The Elephant in the Room

What’s incredible is the notion the world ISN’T controlled by a satanic cult.

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

In 1902, Pope Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.”

Arrested by State Counter Terrorism

Australian blogger arrested by State security personnel after he exposes the activities of Masonic-Zionist elements in power. Includes video

Noze memebers. Click to enlarge

Rand Paul Joined Banned Masonic Fraternity

As with Skull & Bones, the elite use fraternities to recruit traitors

The mortar board and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination. Click to enlarge

University – Machine of Judeo Masonic Indoctrination

The occult subversion of higher education

Jesse James

Jesse James Poisoned Lincoln’s Assassin

After John Wilkes Booth was poisoned for breaking his Masonic oath of silence, his mummified corpse was rented out to carnivals and sideshows

Soral, Dieudonné and Atzmon

Soral, Dieudonné and Atzmon

Alimuddin Usmani interviews Gilad Atzmon: touching upon Zionism, anti-Semitism and the huge success of his recent Lyon conference with Alain Sorel

"House of Cards": Media Mask Masonic Control

“House of Cards”: Media Mask Masonic Control

In western society, personal success depends on your complicity in a diabolical conspiracy and your willingness to betray your fellow citizens. But the mass media doesn’t want you to know this.