Ersatz Media Activists

There may be more to Michael Moore and his ilk than is apparent. Many believe them to be Zionist disinformation agents. Now Moore’s been joined by another ersatz activist, Greg Palast

Rense vs Glenn

An inside story that might throw a little light on the current rift between Jeff Rense and Mark Glenn

Wikileaks and the CIA War Against Iran

Even after the publication of the Afghan War Diary by WikiLeaks in July this year, there were claims the website is an American intelligence operation. I don’t know for sure the answer, writes Roy Tov, but there are some worrying question marks

Jeff Rense: A Reinvention of What?

Asked how she remembered Jeff Rense after he was employed over 20-years-ago at KOBI TV, the station her father founded and she now runs, Patsy Smullin replied “He was not known for his honesty” In fact, she continued, “He was a compulsive liar”

More on the Row Between Rense and Mark Glenn

“Truther” Jeff Rense threatens to call FBI and Dept of Homeland Security on Mark Glenn, his wife and 9 kids

Mark Glenn’s Attack on Jeff Rense

Is renowned Internet presenter Jeff Rense going down the same path as Alex “I support …Israel” Jones?

Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch – Agents of Deception

Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch – Agents of Deception

Christopher Bollyn on two of his most persistent detractors and their ties to Rupert Murdoch, and by extension, Jacob Rothschild

Were U.S. Hikers Seized in Iraq?

Were U.S. Hikers Seized in Iraq?

As questions mount over who is really behind the Wikileaks disclosures it has been reported that the U.S. ‘hikers’ held by Iran were actually seized in Iraq

Alex Jones supports the Zionist Entity

Some years back but in his own words, Jones clearly states where his loyalty lies

Jones To Pike: Don’t Criticise Jews

Doubts continue to grow about Alex Jones integrity

Let’s consider Alex Jones MSM from now on…..

Jones has a great audience, for sure, and he has helped many people snap out of the MSM brainwashing. But there are simply too many things that don’t add up……….

Alex Jones Banishes Mike Rivero

Confirming our suspicions about the man with the bullhorn, Mike Rivero has just been banished from Alex Jones radio show and the GCN network. Seems like Jones’s Zionist handlers were uncomfortable with Mike’s condemnation of Israeli crimes

Iran accused of supporting Taliban attacks

Underscoring the above, the latest Wikileaks disclosures are being used to back claims that Iran is waging a secret campaign to arm, train and fund the Taliban

Noam Chomsky Opposes Palestinian Led Movement to Boycott Israel

At first he denied that he opposed the boycott, calling this an “internet rumor.” But when the interviewer said she had heard him say that he opposed the boycott several years ago, Chomsky admitted that he had opposed boycotting Israel then

Letter to Noam Chomsky

Doubts grow about the integrity of critics of the 9/11 Truth Movement – like Noam Chomsky

US Corporate Elite Funds Radical Left & Islam

Just as western plutocrats and European blue bloods sponsored Marxists and the Russian revolution, so the U.S. corporate elite is financing modern day radicalism

Obama Information Czar Outlined Plan For Government To Infiltrate Conspiracy Groups

The fact that the U.S. government is being forced to hire armies of trolls in an effort to silence the truth shows how worried they are about the effect we are having in waking up millions of people to their tyranny

Noam Chomsky – a fraud in linguistics and an double-agent

Chomsky is a Zionist Jew who has sabotaged American higher education and misleads us on 9-11 and Rothschild power and malevolence

Why is the ADL Promoting Alex Jones?

His reticence about the massive ‘elephant in the board room’ has finally been explained. Brother Nathanael traces Alex Jones ties to the ADL and Abe Bronfman, helping explain why Jones makes claims about “the Arabs owning Hollywood”

Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew Bronfman?

We were ready to reserve judgement on this but despite our initial reservations Brother Nathanael puts forward a convincing case. An earlier report that questions Jones real motive and agenda

Noam Chomsky: No Change in US ‘Mafia Principle’

Chomsky sees only the Empire (“Oil”) – not the Lobby (“Israel”) as a problem. This is essentially because he is a Zionist disinformation agent who is being used to divert attention