Ersatz Media Activists

There may be more to Michael Moore and his ilk than is apparent. Many believe them to be Zionist disinformation agents. Now Moore’s been joined by another ersatz activist, Greg Palast

How White Helmets Videos Are Made

How White Helmets Videos Are Made

Moon of Alabama asks: is this a fake? Includes video

Alex Jones EXPOSED

Does Alex Jones have you chasing ghosts?

Boy winces as he recieves treatment at a medical facility in opposition controlled suburb in Damascus. Click to enlarge

Slaughter in the Playground

The latest report from the SOHR bears all the hallmarks of contrived propaganda. Complete with staged photos of injured children and their bloodstained toys

Julian Assange. Click to enlarge

NEO- Assange and Russia’s Dance with the Devil

When rosters are checked, Wikileaks is staffed by former employees of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, with strong links to Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice.

Media carry SOHR reports. Click to enlarge

Propaganda spin cycle: ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ is funded by US and UK governments

Not only is the SOHR a one-man operation based in Coventry, UK, it now transpires that it’s run by a three-times convicted criminal

Kevin Annett. Click to enlarge

Saint or Con Artist? Kevin Annett Answers Critics

It’s possible Kevin Annett is neither saint nor con artist but a little bit of both – human. In the meantime, Kevin has provided this update and response to critics.

SHOCK NEWS! — Obama snubbed in China, tempers flare, world teeters on edge (Video, 14-mins)

SHOCK NEWS! — Obama snubbed in China, tempers flare, world teeters on edge (Video, 14-mins)

We urge caution on this as a suspected disinfo outlet run by a U.S. intelligence operative is mentioned as a source

Ken O'keefe Exposed

Ken O’keefe Exposed

In the words of the correspondent who sent this in: It’s hard to believe a person could be so deceptive/rotten

Selling imperialist propaganda in an anti-imperialist wrapper

Selling imperialist propaganda in an anti-imperialist wrapper

Why are Counterpunch and the Socialist Worker presenting a piece on Syria that reads like a briefing from the Clinton campaign or Kagan’s Foreign Policy Initiative?

O Ken, What have you done?

O Ken, What have you done?

Ken O’Keefe may not have been all he made himself out to be. Although not a Zionist double-agent, he may have been worse. Nick Kollerstrom explains

Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme

One of the oddest features of this whole mess is the tight relationship between David Icke and Zen Gardner and the queasy and querulous reaction from the Icke camp about it

Zen Gardner - Forgiven Too Soon?

Zen Gardner – Forgiven Too Soon?

What happens when someone you trusted makes a horrible confession?

Assange promises to leak ‘a lot more’ materials on US presidential elections

Assange promises to leak ‘a lot more’ materials on US presidential elections

Is Assange disseminating disinfo on behalf of Zionist interest groups?

Syrian base used by Russia damaged in IS attack: report

There is good reason to doubt this report. The giveaway is that it is being carried by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights — a known disinfo outfit

David-Icke interviewed by Andrew Neil

David Icke insists Royal Family are ‘shape-shifting lizards’ and 9/11 ‘an inside job’

The elite must love this guy. Because perhaps unintentionally, David Icke serves their purposes

Syrian civil defence members carry wounded man to a hospital in the government controlled side of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syrian government solely behind Aleppo hospital strike – US

Washington gives its seal of approval to reports originating from a now notorious disinformation outlet

“David Icke Is A Piece Of Scum”. William Cooper exposes David Icke

Before federal agents gunned him down William Cooper condemned David Icke as “one of the biggest liars, disinformation-bullshit artists that ever lived”

Has Alex Jones Been Exposed? Does it even matter? Vinny Eastwood

Word is spreading about Alex Jones. However, as an insider explains, although be maybe a fraud he’s also a paradox

In this photo taken Monday, June 23, 2014, fighters of the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces armored vehicle down a main road at the northern city of Mosul, Iraq, more than two weeks after ISIL took over the country's second largest city. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Mideast nations on Wednesday against taking new military action in Iraq that might heighten already-tense sectarian divisions, as reports surfaced that Syria launched airstrikes across the border and Iran has been flying surveillance drones over the neighboring country. (AP Photo)

The Pentagon Has No Clue How Many Weapons It Has Lost to ISIS

Given the numerous reports of the US and its allies aiding ISIS, this Mother Jones report amounts to a cover story. We explains why

The Guardian's caption reads: A Syrian man carries a baby wrapped in a blanket (or maybe just a blanket. Ed.)  following airstrikes on the town of Douma, a rebel stronghold east of Damascus. Click to enlarge

Suspected Russian air strike kills eight Syrian children in Aleppo

More disinformation in the guise of “news” dutifully reported by the mainstream media