Controlling the News

Memos leaked by a executive at one of America’s premier broadcasters, reveal just how the news is controlled and how it is used to control us

Is the Truth Movement Controlled Opposition?

Is the Truth Movement Controlled Opposition?

Mike Phillips argues that much of the “alternative media” is simulated opposition

The top 10 most censored Natural News stories of 2011

Even though all those stories were censored by the old school (dinosaur) media, they were widely read on the internet

Wolf Blitzer versus David Duke

A little old but pertinent as David Duke’s arrest in Germany – and subsequent release – has been ignored by the Corporate media. Whatever one may think of him, watch him wipe the floor with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

The Book They Don’t Want You To Read

We’re now looking into the very heart of Jewish choseness. In 2011 Britain, it is Jewish Zionists who decide what the British public will read and Jewish ‘anti’-Zionists who decide what British Palestine solidarity activists will do

The Dangerous Cult of the Guardian

Has a one time bulwark of liberalism become part of the Thought Police for the Internet age?

Libya: NTC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda ploy

Willingly assisted by the presstitutes in the corporate media

Busted Again!: Incredible Fake Mass Media Footage

More BBC Bul$**! as the corporation shows “Green Square, Libya” …FROM INDIA!

The Libya Media Hoax: Fabricated Scenes of Jubilation and Euphoria on Green Square

The corporate media has been an essential participant in all recent conflicts. Looks like Libya is no different

CNN tells journalists in Libya “Don’t mention al Qaeda or you’ll get killed

This may be a couple of days old but it reveals the other side of the story in Tripoli. It also reveals how our “news” is now controlled by covert agencies

Analysis: UK social media controls point to wider “info war”

The corporate media is finally waking up to the fact that it no longer has a monopoly on the flow of information and ideas. Governments are too as they realise that this could even pose a threat to their authority

Wisconsin State Fair Same As Iowa State Fair, No Hate Crime Charges

Rampant black racism was evident at the Iowa and Wisconsin state fairs but as in London recently, the media went out of its way to play it down. Just as the authorities went out of their way NOT to acknowledge it

China Wants to Buy Facebook

Chinese leaders want to control social media. And they hope to do that as part of their comprehensive campaign to dominate the conversation about China—not just inside the country but around the world as well

Rupert Murdoch’s Failing Attempts to Control the Internet Reformation

The elites have advanced their one-world-order for nearly 300 hundred years but nothing has been so devastating to their plans as the Internet. It poisoned the chalice and befouled the well; it has unbalanced the clarity of their concoction and clouded it with truth

Iran slams U.S. at conference on fighting terrorism

Another example of the press censoring itself, this report is notable for what it doesn’t say. We point out the omissions

How the Media is Still Censoring 9/11

Although Ahmadinejad spoke of his suspicions about 9/11 in a speech to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Wednesday, virtually none of our “free press” reported his comments. Effectively censoring his speech

Global media serves the synagogue of satan

You only have to look at coverage of 9/11 or 7/7 or the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to understand how the media serves certain “interest groups”. Kevin Boyle explains

New York Times Concealed Ukrainian Genocide

In the early 1930’s Americans received much of their news about life in the Soviet Union from Walter Duranty. However, one thing they weren’t hearing about were Stalin’s induced famines because Duranty was omitting to report on them

The Judicial Lynching of Edgar J. Steele

Outspoken Edgar J. Steele is silenced by falsified evidence in a rigged trial

Europe to spend £225million on army of 1,000 spin doctors to promote EU

The European Commission will next year spend over £225million on propaganda campaigns and the employment of over one thousand spin doctors to sell the EU to a hostile public

BIAS: Taxpayer funded BBC censors "Palestine" from rap song

BIAS: Taxpayer funded BBC censors “Palestine” from rap song

Nobody can accuse the BBC of bias, or so it claims. First it refused to air a Gaza aid appeal, claiming it might be seen as bias on the issue. Now the publicly funded BBC has edited out the words “Free Palestine” from a rap song