Controlling the News

Memos leaked by a executive at one of America’s premier broadcasters, reveal just how the news is controlled and how it is used to control us

Oles Buzyna was  known for his pro-Russian views. Click to enlarge

Pro-Moscow journalist killed in Ukraine’s capital

A pro-Russian Ukrainian journalist was gunned down in Kiev Thursday, days after a lawmaker from former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s party, was shot dead

‘Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony

‘Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony

MH17 eyewitness says quotes attributed to him by Reuters were “were just made up by the journalist. It’s all lies”. Includes video

David Duke. Click to enlarge

First They Came For David Duke

If they win against Duke it wont be long before other independent voices are silenced

January 27, 2015, President François Hollande made "conspiracy theorists" responsible for the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe. He called for a ban on their freedom of expression.

The State Against The Republic

The French government is contemplating legislation that will prohibit “conspiracy theories”

Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian's opinion editor, is an apologist for ethnic cleansing. And note he is giving his speech at Chatham House: the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a globalist think tank. Click to enlarge

How The Guardian told me to steer clear of Palestine

A former contributor to the Guardian describes how a supposedly progressive newspaper is in thrall to the toxic ideology of Zionism

Saint George and The “White Whore”

Imagine if the same were being said about Blacks or Hispanics? The craven commentators in the corporate media would be in uproar

The Guardian Surrenders To Zionist Pressure

The Guardian Surrenders To Zionist Pressure

It doesn’t take much for The Guardian to shamelessly surrender to pressure

The Sun Will Rise On Jewish Power (Press TV)

Raza Nadim and Gilad Atzmon on the collapse of freedom of speech in Britain

Cover-up: The Swedish Left’s Sacrifice of Women to Political Correctness

Cover-up: The Swedish Left’s Sacrifice of Women to Political Correctness

Although many refuse to acknowledge it, Sweden is now a contender for the rape capitol of the world. Updated with Swedish Youtube report (with English subtitles)

President Obamas 332 page plan to regulate the Internet

Feds Hold Hearing On Whether They Should ‘Regulate’ Sites Like Drudge, Infowars And The Economic Collapse Blog

On President Obama’s 332-page plan to police the Internet…

Internet racists ‘could be dealt with in same way as sex offenders’

Internet racists ‘could be dealt with in same way as sex offenders’

Not by castration but what many will see as a form of intellectual castration

Amber Lyon

CNN Journalist ‘Governments Pay Us To Fake Stories’

A three-time Emmy award winning former CNN journalist claims governments are paying the media to fake stories or bury them entirely. Includes videos

Server stats control panel for Jim Stone. Click to enlarge

Alexa Sucks

Like Jim Stone and Rebel of Oz we also have reason to suspect that is involved in the politically motivated rigging of web statistics

Islamophobia Allowed, Anti-Semitism Not – Charlie Hebdo’s Double Standards

In 2009 Charlie Hebdo dismissed a writer for alleged ‘anti-Semitism’

“Tales of the Holohoax” and Denmark’s anti-Muslim cartoons

Nearly five years old but the passage of time serves only to highlight the glaring double-standards. Especially in light of recent events in Paris

Garron Helm vs. Charlie Hebdo: Elite versus non-elite mechanisms for censoring public discourse

On the obvious irony and double-standards that have emerged in the wake of the Charlie Hebdon killings

Poster for the Interview, the movie that sparked the current controversy. Click to enlarge

Sony urges Twitter to suspend users who post leaked documents

Threatens legal action if Twitter doesn’t comply

MPs rebuke social media giant for failure to act on online activities of Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebowale

In preparation for stricter control of the Internet?

Is Barack Obama Attempting To Harass And Intimidate Media Personalities On His ‘Enemies List’?

A new type of censorship is emerging as those who criticise Obama are now being threatened by shadowy figures

Non-EU migrants waiting to try and enter Britain at the French port of Calais. Click to enlarge

New Report Tries To Gloss Over the Negative Impact of Mass Immigration

Migrants from outside the EU have taken £120billion more from the state than they paid in taxes over 17 years