Controlling the News

Memos leaked by a executive at one of America’s premier broadcasters, reveal just how the news is controlled and how it is used to control us

Sweden's Whitewash of Migrant Crime

Sweden’s Whitewash of Migrant Crime

Swedish authorities and media now working to conceal the full horror and extent of migrant crime. Paul Joseph Watson’s report reveals what they are hiding

The New Media World Order

The New Media World Order

“….This approach is not aimed at better understanding the world, but at beating down the people to be sacrificed.” Thierry Meyssan explains

Fake News Media Echo “Chamber” Exposed

Interesting discussion on techniques for creating consensus, thought control and manipulation. Featuring a regular contributor to this website Kevin Boyle

Flashback: Sensational Memos Lifted Lid on Fake News

Flashback: Sensational Memos Lifted Lid on Fake News

The news is carefully controlled just like it was in the USSR. This has become painfully apparent in the media’s coverage of Trump

David Brock is considered to be one of the masters of agit-prop (agitation & propaganda) in the 21st century. A personality devoid of scruples, he is able to defend a cause as well as destroy it, according to the needs of his employer. He is at the head of an empire of mass manipulation.

The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump

Thierry Meyssan on how a system of agitation and propaganda was set up to undermine Donald Trump’s authority as soon as he arrived in the White House

Banned HuffPo Contributor From Norway Tells Truth about Sweden — Immediately Censored, Removed !

Norwegian journalist had the audacity to suggest that Trump was telling the truth about Sweden’s migrant problem. The Huffington Post immediately removed the article and banned him

GOOGLE blacklists Natural News…

GOOGLE blacklists Natural News…

Removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science and more

Comet Pizza. Click to enlarge

Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann

Looks like Ben Swann, the only MSM journalist who reported about Pizzagate, is being muzzled

MPs to investigate threat to democracy from ‘fake news’

Saddam Hussein’s WMDs no longer pose a threat. Now it’s claimed the threat is from “fake news” and, by extension, the independent outlets that carry it

German Government ‘Has a Problem With Critically-Minded Citizens’

A new totalitarianism is developing in Germany with its own terminology. So individuals who think for themselves are deemed “anti-democratic”. While news reports that differ from the official line are labelled “fake news”

Germany Unleashes New 'Ministry Of Truth'

Germany Unleashes New ‘Ministry Of Truth’

As in communist dictatorships, the more obvious the failings of the government, the more aggressively the establishment attacks those who speak out about them

CBC: An Exquisitely Canadian Form of Torture

CBC: An Exquisitely Canadian Form of Torture

The taxes Canadians pay are being used to fund their own indoctrination and social engineering. Mick, one of Henry Makow’s readers explains

Facebook Screams 'Jawohl!', Will Help Censor News for German Dictator Merkel

Facebook Screams ‘Jawohl!’, Will Help Censor News for German Dictator Merkel

Guess who’s financially backing the censorship? Humanitarians Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar and George Soros

Facebook to Flag and Filter Fake News in Germany

Facebook to Flag and Filter Fake News in Germany

For “Flag” and “Filter” read censor and gag. Nor will this remain confined to Germany. Facebook is planning to unveil the initiative in other countries soon

Censored 2016: The Most Important Stories That You Never Heard About

Review of the most censored stories of 2016 in conjunction with Project Censored

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27:  Bill Gates attends the Plenary Session: Investing in Prevention and Resilient Health Systems during the second day of the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers on September 27, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Two of the world’s most evil people behind Facebook’s news censorship agenda

Billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros behind moves to root out so-called “fake news” on Facebook, Google and social media

Italy Urges Europe To Begin Censoring Free Speech On The Internet

Head of the Italian competition body, Giovanni Pitruzzella, joins a growing chorus of officials across the globe who are calling for a crackdown on the web

On #Pizzagate Still, so Youtube is Destroying my Account

Google has been censoring David Seaman’s videos

Greenwald: Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite

Greenwald: Guardian engaged in ‘journalistic fraud’ in Assange interview rewrite

The Guardian accused of “falsifying” the words of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange by Glenn Greenwald

New Google algorithm removes Holocaust denial sites from search results

Regardless of how one stands regarding the Holocaust, this still amounts to censorship. Time to consider using another search engine