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Profile In Treason

Profile In Treason

It is not polite to speak bluntly about the terminally ill. Yet this cruel despicable character is shuffling to his grave and seems determined to drag us all down with him.

Pharmacist Covertly Shuttles Carloads of Pharma Drugs to Congress

Admits they’re dispensed to senile, brain-damaged patients who “might not even remember what happened yesterday”

Is Trump a Psychopath?

Is Trump a Psychopath?

According to research by an Oxford University psychologist, Trump scores two points above Hitler on the Psychopathic Index and 20 points above Emperor Nero

Iran – Trump Has No Strategy, Only Aims And No Way To Achieve Them

The fact that Trump’s speech contained so many factual mistakes reveals just how flawed his new strategy on Iran is. Moon of Alabama lists those “mistakes”

Trump launches new Iran strategy, leaves nuclear deal hanging

Trump launches new Iran strategy, leaves nuclear deal hanging

In a much-anticipated speech, Trump “decertified” his support for the 2015 nuclear accord agreement and left its fate in the hands of Congress.

Trump DID mean military options 'on the table' in North Korea Twitter tirade

Trump DID mean military options ‘on the table’ in North Korea Twitter tirade

Trump’s war of words over North Korea continues

Britain’s US embassy rebukes Trump over Iran nuclear deal

British diplomats in Washington have publicly rejected President Trump’s criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran

Trump should not scrap the Iran nuclear deal: Defense Secretary James Mattis

Defense Secretary James Mattis warned on Tuesday that it would not be in the country’s national security interest to abandon the Iran nuclear deal.

US Presidents Bushes had ‘call boys,’ gay male prostitutes at White House.

At times sexual perversion has been rife in Downing Street and the White House. Is this how the elite maintain control in London and Washington? With Blackmail and the threats of exposure?

Listening to the Donald at the UN

If money was the key to a competent military, the US would have conquered the entire planet. In reality, they have not won anything meaningful since the war in the Pacific

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and White House chief of staff John Kelly watched a presidential appearance alongside Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Vice President Mike Pence in August. Click to enlarge

America’s slow-motion military coup

A military junta now rules in Washington, writes Stephen Kinzer. That’s why contrary to his campaign promise, Trump has sent more troops to Afghanistan

Tensions surface between UK and US over Iran nuclear deal

As Trump denounced the accord as “one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen”, differences emerge between the US and its Western allies over the nuclear agreement

Commemoration of 9/11: President Trump prohibits any reference being made to Bush’s version of events

Is Trump’s ruling in response to the growing number of people who now question the official version of 9/11?

Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated

Paul Craig Roberts examines how Trump has been isolated within his own government and how history has been rewritten.

Steve Bannon pledges to ‘go nuclear’ on ‘West Wing Democrats’ and vows to target Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Former White House chief strategist reportedly planning to launch his own TV network after being ousted

Ship Rudderless After Trump Drops Its Pilot

Ship Rudderless After Trump Drops Its Pilot

A racist Huffington Post headline implied that Bannon prioritized the wrong country.

Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.

On his departure from the White House, former Trump strategist speaks out

Donald Trump Acts Presidential while Social Justice Warriors run Amok

Trump says that both sides at Charlottesville were equally wrong and oh! Oh the faux, staged and fabricated outrage from all quarters of the media.

Higgins Memo- NSC Analyst Fired for Defending Trump

Higgins Memo- NSC Analyst Fired for Defending Trump

Memo correctly identified opposition as Communist

The political operatives that AIEF took on an all expense paid trip to Israel in June 2017. Click to enlarge

53 Congressional Reps On All Expense Paid Trips To Israel

This is why U.S. politicians are ready to support Israel, even if that means harming America’s wider interests. What does that say about them?