The Death of Dr David Kelly

Dr David Kelly’s untimely death has left unanswered questions and many wondering if he did in fact commit “suicide”

Why Suspicious?

The Hutton Inquiry may have announced its conclusions but the doubts remain. Rowena Thursby spells out one simple reason why Dr David Kelly’s death was not suicide, but murder

Kelly: ‘I’ll probably be found dead in the woods’

David Kelly, the government weapons expert, predicted that he would be “found dead in the woods” if Iraq was invaded, months before his apparent suicide

More Doctors Dispute Kelly ‘Suicide’ Verdict

‘Our criticism of the Hutton report is that its verdict of “suicide” is an inappropriate finding.’

Gloves Off in Village that Wants Answers on Death

SOUTHMOOR is one of those English country villages which fits the description tranquil like a glove. Yesterday, the gloves were off. Prime Minister Tony Blair and Downing Street spokesman Alastair Campbell were top of the list of those who the villagers wanted to cross-examine over the death of one of their own – David Kelly, […]

Dr Kelly Warned of “Dark Actors Playing Games”

Shortly before his death, biological weapons expert Dr David Kelly, sounded ominous warnings