The Death of Dr David Kelly

Dr David Kelly’s untimely death has left unanswered questions and many wondering if he did in fact commit “suicide”

Dark Actors at the Scene of David Kelly’s Death

Rowena Thursby examines evidence presented to the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly. And finds testimony that raises serious questions, but which is ignored by the media and glossed over by the Inquiry itself

No Inquest for Dr. Kelly

Serious doubts remain over Dr Kelly’s “suicide”, despite the Hutton Inquiry’s verdict. Rowena Thursby examines more evidence overlooked by the inquiry that points, not to suicide, but murder

The Murder of Dr David Kelly Part 1

Based on evidence presented to the Hutton Inquiry into the death of David Kelly, Jim Rarey argues that Dr Kelly did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered

Kelly “Taken Out” By Assassination Team

A British National Security Lawyer with numerous contacts in intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, has revealed what many have long suspected. Dr David Kelly was taken out by a trained assassination team

Former MI6 Agent: Kelly Murder was Sloppy Work

A former MI6 agent is said to have described Dr Kelly’s death as “Sloppy work.” While the heart monitor pads found on the dead man’s chest were “simply there to make sure he was dead.”