The Death of Dr David Kelly

Dr David Kelly’s untimely death has left unanswered questions and many wondering if he did in fact commit “suicide”

Xymphora on the Hutton Report

We all knew it was going to be a lying cover-up but the British people are peasants, writes Xymphora. In no modern country would such an insulting report be issued without riots in the streets

Weapons Expert at Centre of Row Found Dead

Weapons Expert at Centre of Row Found Dead

The man at the centre of the row over claims that Downing Street had ‘sexed up’ a report on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) has been found dead

More Doctors Dispute Dr. David Kelly’s “Suicide”

It should be a BIG story right now. Instead the mainstream media has virtually ignored the fact that some doctors are disputing the alleged suicide of Dr David Kelly, on hard, medical grounds

Dr David Kelly, Sex Education and the BBC

We look at subtle disinformation techniques used by the mainstream media, and how they work

“Will the Hutton Report Tell Us How Dr David Kelly Died?”

On the eve of the publication of the report of the inquiry into Dr. David Kelly’s death, Rowena Thursby reveals that some medical professionals have doubts about his alleged “suicide”