The Rothschilds

Pre-eminent among the world’s banking dynasties, foremost among the global power elite, the Rothschild family made their fortune through a combination of secrecy, cunning and financial skill that borders on sheer wizardry

Fritz Springmeier, present, left, and past, right

Has Fritz Springmeier Been Turned?

Springmeier has gone from exposing the Illuminati to disseminating their propaganda. Richard Evans explains

Rothschilds and Israeli leaders study model of Rothschild sponsored Israeli Supreme Court, destined to be World Court.

Does History Follow Rothschild Messiah Script?

Is self-serving Jewish prophesy the Illuminati game plan? With one element vital for its success: the more Jews are not iinformed of this plan, the easier to manipulate them.

Is Jacob Rothschild linked to the disappearance of Flight MA 370? Click to enlarge

What Really Happened to Flight MA 370?

According to one report, the owners of a valuable patent were aboard MA 370. If they died, the patent would belong to the company, Freescale Semiconductor, which is owned by Jacob Rothschild.

Nathan Rothschild. Click to enlarge

Nat Rothschild’s bust-up with wealthy Bakrie family turns into Twitter storm

This report on Nathan Rothschild’s break with wealthy Indonesian businessman reveals how thoroughly and disingenuously the corporate media is controlled

The Federal Republic of Germany, A Rothschildian Financial Agency

Are we about to witness the creation of a new Jewish state in Germany? In 1939 Rothschild tabled such a proposition and it may be about to become manifest

John F. Kennedy.

Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination

Michael Collins Piper on the only man ever prosecuted for JFK’s assassination and his ties to MOSSAD and a Rothschild errand boy

Lord Jacob Rothschild gets confronted about New World Order

Citizen journalists catch one of the New World Order’s key players by surprise

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

Is this why McCain is pushing for intervention in Syria? Is intervention really what his sponsors want?

Universities are Instruments of Masonic Subversion (My Story)

Universities are Instruments of Masonic Subversion (My Story)

It has long been suspected that the Illuminati use universities. This was confirmed in a Canadian university’s response when the writer, while still a student there, began researching the Rothschilds

Rothschild to advise on potential RBS split –FT

Rothschild to advise on potential RBS split –FT

More proof, if proof were needed, that our governments are beholden to the banks. In particular the Rothschild banking dynasty

Most of worlds central banks belong to Rothschilds and closely allied families through holding companies.

Forget about waves and cycles — there is only the immediate advantage of the Rothschilds, their seasons of sowing a boom and harvesting a bust

All Wars are Fought for Usury

All Wars are Fought for Usury

Not even the Macmillan Committee, which was appointed in 1929, managed to find out who governed the Bank of England. Only one name has leaked out — that of Rothschild

Boris Berezovsky 'was killed by the BRITISH secret service who feared he would return to Russia and spill state secrets', claims Putin ally

Boris Berezovsky ‘was killed by the BRITISH secret service who feared he would return to Russia and spill state secrets’, claims Putin ally

Kremlin insider claims Berezovsky was killed to prevent him revealing what he knew about efforts to overthrow Putin

Boris Berezovsky. Click to enlarge

Boris Berezovsky’s last interview: ‘There is no point in life’

As police announce that they’ve found “no evidence of third party involvement” in his death, Berezovsky’s last interview reveals a man whose life had lost meaning

Rothschild defeated in Bumi showdown

Rothschild defeated in Bumi showdown

Does Nat Rothschild’s failure in a face-off with an influential Indonesian family signal the twilight of an empire?

The Rothschild Who Crashed to Earth

The Rothschild Who Crashed to Earth

Rothschild heir apparent threatens dynasty’s reputation and leaves his own in tatters after business deal turns sour

This period cartoon illustrates the crowned heads of Europe – the ostensible rulers of the day – bowing before Lionel Rothschild on his throne of mortgages, loans and cash. In fact, this was the reality of the day, the effective fruition of the age-old Jewish dream of a New World Order – a Jewish Utopia – in which all other peoples of the planet would bow down and worship the Jewish people, the new rulers of the Earth. For good reason, indeed, Rothschild was known as the "king of kings." (Michael Collins Piper- The New Babylon)

Jewish Messianism: Cover for Khazar Imperialism?

Henry Makow examines a rare, suppressed book that maintains that the anti-Christ will emerge from within the ranks of the Rothschild family

Markets Signal Upcoming Depression

Markets Signal Upcoming Depression

Henry Makow asks: is the current credit crisis part of a plan to reduce the developed world to permanent third world status?

"Money is the god of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet." – Heinrich Heine

“Money is the god of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet.” – Heinrich Heine

A little background on an all powerful dynasty, the Rothschilds

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

Before 9/11 the Rothschilds didn’t control 7 of the world’s national banks: Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003 Afghanistan and Iraq fell to Rothschild control and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone