The Rothschilds

Pre-eminent among the world’s banking dynasties, foremost among the global power elite, the Rothschild family made their fortune through a combination of secrecy, cunning and financial skill that borders on sheer wizardry

Was Victor Rothschild a "Soviet Agent"?

Was Victor Rothschild a “Soviet Agent”?

A central banking cartel is stealthily erecting a “world governance” dictatorship while distracting us with sex and sports. Henry Makow Ph.D. provides a smoking gun, British central banker Victor Rothschild who worked to advance Communism

Exiled Russian Tycoon Planned Car-Bomb Attack During Ukraine’s Orange Revolution — Ex-Security Officer

The exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who reportedly sponsored Viktor Yushchenko’s campaign, was preparing a bomb attack in order to garner more political sympathy for Yushchenko during his campaign. However, Russian security prevented the blast

MosNews files on exiled Russain oligarch now resident in London

MosNews files on the exiled Russain oligarch now resident in London

The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild

The family motto – Unity, Integrity and Industry – sounds fine enough but for generations the Rothschild banking dynasty have been the agent’s of a much darker design. Johnny Silver Bear traces the family’s history in revolutions, treachery and Satanism

The Rockefeller Files Part 7 – The Mediacracy

With money the Rockefellers gained control of the media. With the media the family gained control over public opinion. With control over public opinion they gained control of politics. And with control of politics, they are taking control of the nation

The Rockefeller Files Part 6

Part 6 of Gary Allen’s classic on America’s oligarchs, the Rockefellers, the formation of the Council of Foreign Relations and the birth of the New World Order

The Rockefeller Files Part 5

Like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers have assumed the guise of generous philanthropists. But it is no more than a front used for tax evasion and Public Relations. Part 5 of Gary Allen’s classic study of America’s foremost oligarchs

The Rockefeller Files Part 4

Part four of Gary Allen’s classic study of America’s foremost family of oligarchs

The Rockefeller Files Part 3

It might be more than 25-years-old but it’s still highly relevant. Part three of Gary Allen’s classic study of American oligarchs, the Rockefellers

The Rockefeller Files Part 2

Part two of Gary Allen’s investigation into what is arguably the USA’s first family, the preeminent American Oligarchs, the Rockefellers

The Rockefeller File Part I

Extracts from Gary Allen’s classic study of the Rothschild’s US counterpart, American oligarchs the Rockefellers

The Rothschilds Part I

President Andrew Jackson condemned international bankers as a “den of vipers”, claiming that if only people understood how they operated “there would a revolution before morning”. The Rothschilds are generally recognised as foremost amongst them

A Golden Era Ends For A Secretive Dynasty

A Golden Era Ends For A Secretive Dynasty

It was recently announced that the Rothschild’s would withdraw from the gold market, a market that they have dominated for nearly two centuries; Paul Vallely looks back on their legacy

Wont Get Fooled Again?

Wont Get Fooled Again?

Like actors in a stage play, our political leaders may come and go. But behind the scenes, others with a darker design could be directing the political drama. And they may be about to launch a real nightmare

Queen of the Limosine Liberals

On the first night of their marriage, then President Clinton invited the couple to consummate their vows in the White House itself. If nothing else, it is a measure of their power. Jasper Gerard talks with Lynn Forester: aka Lady de Rothschild

Rothschild Goes to Labour’s Aid

In an unexpected move, Tony Blair’s beleaguered Labour Party is being offered support and possible financial assistance from … the Rothschild’s

The House of Rothschild

The name Rothschild has become synonymous with power, intrigue and vast wealth. David Allen Rivera chronicles the history of this key Illuminati family

Rothschilds Conduct “Red Symphony”

At midnight, Jan. 26, 1938 Christian G. Rakovsky, 65, was interrorgated by Stalin’s secret police. What he said was recorded. Henry Makow Ph.D. examines a transcript of what some consider the most explosive political document in centuries

Arnold: the Rothschild’s Man in California

The Bush Cabal has lusted after California for a long time. And now with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor, they have finally realized their goal: to capture California, the world’s 10th largest economy

Did Rothschild Write The Protocols of Zion?

Luciferians are determined to enslave humanity. Working with a financial elite, together with power hungry dictators, they are well on the way to achieving their goal