Race is an issue that has been cynically exploited by the Illuminati, often in the guise of “anti-racism”.

Black teens set white kid on fire (‘You get what you deserve, white boy’) They said!

This story presents an interesting contrast in how the media handles race. While the Trayvon Martin case has received wide publicity this has received only minimal coverage. Is that because the victim was white and his persecutors black?

Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat

Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat

“Hate Crime” enforcement is selective. If a Christian is beaten, it is ignored. But if a Jew or homosexual is merely offended, the law is enforced

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The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain

Michael Hoffman looks at an aspect of history overlooked by political correctness and which is largely being erased from memory

Where are the “Hate Crime” laws when we need them?

Where are the “Hate Crime” laws when we need them?

The corporate media’s skewed perspectives on a protest over the murder of white South African farmers, which was met by a counter demonstration accussing protestors of being “white supremacists”

Why Do So Many Jews Hate Black People?

Do they? Or is it ‘anti-Semitic’ to even ask?

Tribalism, Racism and Projection Part II

Gilad explores the misleading role of Jewish politics (both Zionist and anti Zionist) within the ‘anti racist’ campaign. Includes video

Lee Siegel: The Horror of Implicit Whiteness

Lee Siegel: The Horror of Implicit Whiteness

This website DOES NOT support Mitt Romney. However, criticism of him because he’s “the whitest white man to run for president” says much about media manipulation and its owners

Journalism, Indoctrination and Denial

Journalism, Indoctrination and Denial

Sometimes they can amount to one and the same and in the modern corporate media they often do. The recent conviction of Stephen Lawrence’s killers is a case in point

Why is the BBC STILL so hideously biased on immigration?

The fact that the BBC has become crippled by political correctness has become all too obvious. To the point where even Britian’s former abassador to Syria and Saudi Arabia describes the organisation as “hideously biased”

Supremacists on ‘The Wandering Who’

Supremacists on ‘The Wandering Who’

The controversy over Gilad Atzmon’s latest isn’t only confined to Zionists

Subliminal propaganda on Shortland Street

It’s happening across the globe; subtle, subliminal propaganda broadcast by the corporate media is being used effect social change, which the target audience is often completely unaware of. This example from New Zealand

“The Help”: Courageous, Color-Blind Strivers Overcome Racist Nitwits

“The Help”: Courageous, Color-Blind Strivers Overcome Racist Nitwits

How Hollywood loves to hate the South! Vicious racists, reactionaries, moronic hillbillies, hypocritical preachers, greedy oil men—thank God we have Hollywood to teach us the evils of racial stereotyping

Former Vice President Al Gore: Global warming sceptics are this generations racists

Soon those who don’t buy into the idea of man made global warming will be being compared to “Nazis” and “anti-Semites”. Includes video

David Starkey: Race, riots and censorship

Regardless of whether one agrees with David Starkey’s on the recent riots or not, the furore over his comments is proof that in modern Britain some things simply cannot be said

Wisconsin State Fair Same As Iowa State Fair, No Hate Crime Charges

Rampant black racism was evident at the Iowa and Wisconsin state fairs but as in London recently, the media went out of its way to play it down. Just as the authorities went out of their way NOT to acknowledge it

Is Anders Behring Breivik Like Timothy McVeigh—Or Baruch Goldstein?

How the mainstream media covers an atrocity like the recent massacre in Norway depends as much on the killer’s ethniticity as the event itself. Peter Brimelow explains

The Banking Racket

The Banking Racket

Not only banking but Zionism, Communism, control of the media and the creation of wars, race, hidden history and a host of other taboo topics are explored here

Israel Shamir – Zionism & Multiculturalism

Israel Shamir talks to Red Ice Radio about Israel, Palestine and the United States and how the distinctions between “left” and “right” are no longer relevant

“False Flag Racism,” The Internet Proxy War

Unclassified software used by the FBI enables Veterans Today to track what appeared to be violently racist spam to the computer of the head of the largest Jewish “defense” organization. Includes videos

Student Group That Opposes “Multiculturalism’ Is Accused of Ties to Extremists

Accused by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) no less, an organisation with a history of suggesting anybody who gets in the way Zionism’s agenda is “anti-Semitic” or “racist”