Race is an issue that has been cynically exploited by the Illuminati, often in the guise of “anti-racism”.

Gang rape: Is it a race issue? Updated

In 1999 I witnessed a gang rape in Sierra Leone. I was forced to watch a group of rebel soldiers taking it in turns to rape a young girl in front of an audience of jeering men.When I moved to Britain I believed I had escaped such horror … I was wrong

Midsomer madness and a case of political correctness that would be risible if it wasn’t so sinister

To quote a former BBC head: the show may be “hideosly white” but the current controversy over it is a sure sign of how the media is being used as an instrument for social engineering

Are whites racially oppressed?

After years as portraying whites as the “oppressors” and promoting the idea of “diversity”, could it be that the media are now trying the other tack? In effect, working to turn one group against another?

Texas group launches scholarship for white men ONLY… because they ‘need an equal shot’

Mr Bohannan, a former Texas State University student and Iraq veteran, said the group was formed because of the idea that ‘if you’re not a male, and if you’re not white, you’re called a minority’

Asians more likely to be anti-immigration than white Britons

Survey finds growing concern about immigration among all ethnic groups

Jews See Other Minorities as Main Competition

Jewish analyst foresees Asian, Latino power grab, decline of “anti-Semitism”

EDL partners with far-right US Jewish group

As we’ve detailed elsewhere, the English Defence League is forming an alliance with Zionist extremists – who are using it to play off Whites against Muslims

High price to pay in defence of free speech

Is Political Correctness now so ingrained that we can no longer distinguish between what is racist and what is just plain stupid?

Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

French President Nicolas Sarkozy joined the former leaders of Australia and Spain, Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s David Cameron in lamenting the failure of “multiculturalism” recently. Coincidence? Or are they all following the same instructions?

Express Group now openly promoting the English Defence League

In another working of the ‘Divide and Rule’ principle: Zionist agent provocateur works the street to incite racial animosity while Jewish billionaire publisher reciprocates his efforts in the media

Jew rabbi Nachum Shiffren mistakenly says the truth! A Freudian slip

A classic slip-up! But in a momentary lapse the rabbi reveals his real agenda

David Cameron: “Multiculturalism Has Failed”

The mainstream media has promoted it relentlessly: to the point where Orwell-like racial quotas and positive discrimination are now often mandatory. So why are we now told it’s one of the causes of terror?

30,000 pupils branded as bigots

Teachers log ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’ jibes in playground squabbles, even at nursery

Kevin MacDonald’s Daily Show Adventure

Kevin MacDonald was interviewed for Jon Stewart’s the Daily Show. As it turned out the interview, about Elena Kagan’s nomination, never aired but the experience said a lot about how political correctness is enforced in the media

Top detective says Asian sex gangs are pimping white girls… but police and social services keep quiet for fear of being branded racist

Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, a charity working for peaceful harmony between different communities, said: ‘I think the police are overcautious because they are afraid of being branded racist”

Fury at DNA pioneer’s theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners

A high priest of modern science squares up with the champions of political correctness

“Diversity” is an Admission of Cultural Defeat

Apparently Jews can have a country where they are the majority and set the cultural standard. So can Indians, Arabs, Africans, Japanese and Chinese. But Europeans cannot

Three-year-olds being labelled bigots by teachers

Another example of good intentions – in this case ‘fighting racism’ – being hijacked and used as a pretext for more sinister purposes

Organized Jewry as a Nation Dispersant

For the elite, ‘Multiculturalism’ is crucial in reshaping society. A recently released video (linked) reveals how an Israeli based Zionist institute, the Russian mafia and oligarchs are instrumental in directing the process

Ex-minister ‘tried to stir hatred’

In an indication of the of the moral bankruptcy of the former Labour government, it has been revealed that its immigration minister, Phil Woolas (left), was ready to foment racial antagonism to gain votes