Race is an issue that has been cynically exploited by the Illuminati, often in the guise of “anti-racism”.

During this year's Oscar ceremonies, Chris Rock admitted that to work regularly in the HollyWeird entertainment industry- black people had to be cleared through a Masonic secret society.

The Boule: US Black Elite All Illuminati Shills

The elite exert control through all shades of humanity and just as in white society, there is a privileged Black elite ready to do the bidding of hidden powers

IPhones and best new Mobile phones have been distributed among these 'refugees'

Migrants are an Underground Army – Ten Signs

An anonymous writer makes a convincing case that the migrant invasion was organized by the Illuminati bankers as a future military force.

Sweden: ISIS is recruiting openly -- at the Employment Service

Sweden: ISIS is recruiting openly — at the Employment Service

This is happening in Malmo. It is a coincidence that the Swedish city has seen a huge influx of migrants in recent decades, together with soaring crime rates?

Bono called on the US Congress to take action on the global refugee crisis Tuesday

Bono Urges Lawmakers to Act on Refugee Crisis

U2 singer reassures Senate subcommittee he is serious about using comedians to humiliate ‘goose-stepping’ Isis, adding that refugee crisis is issue of national security

For a world without borders, another campaign sponsored by billionaire George Soros

Soros: European Union in mortal danger

George Soros and a familiar routine whereby the elite create a problem, and then when it gets really bad, they proffer their “solution”

Syrian refugee admits to setting shelter on fire, spray-painting swastikas to frame far-right

The asylum seeker said the arson attack was in response to poor conditions at the shelter

Refugees heading for Sweden

Total Failure of Multiculturalism in Sweden: The Facts

Migrants now nearly comprise nearly 25% of Sweden’s population; as a once homogenous society has fractured with soaring crime rates and inner city ‘no-go’ areas

'UK Muslim ghettoes' warning

‘UK Muslim ghettoes’ warning

Although they will deny it, the elite helped create this problem in the first place. However, their proposed ‘solution’ may bring even worse

A migrant offers thanks to a German for their hospitality. Click to enlarge

Germans Feel Defeated by Migrant Invasion

An induced guilt complex has rendered Germans unable to defend their heritage or their borders. One of Henry Makow’s German readers explains

800,000 Migrants Lie In Wait In Libya, Ready To Break For Europe

800,000 Migrants Lie In Wait In Libya, Ready To Break For Europe

Talk about karma. Prior to 2011 Libya was Africa’s most prosperous and stable state. Now Europe must face the consequences of NATO helping to oust Gaddafi

Statistics watchdog warns over migration figures

Statistics watchdog warns over migration figures

Statistics authority says discrepancies in official figures “could undermine public confidence” in government assurances. Have they, in short, uncovered evidence that the government is lying about immigration?

Jordan's King Abdullah. Click to enlarge

Turkey is deliberately ‘unleashing’ Isis terrorists into Europe, says Jordan’s King Abdullah

‘The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy’, says Jordanian king

Faycal Cheffou. Click to enlarge

Edward Snowden claims Belgian spies could have stopped Brussels attacks

Snowden claims security services could have foiled the attacks but allowed them to go ahead. Like 9/11 did they also served a wider purpose?

Project White Genocide: World War Three Has Already Begun (3 videos, 10 mins.)

Project White Genocide: World War Three Has Already Begun (3 videos, 10 mins.)

Featuring 3 videos, one of which is so controversial it could soon be banned. Watch it while you still can

Orban’s historic speech puts Hungary on war footing

This unlikely to be reported by the corporate media because Hungary’s leader delivers some home truths that you wont hear from any other E.U. leader

Last Week Erdogan Warned Brussels Could Be Bombed

We repost this because after the March 13 bombing in Ankara, Erdogan warned there was no reason to stops bombings “in Brussels”

Ostersund pictured during a previous Earth hour event

Earth hour cancelled due to migrant rape

Swedish town refuses to turn lights off to protect women from attacks

Migrants from Afghanistan clash with Syrians during a food distribution organized by the local football team Olympiacos Piraeus on March 17, 2016 on the pier of the port of Piraeus near Athens, where about 4000 migrants have been stranded for several days. / AFP / PANAYOTIS TZAMAROS        (Photo credit should read PANAYOTIS TZAMAROS/AFP/Getty Images)

Refugees at Piraeus port fight over food

The news comes on the same day as reports of migrant-on-migrant stabbings in the area and a day after Angelina Jolie was mobbed by 4,000 migrants as she visited

Migrants cross the Hungary-Croatian border. Click to enlarge

Holocaust revisionist author calls for mass extermination of illegal immigrants

Something is seriously wrong that Angela Merkel’s migrant policies have stirred such incendiary rhetoric. Lasha Darkmoon explains

Hungary's Orban "Rings Alarm Bells" On Brussels Plot To Create "United States Of Europe"

Hungary’s Orban “Rings Alarm Bells” On Brussels Plot To Create “United States Of Europe”

Hungary’s Viktor Orban spells trouble for the bureaucrats in Brussels