Race is an issue that has been cynically exploited by the Illuminati, often in the guise of “anti-racism”.

UN Refugee Agency Says They Want at Least 380,000 Migrants in Europe Per Year

UN Refugee Agency Says They Want at Least 380,000 Migrants in Europe Per Year

Both France and Germany are in discussions with Egypt, Chad and Niger to open migrant reception centres in North Africa

Corbett Report: Soros got hacked. Can you guess what we found?

Leaked Soros memo: refugee crisis to be accepted as the “new normal” so as to exploit the “opportunities” in the crisis

Migrants wait aboard a partially punctured rubber boat during a rescue operation off the coast of Libya. Click to enlarge

No migrant deaths in Mediterranean in last 20 days

Why? After over two thousand drowned since the beginning of the year: we spell out what the UN Migration Agency is unwilling or unable to say

‘Muslim Mediator’ Defends Gang Rape After Attack: ‘Enjoyed Like Normal Intercourse When Woman Calms’

It the woman remains calm she will enjoy it “like normal intercourse”, says a ‘cultural mediator’ at a migrant reception centre in Italy

America's Race War? Jews versus Goyim

America’s Race War? Jews versus Goyim

Are the bankers creating “white supremacism” in order to discredit conservatives? In much the same way they are behind Black Lives Matter?

Charlottesville and The New York Times

A former copy editor who worked on the New York Times for 18 years reflects on the obvious racial bias that has crept into the media

Study: Advertisers Reject Straight, White Britain for Fear of Being Called Racist, Homophobic

How advertising is being used to re-engineer society

The Pink Revolution and How to Beat It

It is possible to beat the Jews and their entourage in the Blame-the-Racist game. Israel Shamir explains how

Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states

The Saker on how carefully engineered events such as the recent riots in Charlottesville further reinforce mass conditioning

Insanity of the intolerant Left reaches whole new level of absurdity

Insanity of the intolerant Left reaches whole new level of absurdity

ASIAN-Americans are now vilified for having the last name “Lee”

Finnish Police Arrest Two More in Terror Knife Rampage Probe

Meaning this was not the work of a deranged loner. Two other suspects have been arrested on suspicion of assisting the knifeman to carry out his rampage

Armed group stopping migrant boats leaving Libya

The number of migrants arriving in Italy from North Africa dropped by more than 50 percent in July from a year earlier, and August arrivals so far are down even further

Rochdale scandal detective backs MP who quit over rape comments

The former detective told the Sunday Express: “Generations of children have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.”

Finland: Stabbing that left 2 dead, 8 injured now being investigated as act with ‘terrorist intent’

Like the recent attacks in Spain, the suspect who stabbed two to death and injured 8 more also came from Morocco and has been confirmed as an “asylum seeker”.

Monuments Coming Down and Going Up

Revealing conversation on how ethnicity was perceived in the past and how racial violence is now being orchestrated, as we’ve recently seen Charlottesville

"White Supremacy"- a slur to ensure Jewish Supremacy

“White Supremacy”- a slur to ensure Jewish Supremacy

Trump was perceived as preventing white dispossession in general. Is this still the case?

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

And Charlottesville is just the beginning . . .

Who Keeps Americans in the Dark?

Who Keeps Americans in the Dark?

Those who read Jewish history aren’t surprised by the current developments, writes Gilad Atzmon. It has all been building for quite a while.

Syrian refugees return home from Turkey for Eid. Click to enlarge

Over 600,000 Displaced Syrians Returned Home in First 7 Months of 2017

Will the West and its allies in the Gulf help reconstruct the land that they helped devastate? Or will they look for another route to bring chaos into this world?

Thoughts on Charlottesville and What It Means for Us

Thoughts on Charlottesville and What It Means for Us

Boyd D. Cathey reflects on recent events in Charlottesville and the media’s response. Includes videos