Race is an issue that has been cynically exploited by the Illuminati, often in the guise of “anti-racism”.

Angela Merkel is smashed in her home state polls by the far-Right

The vote in Angela’s Merkel’s home state, where she has had a constituency since 1990, was a seen as a referendum on her open-door immigration policy

Massed sexual assaults by mobs of migrants took place in Cologne over New Year's Eve.

Echoes of Cologne on Year’s Eve

At least four women ‘are sexually assaulted by immigrant men during a rampage at a party in Germany’ in a chilling echo of the New Year’s Eve attacks

It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

Slowly Europe is waking up to the lies it is being told by its political leaders AND its journalists

The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness

The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness

Lasha Darkmoon explains how the old saying — “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad” — now applies to Germany

Cars burn in Rinkeby, Stockholm, after 5 nights of rioting in 2013. Click to enlarge

Police hold crisis talks after Trollhättan disturbances

Police say they are at a loss to understand what is behind two nights of disturbances in the Swedish city. We aren’t though.

The left-hand part of this photo has been widely published by the Atlantist Press. The victim, a Syrian Kurd child, Aylan Kurdi, is supposed to have been washed up by the sea. However, his corpse is perpendicular to the waves instead of being parallel. On the right-hand part, the presence of an official Turkish photographer reinforces the suggestion of a staged event. In the background we can see people bathing.

The 5 Awkward Questions They Won’t Answer About The Drowned Boy, Syria And Our ‘Moral Duty’

A year on and the official story no longer stands up to scrutiny. James Delingpole looks at what we were told about Aylan Kurdi

World must take urgent action on Syria, says aunt of drowned refugee boy

More proof, if any were needed, that the supposed death by drowning of a Syrian child refugee was a staged propaganda ploy. Now his relatives are calling for “urgent action” on Syria

Hungarian Woman Gang-Raped By Three Eritrean Migrants In German Town

This story will only confirm for many Hungarians why it was necessary to impose strict border controls

SPLC To List White Lives Matter Movement As HATE GROUP

Jarring double-standard as the Southern Poverty Law Center designates White Lives Matter as a ‘hate group’ but claims Black Lives Matter is not.

Angela Merkel’s deputy says she underestimated migrant challenge

Now that Merkel has opened its border and Germany has been changed, perhaps irreparably, her deputy admits she had underestimated the scale of the crisis

Project White Genocide:  The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi

Project White Genocide: The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi

The “abolition” of the white race, says Harvard prof. Noel Ignatiev, is not only desirable but essential. With notes and commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

Hungary to build a second ‘massive’ wall to keep out migrants heading from Turkey

In addition Hungary plans to strengthen its border controls with an additional 3,000 ‘border hunters’

VIDEO: MSNBC Censor Trump Supporter to Preserve Narrative

VIDEO: MSNBC Censor Trump Supporter to Preserve Narrative

We reserve judgement on Trump but there’s no denying that the media is trying to portray him as a “racist”. To the point that they are censoring Blacks who voice support for him

Waking up Angela Merkel in Wonderland

Like any criminal who’s been caught out, Merkel is in denial about links between recent terror attacks and her open-border immigration policy

Six of the seven suspects in the assault

Group chants ‘Black Lives Matter’ during assault, robbery – police

The victims were white

'There's not much that's German here anymore'

‘There’s not much that’s German here anymore’

On the transformation of what was only recently a typically German town and the tensions and unease that have come with it.

Rohini Sethi. click to enlarge

Student punished with mandatory diversity training for ‘All Lives Matter’ tweet

You know you are living in an emergent police state when people are punished for tweeting “All Lives Matter”

Not Alex

Racial Prejudice Thrives in Canada

According to one young Black man, the drive for ‘diversity’ hasn’t made any real difference: prejudice remains entrenched in parts of Canada

The asylum seeker group persecutes and harasses girls in Haparanda

Two reports from the Swedish press reveal the asylum seeker/migrant problem hasn’t gone away. Instead in Haparanda, Sweden, its moved into a luxury hotel

Brandon Reiter's injuries. Click to enlarge

Gang Members Chant “Black Lives Matter” While Beating Up White Victim

Racist hate crime attack receives little media attention