Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

Israel uses matchboxes to intimidate

Israel distributes huge quantities of matchboxes in West Bank to inflame sentiment against Hamas, literally

Chaim Weizmann

Secret Soviet Reveals: Weizmann Outlined the Nakba as Early as 1941

A unique historical document, reveals that Zionist leaders planned to expel Palestinians from their homeland as early as 1941

The New Jewish Prophet

The New Jewish Prophet

Gilad Atzmon reflects on his being likened to “the ancient prophets” — by a leading Jewish theologian, no less

Israel claims Assad’s forces behind cross-border attack that killed teen

Is Israel looking for a pretext to intervene directly in Syria?

Gary Oldman. Click to enlarge

Gary Oldman defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin, criticizes ‘political correctness’

Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman has already denounced Oldman for his defence of Gibson

Kaporos shlugging: a rabbi transfer the karmic weight of sins to a chicken. Click to enlarge

Jews – The Voodoo View

Judaism and Voodoo may have more in common than you’d think

Melanie Phillips. Click to enlarge

There is No Other Wicked Religion in the World Than Islam

As Kevin Boyle explains, columnist Melanie Phillips comments about Islam are an expression of cynical, calculated hypocrisy

ISIL militants parade. Click to enlarge

It’s all for Israel

Mike Whitney argues that ISIS is a clear part of a US strategy to break up the Iran-Iraq-Syria-Hezbollah alliance

Pope Francis is a Jewish Imposter

Pope Francis is a Jewish Imposter

Pope Francis says, ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew.’ Is he referring to himself?

“Wherever the Jew is found he is a problem, a source of unhappiness to himself and to those around him.” — Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles. Click to enlarge

The Jewish Question: A Problem Without a Solution

“As far as I know, no one has ever come up with an effective solution to the Jewish problem. Solving the riddle of the Sphinx would be easier.”

Ed Miliband: A Shameless Zionist in Our Midst

Ed Miliband: A Shameless Zionist in Our Midst

The Shoa goes on as Ed Miliband addresses the Labour Friends of Israel. The very same lobby that funded Blair’s government as it drove toward the war in Iraq

Carol Kasbari with her husband Osama and two sons

Israeli Arab Couple Can’t Live in Racist Israel

Carol Kasbari’s story brings home the reality of apartheid in Israel.

Top attorney found dead in home

Top attorney found dead in home

As well as being one of Latvia’s top lawyers, Andris Grutups’ was also a best-selling author. So why would he commit suicide? Or was he viewed as a threat to Zionist power?

David Duke Downplays Jewish-Khazar Connection

David Duke Downplays Jewish-Khazar Connection

Henry Makow refutes Duke’s perplexing debunking of the Khazar Jews.

Hasbara Defeated -Gilad Atzmon Vs. Lee Kaplan

The kidnapping of three Israeli teens has generated intense debate, as illustrated by this ferocious clash between Gilad Atzmon and Lee Kaplan on Press TV.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says a new 9/11 is ‘inevitable’

Sen. Lindsey Graham says a new 9/11 is ‘inevitable’

Preparing the way for further conflict for those Americans too lazy or stupid to think for themselves

Iraq, America and the Lobby

Iraq, America and the Lobby

Although probably unintentionally, the Jewish Lobby often fails to bolster Israel’s long- term interests. The destruction of Iraq, for instance, has made Iran into a regional super power

Revilo Pendleton Oliver (July 7, 1908 - August 20, 1994) was professor of Classical philology, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Illinois. Click to enlarge

Judaism is a Cover for Conspiracy

Religion disguises a racial agenda, according to Revilo Oliver

John McCain can be seen here speaking at a rally organized largely by the Neo-Nazi Svoboda movement in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013. To John McCain’s right is neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok and to his left is US Senator Chris Murphy (D) Connecticut. Click to enlarge

The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and the Jews

US refused entry to Oleg Tyagnibok and others because of their anti-Semitism in 2013. Now however, they have America’s support in Ukraine. Israel Shamir explains

Cruz: Israel Strike Against Iran ‘Could Happen In A Matter Of Months’

Significantly Cruz, who met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a trip to the Jewish state in May, didn’t say how he came to believe that Israeli might launch a strike