Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

Is Max Blumenthal an Imbecile?

Is Max Blumenthal an Imbecile?

This comical short video exposes Max Blumenthal for what he is. In his own words

Gilad Atzmon in Conversation With Harold Channer

Gilad Atzmon in Conversation With Harold Channer

Gilad Atzmon talks with Harold Channer, the NY TV presenter who introduced the great Israel Shahak to Americans

Netanyahu tells Obama Iran deal ‘threat to Israel’s survival’

The billion dollar question that arises from this: will Israel act to neutralise the perceived “threat”?

Israel’s defense minister: Lausanne talks on Iran won’t go anywhere

Whence this assurance? Does he know something we don’t?

‘Iran is placing guided warheads on Hezbollah rockets’

Iran supplying warheads that in the words of one Israeli official, can turn missiles with “an accuracy range of kilometers into weapons that are accurate to within meters”

From Gaza To Southampton – We Are All Palestinians

From Gaza To Southampton – We Are All Palestinians

For the second time in just a month, a British academic institution has been intimidated by an orchestrated Zionist lobby

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro.

At Last I Met My Rabbi

Unlike Zionists who seem devastated by me turning my back on Judaism, Rabbi Shapiro didn’t show any remorse from my drift away

World powers intensify Iran nuclear talks, Israel hopes for failure

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, who has been spearheading efforts to lobby world powers against the Iran deal, voiced cautious hope that the talks would collapse

Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

Did elite Jews create the Jewish God as their “egregore,” i.e. an instrument of their collective will? Does this explain the mysterious affinity they share?

US Democrats say Israel’s efforts on Iran are backfiring

Despite Israel’s best efforts things aren’t going as planned

Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S. Officials Negotiating With Iran

In other words U.S. politicians aren’t servants of the American people but Israel’s instead. Although don’t expect the corporate media to say as much. They are bought and paid for too

Israel Spied on Iran Talks – WSJ

Then fed information to other U.S. lawmakers in an effort to derail the talks

The Southampton University Win/Win Situation

The Southampton University Win/Win Situation

British Jews are in state of panic as the debate over the legality of Israel in the eye of international law grows

Israel’s Steinitz says world powers, Iran likely to agree bad nuclear deal

What he means is a “bad deal” for Israel not the rest of the world.

Israeli delegation heads to France ahead of final round of Iran nuclear talks

Israeli delegation to meet with French negotiators taking part in nuclear talks with Iran in a last ditch attempt to shape whatever final agreement may emerge

The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem

The Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem

Instead of presenting a genuine ethical argument, the Jewish Left attempt to convey an ‘image’ of moral awareness. Instead of being ethical they mimic a true ethics

Anthony Dennison. Click to enlarge

A Very Kosher Dishonesty (must read!!!)

One of the individuals behind moves to cancel concerts by Gilad Atzmon was a supporter of Alan Dershowitz and a bit of a football hooligan too! Paul Eisen explains

U.S. Omits Iran and Hezbollah From Terror Threat List

Zionist concern over absence of Iran and Hezbollah on a list of terror threats to the U.S.

Victorious Netanyahu. click to enlarge

Bibi’s Comeback

Last week we learned that the vast majority of British Jews support Bibi and his Likud party. Apparently, the Jewish State is no different

Israel election results: Netanyahu secures resounding victory

Despite trailing in the run-up to the vote, Netanyahu scores emphatic win