Israel, ‘Anti-Semitism’, Zionism and US-UK allies

Not a religion or an ethnic identity, but a political cult embodied in modern Israel, which uses Judaism, Jews AND ‘anti-Semitism’ for its own purposes with ordinary Jews paying the price

The Myth of the Russian Oligarchs

The Myth of the Russian Oligarchs

Why is it that the liberal American billionaires who support Obama are referred to as “investors” or “philantropists”; but Russian billionaires who support Putin are always “oligarchs”?

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Iran’s New ‘Suicidal’ Bomb

Gilad Atzmon is confused about the labelling of Iran’s new drone. Aren’t the IDF’s guided missiles targeting Palestinian family homes also suicidal bombs?

Satellite image shows the islands of Tiran (below L) and Sanafir (below R). Click to enlarge

Saudis remain tight-lipped on Israel-occupied islands

Who really controls the strategically important Saudi islands of Tiran and Sanafir?

David Cameron’s Chanucah reception

David Cameron shows that he can outdo the U.S. Neocons. Warning: not for those offended by grovelling obsequiousness

Lebanon’s Hezbollah detains ‘Israeli spy’ in its ranks

The suspect reportedly helped sabotage five operations Hezbollah had been planning to launch against Israel

America Meets Ghost Of Christmas Future

“America is at a crossroads”, explains Brother Nathanael, “and some hard choices will have to be made”

Hamas outposts near Netiv HaAsara. Click to enlarge

Footage reveals Hamas rebuilding military positions

Four months after Operation Protective Edge and signs on the ground point to a speedy recovery by Hamas

Antisémitox & French Survival Instinct

Antisémitox & French Survival Instinct

This week we learned that a French-Jewish organization has been distributing a remedy for anti Semitism – it is labeled “Antisemitox

View over Mosul. Click to enlarge

Israelis buy properties in ISIL-held Iraqi cities: Report

It’s not just low prices for the recently vacated properties that are attracting Israeli buyers

Obama: Israel knows Iran’s nuclear program halted

Despite Netanyahu’s criticism, President Obama says Israel is well aware that Tehran has suspended work on its nuclear program while talks have been ongoing

Speculation upon the Cause of Israel did 911 Denial

The word, ‘inconvenient’ and ‘truth’ are often in proximity together. Ironically, if I remember correctly, Big Al Gore had a documentary fantasy film that was called, “An Inconvenient Truth”

Cohen-Waxberg and Blumenthal. Click to enlarge

The Jewish Cosmopolitans Have Reached The Anal Stage

Just when you think things can’t get any lower … Includes video

Iran unveils monument to Jewish soldiers killed in war with Iraq

The vice speaker of Iran’s parliament, who attended the ceremony, thanked Iran’s Jewish community for their support and for speaking out against the “violent and inhumane” Benjamin Netanyahu

In  Judaism, the Hanukkah menorah is the symbol of the supreme position which Talmudic People supposedly occupy in God's eyes.

The “Secret” of Hanukkah

Dec. 17 is the first day of Hanukkah. Its “secret” is that it commemorates God’s “delight in the Jewish people,” writes Michael Hoffman. Jewish meglomania and hatred of Christ is the reason Christmas is being suppressed

Jewish Culture and Cognitive Partitioning

Jewish Culture and Cognitive Partitioning

It is not anymore a division between rich and poor or between the proletariat and the capital. It is instead, a cognitive division that is widening up

Israel’s Arrow 3 missile shield fails interception test – sources

A critical failure given that the Arrow 3 is meant to be a key component in intercepting incoming missiles from Iran

Truth In Berlin

Truth In Berlin

Zionist in uproar over the fact that Gilad Atzmon and other Jewish dissidents have found a rapt audience at Cafe Palestine, which the Jerusalem Post has renamed “Cafe Jew Hatred”

Robert Lawrence Kuhn.

Is This Xi Jinping’s Jewish Handler?

The scion of Illuminati Jewish bankers, Robert Lawrence Kuhn teaches Chinese leaders “how to dream.” Scott Frost outlines the centuries-old Jewish interest in China.

Eight-year-old Obeida Ayash 8 and his mother. Click to enlarge

Palestinian third-grader arrested by Israel Police

It doesn’t augur well for Israel’s future when an 8-year-old Palestinian boys is arrested by 15 Israeli policemen armed with stun grenades

New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlarge

“Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”

The New York Times was already reporting of Jewish persecution and an ongoing “Holocaust” in May 31, 1936