Reports on the annual meetings of the Bilderbergs, a shadowy group of political and financail heavyweights who meet under the auspices of the Rockfellers and Rothschilds with little publicity

Welcome to the Lunatic Fringe

With a list of attendees at this year’s Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, May 31 – June 3

A “Punctured Administration” in Washington

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz lets slip that the next Bilderberg meeting is scheduled to take place in Istanbul between 31 May and 3 June

Big Surprises at Bilderberg

Writing for the American Free Press, veteran Bilderberg watcher James P. Tucker, details the agreements and disagreements at the latest meeting in Ottawa

Attendees at Recent Bilderberg

A partial list of those movers and shakers who attended the most recent Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Canada

Did Hillary Clinton Attend Bilderberg Conference?

Bilderberg has a record of appointing future leaders. With candidates being invited to attend meetings prior to their assuming office, such as happened with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. Now insiders report Hilary Clinton attended the most recent meeting

AFP Cracks Secret Meeting

Writing in the American Free Press, veteran Bilderberg investigator James P. Tucker Jr. notes that Bilderberg members are worried they can’t control Chavez, Iran and neo-con war machine

Bilderberg Provocateurs Tried To Instigate Violence

Working with the Canadian government, it looks like Bilderberg fielded agent provocateurs to foment unrest and discredit alternative media and protesters

Shadowy group meets amid secrecy in Ottawa

According to a Bilderberg press release, one of the key items to be discussed at Ottawa’s Bilderberg meeting will be the best way to deal with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

VIPs’ arrivals marked by a discreet ‘B’

The limo drivers had them, so did the luggage tags – signs with a single B – and they were the ticket to get into the Bilderberg meeting at the Brookstreet, write Andrew Mayeda and Glen McGregor

Alex Jones Detained On Orders Of Bilderberg Group

Detained for 15 hours of interrogation by Canadian immigration authorities who knew he was coming

Bilderberg to Meet in Canada

Once again James P. Tucker and the American Free Press have tracked down the latest Bilderberg meeting, scheduled near Ottowa in early June

Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group

Or how the British Broadcasting Corporation is now doing Public Relations work for Bilderberg

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005, Part II

Through lies and obfuscations, Bilderbergers are trying to foist onto the unwilling world a totalitarian, one-world government, a single global currency and a syncretic universal religion. Daniel Estulin reports on the recent Bilderberg meeting in Germany

Infiltrating Bilderberg 2005

Don’t ask how but Daniel Estulin managed to infiltrate this years Bilderberg meeting at Rottach-Egern, Germany. From talking point to talking point we get an insiders account of what was discussed

Bilderberg 2005: Photos

Bilderberg may be seen as an “exclusive” group of globalist movers and shakers but we have the pictures to prove that they are not so private. Undercover photos taken at this years Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern, Germany

Bilderberg Strikes Again

In the aftermath of the recent Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern, Germany, Pepe Escobar reflects on the secretive cabal and the topics likely to have been discussed at this year’s meeting

Bilderberg Scared

James P. Tucker gathers some more insider titbits from this year’s Bilderberg meeting in Germany

Bilderberg Found!

The next Bilderberg meeting, an exclusive conclave who meet to decide the fate of billions of ordinary souls, will meet in a German hotel resort in the coming week

Bilderberg Plans Spring Scheming Session

A spring Bilderberg meeting is looming with more secrecy and security than usual. However, this year independent journalists from both Europe and American will be working in collaboration to expose the shadowy group

U.S. Sen. John Edwards at Bilderberg

John Kerry has picked him as running mate but like Tony Blair and Bill Clinton before him, Senator John Edwards was invited to a Bilderberg meeting shortly before assuming the mantle of power