Reports on the annual meetings of the Bilderbergs, a shadowy group of political and financail heavyweights who meet under the auspices of the Rockfellers and Rothschilds with little publicity

The Enlightened Ones: The Illuminati and the New World Order

The Enlightened Ones: The Illuminati and the New World Order

Michael Howard charts the secret rulers of the world from the seventeenth century, through shadowy intelligence groups to modern day Bilderberg meetings

Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider

Interview conducted in Moscow with a Swiss banking insider reveals more about Bilderberg and the plans of a trans-national moneyed elite

Bilderberg 2011 Discussions Leaked Via Moles Inside

Bilderberg 2011 Discussions Leaked Via Moles Inside

Bilderberg is a medium of bringing together financial institutions which are the world´s most powerful and most predatory financial interests. And at this time, it is that combination which is the worst enemy of humanity.

Bilderberg 2011: Full Official Attendee List

David Rockefeller, James Wolfensohn, Henry Kissinger and Peter Mandelson were all in attendance plus a host of lesser luminaries

Interview with Swiss banker reveals Bilderberg 2011 plans for internet censorship are coming

Banker with contacts at the highest levels of Bilderberg reveals a key talking point when they convene in Switzerland Thursday will be control of the net

Texas Gov. Perry Bilderberg’s Ace in the Hole?

Veteran Bilderberg watcher James P. Tucker asks: Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry the Bilderberg group’s Republican candidate-in-waiting in the 2012 presidential race?

Major Swiss Newspaper Gives Bilderberg Front Page Coverage

Although it attempts to play down the meeting as merely a high powered talking shop, the fact that the corporate media is now reporting on Bilderberg after years of silence indicates the growing influence of the independent Internet media

Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg

Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg

Calls for Kissenger’s arrest at the forthcoming Bilderberger meet in St Moritz, Switzerland

Bilderberg Breaker Estulin: US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia

Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin talks to Russia Today about the Bilderberg group and how the U.S. is building 13 bases in Afghanistan in preparation for war with Russia

Leaked attendee list Bilderberg Conference 2010

Names of some of those who attended the Bilderberg Conference June 3-6, 2010 at the Hotel Dolce, Sitges near Barcelona, Spain

Globalists In Crisis, Supportive Of Attack On Iran

Bilderbergers concerned at stalled progress toward global governance and mounting public exposure of their agenda. Although on the more negative side there was mounting support for U.S. led strikes on Iran

Bilderberg Group: “Undemocratic illegal plutocratic psychotic elites”

Are you comfortable with decisions affecting your life being made by an unelected group who meet in secrecy?

Global cabal pushes agenda before meeting in Sitges, Spain

The corporate media are conditioning the public to accept two of the Bilderberg’s major goals in advance of its meeting June 4-7 in Sitges, Spain: a U.S. attack on Iran and a financial bailout of Greece and other European Union (EU) countries

Activists Give ‘Warm Welcome’ to Bilderberg

Mark Anderson reports from Sitger, Spain, where the shadowy Bilderberg group is gathering. Includes video link

Bilderberg Found!

This year’s Bilderberg meeting will be held near Barcelona on June 3-6. According to a financial consultant who deals with many of the participants, one of the main talking points will be how to sustain the recession so as to create a global treasury

Tracking the Bilderbergers in Facebook

We round the final corner of this disturbing journey, to discover the random doodlings of the “rare and valuable” man, concerned about his place in this uncertain world. Do take the time to skip across to – ‘the fans of the James Rothschild’s show profile

Remaking the Global Political Economy

Andrew G. Marshall looks back at the most recent Bilderberg meeting in Greece; how it takes us closer to one world currency, a global treasury and, according to a Kremlin report how the … “US Dollar has to be ‘totally’ destroyed”

List of Bilderberg 2009 Attendees

The names of the participants at the most recent Bilderberg meeting in Greece

Bilderberg Fears Losing Control In Chaos-Plagued World

Not to mention that increasing numbers are waking up to the elites schemes, which in turn is fuelling a rising sense of anger and defiance

Bilderberg Wants Global Department Of Health, Global Treasury

Veteran investigative journalist Jim Tucker unveils Bilderberg’s 2009 agenda