“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Syrian civil war: Can Assad’s regime survive the onslaught from Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra?

In the face of a determined onslaught from militants the fighting in Syria looks set to go on … and on

Iran N-talks virtually stalled, deadline may be missed

Russia’s negotiator said Friday there has been a “very worrying” slowdown in progress

Experts: Nuclear Talks Ignore Iran’s Missiles at World’s Peril

Are the goalposts are being moved? Now that agreement may be in sight in talks over Iran’s nuclear program, we are being told that the real threat is Iran’s missiles

Cyberattack targeted Iran nuclear talks venues, Kaspersky Lab says

We saw the headline and even before we had read the article we thought: Israel. But this also suggests mounting Zionist desperation trying to derail the talks

U.S. prepares plans for more troops, new base in Iraq: officials

Plans call for the deployment of more than 3,000 military advisers and trainers, ostensibly to help in the fight against Islamic State militants

ISIS held a massive military parade last week in Cyrenaica in eastern Libya. Click to enlarge

Moderate rebels take key southern base in Syria, dealing blow to Assad

The “Syrian opposition’s” hidden benefactors appear to have redoubled their aid to counter recent Syrian government advances

ISIS vehicles parade on the outskirts of Ramadi

Recent ISIS and Al Qaeda Rebel Gains in Syria and Iraq: A Result of US Support to Extremists

Long columns of ISIS vehicles crossed the open desert to Ramadi beneath clear blue skies — with not a Coalition plane in sight

CIA chief in ‘secret Israel talks on Iran’

CIA chief John Brennan reportedly in Israel last week to discus the possible nuclear deal with Iran. The topic was also expected to be discussed by visiting US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey

Why didn’t Netanyahu attack Iran?

According to Caroline Glick, in 2010, two senior memebers of the IDF “were given an order to prepare the military for an imminent strike against Iran’s nuclear installation, and they refused.”

Iran’s ballistic missiles could derail nuke deal

Agreement over Iran’s nuclear program could still prove elusive. As the U.S. considers introducing a new element into the talks: Iran’s ballistic missiles

US Warplanes Strike Iraqi Army Bases in Fallujah, Kill 6 Soldiers

Iranian news agencies report that US led Coalition planes struck Iraqi Army positions in Anbar province on Saturday. However, there is no mention of this incident in the Western corporate media

No trust in Iran nuclear talks: top negotiator

“We don’t trust the other side at all and they don’t trust us either,” Iran’s deputy foreign minister admitted Saturday

Iran rejects limited international access to military sites – agency

Hardly surprising. After all would the U.S. allow ‘international monitors’ to inspect its military sites? Would Israel?

Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition 'to expose true nature of Islamic State'

Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition ‘to expose true nature of Islamic State’

Includes a selection of some of the competition entries

Iran Military Prowess Advances Amid Nuclear Talks, Pentagon Says

Although the advances “could be applied to nuclear weapons” they could equally be used in conventional weapons and they were given added impetus by threats about ‘all options’

Israel military says Iran nuclear threat may wane with deal

As if Iran, which has yet to have a nuclear weapons program confirmed, poses a nuclear threat to Israel, which is thought to have at least 100 nuclear weapons

In very rare public meet, Israeli, Saudi officials name Iran as common foe

Although they haven’t resolved all their differences, Israel and Saudi Arabia have one key issue on which they agree

Iraq, Iran fighters deployed to defend Damascus: security source

Thousands of Iranian and Iraqi fighters have been deployed in and around Damascus recently to bolster the Syrian capitol’s defences

Charlie Hebdo Fits Zionist Template

Charlie Hebdo Fits Zionist Template

A new book features 24 experts who dissect “France’s 9/11″. The book’s editor, Kevin Barrett, was banned from entering Canada last week

Iran’s military mastermind promises a ‘surprise’ in Syria

Qassem Soleimani’s promise may prefigure a more direct Iranian involvement in Syria