“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”

Treasury’s Charge Sees Tehran Enabling al Qaeda in Syria

Is Iran REALLY supporting Al-Qaeda? Or this Wall Street Journal report intended to divert attention from the fact that Al-Qaeda’s prime sponsor in Syria is Saudi Arabia, Washington’s chief ally in the region?.

Iran Sends Warships to US Maritime Borders

Iran Sends Warships to US Maritime Borders

We are sure the U.S. has nothing to worry about but as the commander of Iran’s 4th naval zone said: “Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message.”

US “Too Weak” to Attack Iran: IRGC Commander

Maybe. But this may also be an example of terminal oversight. We explain

Iran Air Force Saeqeh fighter jets pictured in 2010. Click to enlarge

Iran Hopes To Unveil Two-seat Saeqeh Fighter

Iran plans to introduce upgraded fighter with greater range, manoeuvrability, new avionics and weapons

Iran nuclear deal possible in six months: Swedish FM

Of course that’s assuming that Israel and its U.S. allies don’t have their way

Iran modernizes U.S .surface-to-air missile system

The missile’s range has been increased and its radar system’s efficiency has been enhanced by as much as 40%

Word on the Next Major False Flag

From a trusted psychic friend on the nature and location of the next big one

Iranian Commander; We Have Targets Inside America

Iranian Commander; We Have Targets Inside America

Targets in mainland U.S.A. will be hit IF America attacks Iran, warns a top Revolutionary guards commander

‘No direct US-Syria talks unless Kerry apologizes’ – Syrian FM

Secretary of State John Kerry’s opening remarks at the Geneva 2 summit may have riled the Syrian government delegation but they also revealed America’s real agenda

Iran unveils simulators for air defence systems. Click to enlarge

Iran Reveals Plan to ‘Confront U.S. Naval Forces’ Ahead of War Games

As Iran’s air defence force reveals new anti-aircraft missile simulators to train soldiers in the art of downing Western military aircraft

Recent US Missile Tests On Speed Boats Are Clearly Meant To Send Iran A Message

US developing new generation of vertically launched anti-ship missiles with an eye to taking on swarms of fast Iranian attack boats

Netanyahu: interim deal set Iran’s nuclear drive back by 6 weeks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims the recent accord with Iran only delayed its drive to develop nuclear weapons by “six weeks”

Karzai suspects U.S. is behind insurgent-style attacks, Afghan officials say

Even the Afghan president is beginning to entertain “conspiracy theories”. But then, knowing his U.S. allies as he does, maybe he’s in a position to know

Russian-Chinese Naval Training Exercise Begins in Mediterranean

Intended to signal that both Russia AND China are prepared to act if the West ‘intervenes’ in Syria?

U.S. resumes nonlethal aid to Syrian opposition

Seen as Washington’s reward to the opposition for its participation in ongoing peace talks. Prompting one to wonder: how long before lethal aid follows? Or is it already being supplied by U.S. allies in the gulf states?

ADL blasts Economist magazine over ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon

ADL blasts Economist magazine over ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon

ADL says Economist cartoon depicts “anti-Semitic canard of Jewish control” and likens it to the Protocols of Zion. Demands a “full throated apology”

Suspects accused of having links to al-Qa’ida are shown to the press at a Baghdad facility. Post-Saddam, Iraq has executed hundreds of prisoners, many of them following ‘confessions’ before their trials

Confessions beaten out of ‘suspects’, executions by the hundreds… How different is justice in today’s Iraq from the era of Saddam?

Despite the overthrow of Saddam and the deaths of hundreds of thousands

Iran nuclear agreement a train wreck on the way

CNN is viewed outside America as Washington’s unofficial mouthpiece. So what are we to make of CNN’s foreign affairs correspondent Fareed Zakaria’s claim that Iran’s nuclear accord is a “train wreck” about to happen?

Syrian government delegation at the talks in Geneva. Click to enlarge

Unreported opening address of the Syrian delegation in Geneva

As the correspondent who sent this in noted: you won’t be reading this in the Guardian

Kerry: Military option on table if Iran keeps enriching

Despite the recent accord over its nuclear program, Secretary of State John Kerry says all options remain open if Iran doesn’t abide by the terms of the agreement