“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Thousands of Russian emergency personnel were recently involved in civil defence drills. Click to enlarge

Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are

Some observers believe that tensions are being deliberately increased to stop U.S. interference with Russia’s campaign in Syria

President Bashar Al Assad’s interview given to Russia’s Koms

President Assad talks to Pravda’s Daria Aslamova. Although the Western media portrays him as a dangerous demagogue, Assad sounds like a voice of reason

The invasion of Afghanistan 15 years ago was an arrogant, wretched adventure that caused a migrant crisis

When the West finally packs up and leaves, become Mafiastan. Perhaps it already is

Dr Papadopoulos Sets BBC Straight on Syria and Russiaphobia in Britain

For once some straight-talking on the BBC. Wouldn’t be surprised if some heads roll in the corporation for inviting Dr Papadopoulos to talk about events in Syria

Obama King Salman bin Abdulazizal-Saud- of Saudi Arabia and ISIS fighters. Click to enlarge

US may be about to unleash 9,000 ISIS fighters on Russia

Russian military sources claim the US has made a secret deal with Saudi Arabia that will allow thousands of ISIS fighters to leave Mosul with impunity

Iran deploys warships off Yemen after US, Houthis trade fire

Mounting tensions off Yemen’s coast as Iranian navy deploys to the region and more details emerge about unsuccessful missile attacks on US Navy ships

S-300 at Fordo nuclear site north eastern Iran. Click to enlarge

Russia completes delivery of S-300 air defense missiles to Iran: RIA

The final S-300 to be delivered should become fully operational in the coming months

French police angry at 'no-go zones' after petrol bomb attack

French police angry at ‘no-go zones’ after petrol bomb attack

Despite government denials the French police union has angrily affirmed that no-go zones are a fact of life in modern France

Wrecked Syrian aid convoy in the aftermath of the air strike. Click to enlarge

We Know Which Terrorist Group Destroyed Aid Convoy in Aleppo: Putin

The US had a drone monitoring the convoy, says Russian president. So they knew who was responsible but they prefer “to falsely accuse Russia”

Photos Show Fragments of U.S. Bombs at Site of Yemen Funeral Massacre

The evidence indicates that the bomb was produced by Raytheon, the third-largest defense contractor in the United States

Gardeners employed by the town of Saumur were working at this church when they found the ‘stash of Daesh’ hidden a cave. Click to enlarge

Exposed: French Military Caught Planning ISIS False Flag Attack

The discovery adds weight to claims that most “terror attacks” are being staged by covert government agencies as a means to control and manipulate the public

The “Pantsir” anti-aircraft rocket missile and gun systems (ZRPK). Click to enlarge

Russia to deploy ZRPK to shoot down US air force in Syria

Russia bolsters Syrian anti-aircraft defences to deter U.S. air strikes on President Assad’s forces

Russia’s Vladimir Putin Cancels Paris Trip Amid Differences Over Syria

The latest indication of rapidly deteriorating relations between Moscow and the West

Hillary Clinton Body Double Saga Day 11 and Full Recap

Hillary Clinton Body Double Saga Day 11 and Full Recap

Interesting examination and comparison

Hillary Clinton Launches Astonishing Attack on Putin

From the United States, from France and now from Britain, a renewed concerted drive to demonise President Putin

Wikileaks: Clinton Admits No-Fly Zone Means “Killing A Lot Of Syrians”

Not only Syrians. Clinton’s proposed “no-fly” zone would also be a recipe for World War III

Channel 4 Joins CNN in Normalising Terrorism, Then Removes Their Own Video

Channel 4 Joins CNN in Normalising Terrorism, Then Removes Their Own Video

Covering their own tracks as they do so, Channel 4 portrays terrorist child decapitators as legitimate “rebels”. Includes videos

'Syrian rebels' with their child prisoner shortly before they beheaded him.

URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED…Before It’s Too Late

In which the BBC disingenuously justifies the beheading of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy. Seriously

Russia to establish permanent naval base at Syria’s Tartus

Plans to establish permanent Russian naval base on the site of a port facility it now leases. In addition it is reportedly also considering leasing a military base in Egypt

Extension of the conflict

Several US Generals have revealed that not since the Korean War has the situation been so serious. According to them, a conflict between the US and Russia would be brief, but of an unprecedented amplitude. Thierry Meyssan explains