“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”

Iran's supreme leader says US has given up on military attack

Iran’s supreme leader says US has given up on military attack

It might seem so but it would only take one false flag to change that

First trial to be held in secret: Closed terror case branded ‘outrageous assault’ on open justice…

The identities of the accused, as well as details of their alleged crimes, to remain secret. All that is known is that the accused have been detained on suspicion of involvement in “terrorism”

Iran tries to block Afghanistan’s opium boom

This Associated Press article omits to mention that the U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan opened the way for the booming opium production. After the Taliban had outlawed the cultivation of opium poppies in 2000

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax Pathetic Father Actor EXPOSED

A performance that’s so bad it’s laughable. In fact, at one point even the crisis actor himself appears close to laughing

Iran boasts of ‘unmatched’ air defense, warns U.S. its time is limited

This is more than mere “boasting”. Should America decides to use military force against Iran it could be in for a very nasty surprise.

Iran Preparing to Launch Air Defense System More Advanced than S-300

Iran Preparing to Launch Air Defense System More Advanced than S-300

Although intriguingly the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said the new system would not be displayed and will “remain confidential”, for now

False Flag Attacks

More authoritative figures are coming out to say 9/11 was a false flag. Now they’ve been joined by prominent Swiss academic. Includes video

Once on the edge of defeat, Syria’s Assad runs again for president

President Assad recaptures lost territory and consolidates his power as US officials privately concede that he is not going anywhere

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan

“Iran is a Nuclear Threshold State”

At a recent symposium former Mossad chief Meir Dagan revealed that contrary to prevailing beliefs “The Americans and the Iranians have been communicating for many years”

$1 Trillion Motherlode of Lithium and Gold Discovered in Afghanistan

Beyond its lucrative drugs trade, which the U.S. invasion helped revive, it looks like there more rich pickings to be had in Afghanistan

Obama lauds Iran talks, says unilateral action still an option

Time is running out for the U.S. to exercise “all options”, as Iran steadily builds up its military technology, so it’s difficult to know if Obama really means this? Or whether he’s just trying to placate Israel and the Jewish lobby

White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public

“CIA agents recruited a senior Pakistani doctor to organize the vaccine drive in Abbottabad, even starting the “project” in a poorer part of town to make it look more authentic”

Almost 10,000 troops in Afghanistan next year

Currently there are 32,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Now Obama says he wants nearly 10,000 to remain after the official U.S. withdrawal next year

Scene of checkpoint massacre near Volnovakha, Ukraine. Click to enlarge

Ukraine SITREP May 22th, 19:32 UTC/Zulu: Ukie death squad murders conscripts

This may be a few days old but as yet few others are carrying it and it points to the direct involvement of Ukrainian private banks in massacres and false flags. Includes videos

A man believed to have been crucified by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa. Click to enlarge

British jihadists are the most bloodthirsty in Syria: blamed for beheadings and crucifixions

Britain provides ‘non-lethal’ and ‘technical support’ to opposition forces in Syria but has ruled out supplying arms. Those are supplied by the West’s allies in the gulf states

‘Brits make up majority of Syria militant group’

UK intelligence turned a blind eye as British born Muslims joined up to help oust President Assad , a prime Western objective. However, he remains in power and as those fighters return the proverbial chickens will really come home to roost

Iran Billionaire Hanged for Fraud

Marked contrast between the way Iran treats its bankers convicted of wrongdoing and the way moneylenders are treated in the West

Iran Unveils New Air Defense Command & Control Systems

Iran Unveils New Air Defense Command & Control Systems

Iran’s air defence technology takes another step toward making U.S. air strikes too costly to contemplate

The 32,000 ton Lusitania, sunk May 7, 1915. Click to enlarge

Lusitania: The Pearl Harbor of WWI

It was the 9/11 of its time. James Perloff on the treachery that drew America into World War I.

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Click to enlarge

Iran vows to ‘destroy the U.S. Navy’

Senior Iran naval commander reveals that senior U.S. officials wanted to establish a telephone hot line with the Islamic Republic like the one between Russia and the U.S. during the Cold War