“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

The Quality of Mercy

Kremlin Stooge notes some unnerving parallels between the U.S. assault on Fallujah and Assad’s assault on Aleppo, that the U.S. media has failed to notice

Russia’s Ministry of Defense deploys more bombers to Syria

Russia’s Ministry of Defense deploys more bombers to Syria

In response to US plans to deploy more special forces in the region and start new arms deliveries to ‘moderate opposition’ groups

Maria Zakharova. Click to enlarge

Russia warns U.S. against attack on Syrian forces

Russia warns that a U.S. strike on the Syrian army would have “terrible, tectonic consequences”

The Iranian state TV released pictures of a US MQ-1C drone, that has recently been downed by the IRGC and reverse engineered. The General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle Attack drone is a medium altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft that is an upgraded MQ-1 Predator as an extended-range multi-purpose UAV. [PHOTOS] Click to enlarge

Iran says its ‘new’ attack drone is modeled on captured U.S. aircraft

As well as unveiling a new drone modelled on the RQ-170, Iran also revealed photos of a U.S. Predator type MQ-170 drone it claims to have captured

Commander: Iranian Version of S-300 Outdoes Russian Model in Range

Currently in the final stages of development, the indigenously developed Bavar 373 is scheduled to enter service early next year

The War Against Syria: Both Sides Go to “plan B”

The War Against Syria: Both Sides Go to “plan B”

Americans mistake the diplomatic language of the Russians for weakness. It is partly for this reason that Russia and the United States are on a collision course

Syria – The U.S. Propaganda Shams Now Openly Fail

How the mainstream media is fanning the flames of a wider war in Syria

Tailor Ibrahim Halil Dudu performs a last-minute repair on bride Jo Du's wedding dress. click to enlarge

Syrian refugee in Canada saves the day by mending bride’s wedding dress

Another example of how the elite owned media is promoting cute stories that distract from the real cause of the crisis in Syria

Russia: U.S. controlling an “international terrorist alliance”

The charade is over and all those crazy “conspiracy theories” have been proved right. Russia is now openly accusing the U.S. and its allies of supporting terror

The Director and sole employee of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdulrahman, reports on the situation in Syria from his house in Coventry, England.

How Libyan ‘Regime Change’ Lies Echo in Syria

Will history repeat itself in Syria? Or has Russian and Iranian intervention changed the outcome?

WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!

Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton and her State Dept actively armed ISIS in Syria. Includes video

Talaash air defence system on parade in Tehran earlier this year. Click to enlarge

Indigenous missile system to be deployed in central Iran: Cmdr.

With the deployment of the Russian S-300 and an array of new locally developed air defence systems entering service, U.S. air strikes on Iran look increasingly unlikely

'Americans are on our side’: Al-Nusra commander says US arming jihadists via 3rd countries

‘Americans are on our side’: Al-Nusra commander says US arming jihadists via 3rd countries

In addition he says “Israel is now giving us support because Israel is at war with Syria”

US military ‘talked to ISIS’ before airstrike killed 62 Syrian troops fighting jihadis

Syrian intelligence claims to have intercepted a conversation between ISIS and “Americans” before the deadly air strike

Ahmadinejad Allies Say Iran Leader Told Him Not to Run Again

Former firebrand president ‘advised’ by Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei not to seek re-election

US airstrike in Syria (Image Source: Daily Record) Click to enlarge

Russia Contacted US Twice to Stop Coalition’s Massacre of Syrian Army Troops

Meaning the U.S.-led attack that killed over 80 Syrian soldiers was deliberate

Burnt out Red Crescent aid convoy truck. Click to enlarge

Why the cease-fire in Syria has failed

To conceal western crimes in Deir ez-Zor, the MI6 organised the «bombing» of a aid convoy in Aleppo. Thierry Meyssan explains

One of the burned out SARC humanitarian aid trucks, despite claims of an air-strike, the surrounding countryside, road and electrical pylons are undamaged (Image Soure: Reuters)

Syria: White Helmets Staged ‘Russian Bombing’ Scene Near Aleppo, Lapped-up by Mainstream Media

A look at the “White Helmets” — a U.S. funded, Al Qaeda linked group — in Syria

Media carry SOHR reports. Click to enlarge

Propaganda spin cycle: ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ is funded by US and UK governments

Not only is the SOHR a one-man operation based in Coventry, UK, it now transpires that it’s run by a three-times convicted criminal

Britain's United Nations representative Matthew Rycroft. Click to enlarge

Britain accuses Putin of ‘war crimes’ in Syria at bitter UN meeting

As the rift with Russia over Syria grows, the cynicism and hypocrisy displayed by Western diplomats reaches new heights