“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Israeli military action against Iran would be ‘huge mistake,’ Kerry says

The IDF command know this. That’s why Netanyahu will do his utmost to get the U.S. to do the dirty work

Netanyahu tries to convince U.N delegates of the nuclear threat posed by Iran in 2012

The Iran deal: From thriller to horror story

For decades they’ve been warning of the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. The threat never materialized but now they’re beginning to sound desperate

Assad Winning, Why is America Aghast?

There is nothing of this in the Western press but in the Middle East, everyone is discussing it. Nahed al-Husaini on the Byzantine intrigues unfolding in the Middle East

Alex Jones Says All Muslims Should Be Deported – Morris

Morris108 on Alex Jones’s call for the deportation of all Muslims from the United States

Absolute Proof Charleston Shooting was Staged

Absolute Proof Charleston Shooting was Staged

Charleston shooter wore body armour

Charleston Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors Unnatural And Unaffected Part 3

More crisis actors trying to bolster the official Charleston shooting narrative

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor CAUGHT Reciting Lines

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor CAUGHT Reciting Lines

As with Sandy Hook, the Ottawa Parliament shooting and numerous other recent outrages, crisis actors have appeared to bolster the official Charleston narrative

Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for "Radicalized" Americans

Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for “Radicalized” Americans

Former NATO commander advocates internment camps and we’re sure it would only be a matter of time before dissidents were interned along with “radicals”

David Cameron extremism speech: The PM’s Churchillian posturing over Syria is misguided

Robert Fisk helps perpetuate an illusion while, partially, informing us

Saudi Prince Threatens ‘Military Action Without American Support’ Against Iran

Former Saudi ambassador to Washington warns: “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf powers are prepared to take military action without American support after the Iran nuclear deal”

The impact site of one of the chemical munitions used against Kurdish fighters. Click to enlarge

Now Isis militants are using Chemical weapons against Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq

Who supplied Isis with chemical weapons? The same who supplied them to “Syrian rebels” for the Al Ghouta attack?

David Cameron making up Syria policy ‘on the hoof’ – senior Tory

David Cameron calls for more extensive British involvement in the campaign against Islamic State.

Post nuclear-deal, Carter says military option against Iran remains on table

Despite the recently signed nuclear accord, Washington’s warmongers intend to have their way

Sayyad 2 medium range SAM with mobile launcher in the background. Click to enlarge

Iran to Unveil Its Own S-300 Missile Defense System

Iran claims the locally developed air-defense system is better than the Russian S-300, which is acknowledged as a “game-changing” weapon

Poll: 47 percent of Israelis back Iran strike following nuke deal

Nearly half of all Israelis support the idea of a unilateral strike on Iran

Iran to unveil defense systems that can counter electronic warfare threats: Cmdr.

Iran’s air defense capability will grow further in September with the introduction of new radars and technology

Iran leader vows opposition to U.S. despite nuclear deal

Despite nuclear deal, hostility towards the U.S. remains undiminished

Syria downs suspected Turkish drone over Idlib province

Syrian forces claim to have shot down a Turkish drone over the north west of the country

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tells Hassan Rouhani ‘some’ world powers untrustworthy

Some of the six states who struck Tuesday’s nuclear deal “are not trustworthy at all”, Iran’s supreme leader tells the president

Iranian Nuclear Deal Is a Win for Anti-Semitism

We post this, not because we agree with it but because it illustrates the REAL forces at work behind the corporate media. In this case, TIME magazine