“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

Iraqi Vice President Maliki. Click to enlarge

U.S. Created ISIS — Iraqi Vice President

Iraqi Vice President claims the U.S. created ISIS and the Western news media responds with unanimous silence

Like the Russian S-300 and the US Patriot the Sayyad-3 will be carried and launched from cannisters (pictured). Click to enlarge

Report: Iran inaugurates production line for missile

Iran begins mass production of its latest air defence weapon, the locally developed Sayyad-3 missile

Is Iran in Our Gun Sights Now?

Is Iran in Our Gun Sights Now?

From what Newt Gingrich and John Bolton have been saying you would think the US was preparing for another war. This time against Iran. Pat Buchanan explains

Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

Top Commander: US Needs to Leaves Bases in Region If Sanctions IRGC

Senior IRGC commander warns U.S. forces will pay a heavy price if Washington imposes new sanctions on Iran

"Syrian rebels" (terrorists) with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles

Donald Trump Ends Covert CIA Program To Arm “Moderate” Syrian Rebels

It remains to be seen whether this reflects an authentic interest in finding ways to work with Russia, as officials claims. Or whether it is another ruse

UN Drops Syria Truth Bombs! Wow!

UN Drops Syria Truth Bombs! Wow!

In 2016 members of the UN Peace Council visited Syria to investigate the war. Their findings contradict everything the Western media has told us about the war

Satellites have detected a string of recently built U.S. bases across the Middle East. Apart from Syria they've also been spotted in Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Click to enlarge

Turkish Media Reveals ‘Sensitive’ Info on US Forces in Syria, Pentagon Outraged

The Pentagon reportedly outraged after its strategy for regional dominance exposed

A picture taken July 9 2017 shows the destruction in Mosul's old city. Click to enlarge

The massacre of Mosul: 40,000 feared dead in battle to take back city from Isis

Scale of civilian casualties far worse than originally thought

Netanyahu accidentally reveals Israel has struck Iran-backed fighters in Syria ‘dozens of times’

What the Washington Post omits to say is that at the time Israel struck Iranian backed forces it did so to aid its proxies in Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS,ISIL or Daesh)

1940 NYC Fair False Flag Terror

1940 NYC Fair False Flag Terror

At the time NYPD investigators were not afraid to imply it was inside job

Trump Risks War With New Iran Sanctions

Trump’s insistence on punishing Iran, as he promised during his campaign, will only bring the US and Iran closer to conflict. Which is what the elite want

Billions of dollars' worth of arms against Syria

Billions of dollars’ worth of arms against Syria

It may have started as a Western bid to oust Assad but, in his capacity as CIA head and privately, David Patraeus has turned into a profitable arms business

Certify and punish: U.S. slaps new sanctions on Iran after saying Tehran was complying with nuclear deal

Although Trump isn’t going to “rip up” the nuclear deal with Iran, as he promised during his presidential campaign, he will impose new sanctions

Iran legally complying on nuclear deal but defaulting on ‘spirit’ of agreement: White House

America’s grudging admission that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear accord means that the U.S. will now look for new pretexts to apply pressure.

Iran’s top diplomat accuses Trump of violating nuclear deal

In fact Iran’s foreign minister did far more that accuse the U.S. of violating the nuclear accord. We fill in the critical omissions that the New York Post left out

The Thistle and the Drone

The Thistle and the Drone

The wrong war against the wrong people. Akbar Ahmed on America’s drone war and the innocent lives it takes

Hundreds of US Military Vehicles Enter Syria from Iraq

US military vehicles and British Challenger tanks backed by helicopters have reportedly entered Syria and are deploying close to the border with Jordan

Iraqi soldier holds ISIS flag in the rubble of Mosul. Click to enlarge

Isis may be on its knees but it will rise again if we don’t break the cycle

Thankfully Isis is on its knees. What this article breathes not a word about however, is who backed it. Making this Guardian article little better than Isis propaganda

The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria

That may sound less far-fetched than it seems, writes Pepe Escobar. The next few months will tell if this is indeed a plausible scenario.

Jihadists Among Gendarmes: French Police, Army Rocked By Scores of Infiltrators

Jihadists Among Gendarmes: French Police, Army Rocked By Scores of Infiltrators

French security services and law enforcement agencies have reportedly been infiltrated by scores of Islamic extremists working undercover