“The War on Terror”

Behind the headlines in the “War on Terror”. Otherwise known as the “Fraud of Terror”, which employs flase flags, double agents and a compliant media to create the illusion of a war waged by radical Islamists. When it is in fact being orchestrated by Western intelligence

#TexasAttack What You Are Not Being Told!

#TexasAttack What You Are Not Being Told!

Highly recommended viewing

Iran’s allies, not atoms, preoccupy Israeli generals

Probably because the Iranian backed Hezbollah and its Revolutionary Guards in Syria pose a more tangible threat than the much hyped, but unproven, nuclear weapons program

France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack

French legislature grants authorities sweeping new powers of surveillance

‘SWAT Team’ member, or contractor? Click for enlarge image

Hebdo Redux in Garland, Texas? ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Shooting Reeks of a Staged False Flag

This may just be the most obviously scripted and staged-managed event yet. 21st Century Wire explains why

Police stand inside the Curtis Culwell centre. Click to enlarge

Police kill two gunmen at US Mohammed cartoon event

Forget about “free speech”. The event organisers intended to incite conflict with Muslims and it looks like they succeeded

Sayyad-3 missile is part of the new Bavar-373 air and missile defense system Iran has developed, to fulfil the role of the Russian S-300 that has been denied by the Russians since 2010. Click to enlarge

Iran Army Day April 2015

Two videos of the parade marking Iran’s National Army Day recently with English commentary

US-led strike reportedly kills 52 civilians in Syria

Leading one to wonder: is the U.S. engaged in a “War on Terror” or a “War OF Terror” with Syrian civilians paying the price?

AP: Americans Strongly Support Different, Imaginary Drone Program

Associated Press pushes pro-war propaganda with deceptive drone-strike poll

Dubai. Click to enlarge

The Emirates’ out-of-sight migrant workers helping to build the dream projects of its rulers

In the 21st century armies of cheap labour from southern Asia are toiling to build Abu Dhabi’s gleaming towers

China's Shenyang J-11 fighter in flight

The Chinese Air Force’s Super Weapon: Beware the J-11D Fighter

Based on the Russian Su-27 but with upgraded radar, avionics and weapons. Includes video

Navy to escort U.S. commercial ships near Iran

U.S. Navy warships will now escort U.S.-flagged vessels through the Straits of Hormuz after Iran seized a U.S. registered cargo ship

Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system to be deployed by year-end: Cmdr.

The Bavar 373, which Iran claims is better than Russia’s S-300, will be deployed before the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 19, 2016), says a senior commander

The US built a secret replica of Iran’s nuclear facilities deep in Tennessee’s forest to help gain an edge in negotiations

This wasn’t built to ‘gain an edge in negotiations’, as claimed. It was for bomber crews to hone their targeting skills and for Special Forces assault drills

9/11: Iranian General accuses US of organising September 11 terror attacks

Even if you think the claim outlandish the fact is that the events of 9/11 opened the way for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq

Rahul Manchanda. Click to enlarge

Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector

NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda refused to sell his soul to the devil. Now, the devil is taking revenge.

The U.S. Air Force Has Lots of Options for Smashing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

The U.S. has been developing an array of new weapons to blast Iran’s heavily protected subterranean nuclear facilities

UN details Israel helping Syrian rebels at Golan Heights

The United Nations report doesn’t specify the ‘Syrian rebels’ affliations but some are thought to be linked to ISIS

Baghdadi, reputed Mossad trained leader of Islamic State. Click to enlarge

Al Baghdadi Dies From Wounds Sustained in Air Strike

The Mossad trained terrorist leader reportedly died in an Israeli hospital from wounds sustained during an air strike in western Iraq

Sayyad-3 missile is part of the new Bavar-373 air and missile defense system Iran has developed, to fulfil the role of the Russian S-300 that has been denied by the Russians since 2010. Click to enlarge

Iran Claims it Will Soon Test Locally-Produced S-300 Missile System

Iran expects to test a production model of the locally developed version of the S-300 “by the end of the current year”

Analysis: A new redline on Iran?

Israel forced to acknowledge that Iran is emerging as a regional power, spreading its influence from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.