September 11

What really happened on that fateful day. Did elements in the US Government have prior knowledge of the events at the WTC and the Pentagon? Was there indeed some sort of collusion and if so, why?

TV licence evader refused to pay because the 'BBC covered up facts about 9/11'

TV licence evader refused to pay because the ‘BBC covered up facts about 9/11′

‘I believe the BBC, who are directly funded by the licence fee, are furthering the purposes of terrorism and I have incontrovertible evidence to this effect’

Historic Court Hearings: The BBC in the Dock for Manipulating Evidence and Providing Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Historic Court Hearings: The BBC in the Dock for Manipulating Evidence and Providing Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks

In the face of a historic lawsuit there is a deafening silence from the mainstream media

Book Review: Fact or Fiction? What Senator Graham Really Knows

And why does the review and Senator Graham dwell on British and Saudi involvement in 9/11 but pointedly avoid any mention of Zionist participation?

The Osama bin Laden Myth

A historic interview conducted 17 days after 9/11 in which its alleged “mastermind” denies all involvement. This interview with bin Laden, verified by the BBC world monitoring service, was thereafter buried by the Western news media

9-11 As Occult Trauma Brainwashing

9-11 As Occult Trauma Brainwashing

S.K. Bain exposes the unholy wizards, revealing their hidden agenda: Large-scale psychological warfare – built upon a deadly combination of black magic, symbolism and high technology

Romney’s Top Advisor, Dov Zakeim, Connected to 9/11

The US must be on its deathbed when a presidential contender has Dov Zakheim as foreign policy advisor. The man under whose watch 2 trillion went missing from the Pentagon and who’s been described as the mastermind behind 9/11

9/11 criminals running Romney campaign: Analyst

9/11 criminals running Romney campaign: Analyst

Among them the notorious Dov Zakheim (pictured), now Romney’s top foreign policy advisor!!! Includes video

The Deafness Before the Storm

As others have noted, this wasn’t so much ‘deafness’ as calculated, intentional ignorance

The 9/11 Plug-Ugly Circle Jerk Blues

The world has been reduced to a prison camp in so many locations. Police are shooting people at random and laughing about it. Wars are being waged and millions are being killed and everyone goes along with the program

Go Tell it on the Mountain, Israel did 9/11

If you are unaware of this, you fail the intelligence litmus test, you fail as a human being, you fail the test of life. Mr. Apocalypse is on your doorstep and the walking stick will not be tapping

Israel and 911

Israel and 911

On the anniversary of 9/11, Paul Powers presents a timely reminder and a parody by David Dees

New 9/11 truth documentary among ‘most watched’ on PBS this week

The broadcast of the documentary, produced by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth represents a major step forward for their work

Offensive – The Story of Tony Farrell

Offensive – The Story of Tony Farrell

Former chief intelligence analyst for South Yorkshire Police, Tony Farrell reflects on how he awoke to the fact that we are being lied to about the events of 9/11 and 7/7

Dov Zakheim 9/11 Mastermind

More on one of the prime instigators behind 9/11, the infamous Dov Zakheim

9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?

When Netanyahu said the very next day, ‘This is very good for Israel”, he wasn’t just blurting out something indiscreet, he was publicly congratulating the various agents who had worked so hard

Detained Marine Veteran Transferred To A Psych Ward Hundreds Of Miles Away

Soviet style Psychiatry comes to the US: Dissident Marine (who questioned 9/11) incarcerated in Psychiatric Ward

God is a 9/11 Truther

God is a 9/11 Truther

However you conceive it, if God is the embodiment of truth then where is the Christian church on the issue of 9/11?

More 9/11 Truth on Press TV!

It’s ironic, and a sad comment on Western journalism that the best English-language news channels are coming out of Iran and Russia

The new Westfield Stratford City Mall, bordered on its north side by the new Stratford International Station, dominates the Olympics site, dwarfing the Aquatics Centre and Olympics Stadium to the south. Click to enlarge

Silverstein’s 9-11 Partner Owns Olympics “Gateway”

The biggest shopping mall in Western Europe is also being billed as the gateway to the Olympics. In view of speculation about an Olympic false flag, it’s worth noting that a partner to Larry ‘9/11’ Silverstein owns it

Of Towering Infernos, False Flags & Terrorism

More and more lucid people inside and outside the US are waking to the fact that 9/11 can only be explained as foul play purposely perpetrated