Saudi and German Troops Establish Positions Outside Mosul

Saudi and German Troops Establish Positions Outside Mosul

Foreign military presence in Iraq no longer limited to Turkish troops

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Images Show Turkey Covertly Constructing Airbase in Northern Iraq

Turkey sent troops and armoured vehicles to Northern Iraq last week without Baghdad’s permission. Now photos emerge showing it constructing an airbase in northern Iraq

Turkey’s motives questioned anew as Iraq accuses Turkish troops of ‘serious breach’ of its sovereignty

Iraqi foreign ministry describes Turkish moves as an “incursion”

Iraq urges Turkey to ‘immediately’ withdraw troops

Over 600 Turkish troops have been deployed near Mosul. Ankara says they are there to help train anti-Islamic State fighters. However, Iraq says their presence is illegal and demanded they withdraw

Iran has evidence of Turkey-Daesh oil trade: Senior official

Backing Russian claims, Iran says that it also has evidence that Turkey is helping to smuggle oil for Islamic State (Da’esh, ISIS/ISIL)

Russian military officials speak to the media in front of aerial images they say are oil trucks near Turkey's border with Syria at a briefing in Moscow on Wednesday. Click to enlarge

Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in smuggling oil from Islamic State

Russian military presents evidence gleaned from satellite and reconnaissance surveillance

Russian Defense Ministry Briefing 2 Dec

Russian Defense Ministry Briefing 2 Dec

Ignored by the Western corporate media: Russian military presents “irrefutable evidence” of how Turkey funds ISIS and how President Erdogan is implicated

France and Israël launch a new war in Iraq and Syria

France and Israël launch a new war in Iraq and Syria

On one hand, France is mobilising all its media to keep the French focused the Nov 13 attacks. While on the other, with Israël, it is launching a new war in Iraq and Syria

French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle.

France To Deploy Aircraft Carrier in Anti-IS Fight in Syria, Iraq

French Prime Minister Valls claims the Paris attacks were planned in Syria as Charles de Gaulle prepares to sail to launch air strikes in Syria and Iraq

ISIS beheading

Iraqi Forces Find Turkish Weapons, Explosives at ISIL Hideouts

Yet another report suggests covert Western, or at least Western aligned states, support for the Islamic militants

Captured Israeli Flag Officer Sequestered to Prevent Israeli Raid

Confirms under questioning that the contrived refugee crisis was another step in the planned “clash of civilizations” with Israel as “last man standing.”

“Burn it, destroy it”:

Pressure builds on Blair as it’s revealed ministers were told to destroy key evidence on eve of conflict which showed Iraq War was ILLEGAL

Victory over ISIS in Iraqi town has some supporting Iran

Iraqis increasingly feel that the US is “not serious” in its fight against Islamic State

U.S. weighs special forces in Syria, helicopters in Iraq

Following Moscow’s lead the U.S. steps up its efforts against ISIS. But in contrast to Russian and Iranian moves it already seems too little too late. Washington has lost the initiative

Tony Blair didn’t see the people, he saw the policies – which is why he chose war

Despite his belated apology Blair still has the hallmark of a psychopath about him. In that he seems unable to grasp the full extent of the harm he’s caused

Britain's Blair says 2003 Iraq invasion played role in Islamic State rise

Britain’s Blair says 2003 Iraq invasion played role in Islamic State rise

Tony Blair may have apologised for “mistakes” made in the Iraq War but true to form, his admission is no more than a limited hangout. Includes video

EXCLUSIVE: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Arrested in Iraq

EXCLUSIVE: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Arrested in Iraq

More on the arrest of a high ranking IDF officer with ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

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Smoking gun emails reveal Blair’s ‘deal in blood’

Sensational White House email reveals Tony Blair gave unqualified pledge to support military action a year before the Iraq War

Nearly 30,000 foreign fighters went to Syria and Iraq: report

Making a mockery of claims that the conflict in Syria is a “civil war”

Syrian rebel commander who completed a US training program admits to giving military equipment to an al-Qaida affiliate

Another example of how the mainstream media is being used to feed disinformation to an unwitting public