Iraqi soldier with Sayyad sniper rifle in Fallujah. Click to enlarge

It Seem Iran Is Arming Iraq in Battles with Militants

Adversity makes strange bedfellows and the spillover from fighting in Syria has opened the way for cooperation between two former enemies

Dr Aiman Qeis cares for babies at Fallujah General Hospital, which has a high rate of children born with congenital defects. Click to enlarge

The Children of Fallujah – the hospital of horrors

Robert Fisk on the legacy of crimes committed during the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq

Once an Arab model, Baghdad now world’s worst city

Baghdad was once held as a gleaming example of a modern Arab city. Not anymore. According to the Mercer consulting group, which looks at quality of life in 239 cites across the world, Baghdad is now the world’s worst

Baghdad on par with Bangui in Central African Republic and the Haitian capitol of Port-au-Prince

Baghdad: A Paradigm of Globalist Creative Destruction

The only real beneficiaries from regime change have been the oil companies, not ordinary Iraqis who only seen things get worse. What’s more Baghdad is a forerunner of what will happen to many cities if the globalists have their way

Suicide bombings are still a regular and deadly part of life in Baghdad. Click to enlarge

‘It shows how stupid they are’: Iraqis revel in poetic justice of instructor blowing up aspiring suicide bombers

Path to martyrdom cut short when suicide bombing lesson goes awry

Suspects accused of having links to al-Qa’ida are shown to the press at a Baghdad facility. Post-Saddam, Iraq has executed hundreds of prisoners, many of them following ‘confessions’ before their trials

Confessions beaten out of ‘suspects’, executions by the hundreds… How different is justice in today’s Iraq from the era of Saddam?

Despite the overthrow of Saddam and the deaths of hundreds of thousands

Al-Qaeda fighters parade in Fallujah last week. Click to enlarge

Making Sense of the Turmoil In Iraq

The US-Saudi-backed war in Syria is threatening to upset the fragile regional balance of power. It’s the old Illuminati tactic: divide and conquer

Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?

Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die In Iraq?

Is this the legacy of Western ‘intervention’ in Iraq? As al-Qaeda are reported to have seized Fallujah and could soon take control of the larger city of Ramadi

Iraq Death Toll Reaches 500,000 Since Start Of U.S.-Led Invasion, New Study Says

Study finds that Iraqis paid a heavy price for their ‘liberation’ since the U.S.-led invasion

No War for Bernard Henri Lévy — France’s Philosopher Bombardier

Who wants war with Syria? The same people who brought us the war in Iraq

US pick as ambassador to Egypt ran Iraq 'death squads'

US pick as ambassador to Egypt ran Iraq ‘death squads’

Is the US trying to incite civil war Egypt? Because Robert Ford, named as a possible envoy to Egypt is the man for the job. The US ambassador to Syria in 2011, he allegedly ran death squads in Iraq

Al Qaeda claims Eid holiday bombings in Iraq - SITE

Al Qaeda claims Eid holiday bombings in Iraq – SITE

This Reuters report on the recent Baghdad bombings is an example of how “news” can be provided by Western intelligence operatives

Suicide bombers break out senior Al Qaeda prisoners from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib jail

Military–style assault on Abu Ghraib leaves ten policeman and four militants dead but hundred of militants escape

Depleted uranium used by US forces blamed for birth defects and cancer in Iraq

Cancer is more common than flu in the Iraqi city of Najaf, while in Basra and Fallujah it is estimated that over half of all babies conceived after the start of the war were born with heart defects

U.S. Built Replica of Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility, Destroyed It With New Bunker Buster

U.S. Built Replica of Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility, Destroyed It With New Bunker Buster

Successful field test of a new version of the GBU 57/b used to convince Israel that the U.S. has the means to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, if and when it decides

A stench surrounds the Iraq Inquiry: is there a conspiracy to protect Tony Blair?

Are incriminating documents being withheld? Is David Cameron helping prevent the publication of said documents in return for Tony Blair’s tacit support in the next general election?

Despite Sec. Kerry’s warning, no agreement yet between Iraq and U.S. over Iran flights

Despite “spirited discussion” with the Iraqi prime minister, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry has as yet failed to persuade Iraq to stop Iranian overflights carrying men and arms to Syria.

Iraqi army helped Syrian government retake border checkpoint – reports

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned on Wednesday that a Syrian rebel victory could spark sectarian violence in his own country and the whole region. And the only nation to benefit from that would, of course, be Israel

Supervisor of Intelligence Estimate Hailed for Preventing War with Iran

Supervisor of Intelligence Estimate Hailed for Preventing War with Iran

How telling the truth has been turned into an act of treason. Whistleblowers tell of their experiences with ‘national security’

The Road to World War Three

This video examines the history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades. And the next one