I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again.

Former secretary of state Colin Powell’s chief writes that they sold Americans the case for war with Iraq. Now it looks as if history is repeating itself

Uncle Sam Dumps the Kurds (Yet Again)

The Saker explains why treachery lies at the very heart of Anglo-U.S.-Zionist power and why its attempt to rid the Middle East of Shia power have failed

Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says

Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says

Starving North Koreans indicate that US strategy is working, says US secretary of state. Just as it did in Saddam’s Iraq where US sanctions killed nearly half a million

It's notable that those photos published in the Western media of the protests usually only feature individual protesters, like the above, or small groups not large crowds. Suggesting that the protests may not be as large as reported. Note also that protesters faces are conveniently covered, to prevent identification of participants. click to enlarge

Two Iran protest deaths ’caused by foreign agents’, local governor says

Are we about to see a replay of recent events in Iraq and Syria now play out in Iran? Is the corporate media preparing us mentally for regime change in Tehran?

Syrian War Report – December 18, 2017: Iran-Syria Supply Road Launched

Previously Iran supplied Hezbollah and its Syrian allies via air. Now however, Tehran has established a road supply route

Russia’s Victory and the Western Denial Habit

Russia’s Victory and the Western Denial Habit

Russia defeats terrorism, the West creates terrorism, and the abhorrent debacle requires the endless habit of Western denial, which the media helps perpetuate

MSM Whitewash Admits US Funds ISIS But There Is Much More To The Story

MSM Whitewash Admits US Funds ISIS But There Is Much More To The Story

ISIS is controlled by the U.S. and NATO, writes Brandon Turdville, and the corporate media has been complicit in this deadly deception

Nearly a third of all weapons used by Isil on the battlefield were manufactured in EU, report claims

The Telegraph’s claim that this is an indication of “how easily weapons can end up in the wrong hands” is a poor cover story. This is more evidence of how the militants were covertly armed, financed and supported by the West and its allies

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Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line

ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Where please is the “deal” that allows the U.S. to indefinitely occupy north-east Syria as it now officially demands?

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists

Washington helped unleash hell across the Mideast in the naïve belief that jihadist proxies could be controlled and used to do its dirty work

US New Moves: War with Iran May Be Much Closer Than We Think

The US is deploying its forces in order to prevent Iran from establishing a land link to the Mediterranean via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Cherry-picking Toward War with Iran

U.S. officials are engaged in the same kind of distorted intelligence that led to the catastrophic Iraq invasion, writes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

"Delay, Deny, Hope You Die": A Documentary

“Delay, Deny, Hope You Die”: A Documentary

How the military-industrial complex treats those who do its dirty work. A clip from a new documentary about US soldiers poisoned in Iraq and Afghanistan

People inspect the aftermath of a deadly car bomb explosion that hit a popular fruit and vegetable market in a commercial street in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah, Iraq, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. Iraqi police say a parked car bomb exploded in Baghdad's northwestern neighborhood of Hurriyah on Sunday, killed at least 10 and wounding many. (AP Photo/ Karim Kadim)

Flashback: How the Corporate Media Passes Off Staged Events as ‘News’

UK Column News expose how the corporate media portrays an obviously staged event as a Baghdad terror attack in 2016. “Fake News” in every sense

Ayatollah Khamenei meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi. Click to enlarge

Iraqi leader visits Iran as Tehran seeks to drive wedge with Washington

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamennei warns visiting Iraqi Prime Minister: “Don’t trust America … it will harm you in the future”

US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes

US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes

Plans for toll roads to be established across Iraq — to be guarded and patrolled by U.S. “private contractors”

U.S. Urges Saudi Arabia-Iraq to Join Alliance Against Iran

U.S. Secretary of State visits the Middle East to help forge an alliance against growing Iranian influence in the region

Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in ISIS’s Military Base in Mosul

More evidence that ISIS (ISIL, Islamic State or Daesh) is being supported by the West and its allies in the gulf states and Israel

White Man’s Burden

It’s not “anti-Semitic” to say that Jews were largely responsible for the Iraq war. It’s a fact. One that Israel’s Haaretz openly admits in this 2003 article

This map was published by Robin Wright nine months before the offensive by Daesh into Iraq and Syria. According to this Pentagon researcher, it rectifies the map published in 2005 by Ralf Peters for the reshaping of the Greater Middle East.

After the Caliphate, Rojava

With the defeat of its proxies by Russian-Syrian-Iranian aligned forces, the Pentagon has formulated a new strategy using the Kurds as cannon fodder.