From Algeria, a lesson in how to bypass democracy

Robert Fisk with some “back of the notebook” stories that didn’t make the front pages

Angela Merkel’s office rug was Herman Goering’s

Although the rug had lain undisturbed for decades in the chancellor’s office for decades it will now be removed following publicity over the identity of its previous owner

Coca-Cola admits Dasani is really just ‘purified’ tap water

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola confirms its bottled water – Dasani – is purified tap water in a bottle

The F-35: expected to become the mainstay of U.S. air power in the decades ahead.

Design flaw in ‘Lightning II’ F-35B jet raises fears of lightning-induced explosions

The world’s most expensive combat aircraft has been banned from flying within 25 miles of a thunderstorm, out of fears a lightening strike could cause its fuel tank to explode

Underground Bases and Tunnels

Underground Bases and Tunnels

While we reserve judgement on their actual purpose, reports about secret underground tunnels and bases maybe more than mere speculation, as these photos reveal

British Forces to be Issued with New Sidearm

Seen as an answer to the rising tide of ‘Green-on-blue’ attacks in Afghanistan

US lawmakers, car salesmen rank worst for trust

Public trust in U.S. politicians plummets to an all-time low

20 Genetically Modified foods Coming to Your Plate

Learn which foods and agricultural products are being eyed up for genetic modification

Almost a quarter of female troops become victims of sex assaults in combat zones

Almost a quarter of female troops become victims of sex assaults in combat zones

Want to know why the idea of women combat soldiers was traditionally frowned upon?

US deploying troops to 35 African countries

Pentagon plans troop deployment across the continent in 2013

21/12/12 Beginning of "Seven Years of Tribulation"

21/12/12 Beginning of “Seven Years of Tribulation”

We are not too sure about alleged ‘illuminati defector’ Leo Zagami, particularly after he joined in an alliance with former Italian pm Berlusconi. So we post this with reservations and leave readers decide

UK immigration rise. Click to enlarge

Census 2011: sharp rise in number of foreign-born residents

Despite pledges to curb immigration, the number of foreign-born residents in England and Wales has risen by 50% in the last decade

Cops taser Florida man for trying to save his home from burning down in grease fire

The “home of the brave and the free” is anything but and stories like this only add to America’s increasingly bad reputation overseas

"Imperfect 10" Women Suffer Pain

“Imperfect 10″ Women Suffer Pain

Men are so fixated on female beauty, they miss out on a lot of great women. Here is a letter from one

Swoosh Logos Signal Illuminati Control

Swoosh Logos Signal Illuminati Control

In the age of copyrights, why do all these logos feature the Freemason crescent moon and horizon in the form of a swoosh?

Men - Design Your Perfect "10"

Men – Design Your Perfect “10″

Reflections on my cult-ural brainwashing, and what it cost me

UFOs, the Government & Faking an ET Invasion: An Interview with Norio Hayakawa

As Norio Hayakawa explains, there may be far more to UFOs than ‘little green men in flying saucers’. For example it may be a contrived ruse for a false flag ‘alien invasion’ or even a very real but extra-dimensional phenomenon

$1m an hour to schmooze sheiks? No wonder Mr Blair's preening like the new peacocks on his country estate

$1m an hour to schmooze sheiks? No wonder Mr Blair’s preening like the new peacocks on his country estate

‘Tony loves the opulence,’ says an insider. A glimpse at Tony Blair’s payback for serving the global elite

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

No big surprise here, particularly for those well acquainted with the effects of the drug. But why has it taken so long for modern culture’s great adjudicator, science to discover what was obvious to many?

The Plan

“I have known “The Plan” since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be….” – a former multi-generational server tells what she knows