Tony Farrell Launches Website To Surround “Jericho”

Tony Farrell Launches Website To Surround “Jericho”

This brief announcement reveals that Tony Farrell, the former South Yorkshire police officer is a man transformed. He also seems like a man on a mission

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s pimping trial starts

This says all there is to say about our ‘leaders’. The former head of the International Monetary Fund, once in the running as French president, is now on trial for pimping

Cepeda says she called to report drug deals and excessive noise in her part of the Bronx. Click to enlarge

Bronx woman, 67, says she was tossed in jail for calling 311 too much

67-year-old repeatedly called police to report drug deals but nothing was done, she says. Instead they threw her in a jail cell

Ofsted Trojan horse inspectors ‘asked 10-year-olds what do lesbians do?’

The Office for Standards in Education, Ofsted, asked 10-year-olds about lesbian sex and trans-sexuality to assess whether schools were complying with new requirements to promote “British values”

Mexico says drug cartels made members eat human hearts

This was done not just to ‘root out infiltrators’, as claimed. Like the repellent practises in many lower occult rituals, participation binds those involved to secrecy under threat of exposure

Number of Romanians and Bulgarians not in work increases 15 fold in eight years

That’s not in their home countries but the number unemployed in Britain and it exposes the lie that migrants from Eastern Europe take jobs that Britons wouldn’t

Not S. -------   S wrote to thank me for my reply to a man who went to the Philippines for a wife. I suggested he consider local women who are not career minded - tellers, cashiers, waitresses, secretaries etc.

Men Prefer Career Women, says Homemaker

Do they? We leave readers to decide

Not Sam and Ronnie

Mom Takes On Lesbians and Wins!

Proving you don’t have to accept inappropriate behaviour just because its coming from dysfunctional “minorities”

Gucci Grace. Click to enlarge

Notorious British criminal and millionaire slum landlord is bankrolling Mugabe’s ruthless wife ‘Gucci Grace’ to be the world’s first female dictator

What “liberation” really brought Zimbabwe

Ekaterine Zguladze and some of her subordinates at the Ministry of the Interior, Tbilsi, Georgia, 2010. Click to enlarge

President Poroshenko Gathers His Gang

President Petro Poroshenko is gathering an odd mix to govern Ukraine and if I were Ukrainian I’d be watching with concern

19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane

19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane

You know that things are going seriously wrong when a mother demands “equal rights” so she can have sex with her own son

School that banned Red Bull sees detention plunge by a third

School that banned high energy drinks that combine sugar and caffeine sees notable improvements in pupils behaviour

Earlier this week, physicist Dr John Brandenburg said he believes an ancient civilisation on Mars was wiped out by a nuclear attack from another alien race. He says there is evidence for two nuclear explosions on Mars (image from his paper shown). Click to enlarge

‘I saw men walking on Mars in 1979′

‘Former Nasa employee’ claims there was a secret manned mission to the red planet

Illuminati TV Commercial - Official

Illuminati TV Commercial – Official

Secrecy has been their byword for millennia. However, word is spreading about them so now they are trying a new ploy. Watch what purports to be an ‘official’ Illuminati TV ad

Obesity Affects Number Of Those Eligible For Military Service

Nearly one quarter, 25 percent of all Americans ages 17-24 are too overweight to serve in the military

37 Million Bees Found Dead In Ontario, Canada After Planting Large GMO Corn Field

Two of Bayer’s best-selling pesticides are known to get into pollen and nectar and are suspected to be linked to the massive bee deaths

Turkey’s President Erdogan Moves into New Palace

Judging from his new presidential palace, it appears that President Erdogan has aspirations to become like the Ottoman’s of old

Turkey's new presidential palace. Click to enlarge

Erdogan’s new $350 mln palace draws controversy

Bigger than the White House, the Kremlin or Buckingham Palace, Turkey’s new presidential palace reveals Erdogan’s autocratic aspirations

Feminist t-shirts worn by celebrities and MPs ‘made by sweatshop workers

Investigation reveals the t-shirts, worn by celebrities and politicians, were made in a sweatshop in Mauritius where female workers sleep 16 to a room

Mr B No Longer Has Fury At The Politicians – Letter

Interesting letter to Morris108 from a viewer