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How are so-called “free press” and “independent” media actually work.

Madonna Sings About Illuminati, All Seeing Eye, New World Order, Obama In New Leaked Song

Madonna Sings About Illuminati, All Seeing Eye, New World Order, Obama In New Leaked Song

While their paid for pundits may deny their existence, pop culture is being used to slowly acclimatize people to their existence

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”

The Twisted Message Behind Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”

Britain’s Channel 4 is running a campaign that ostensibly uses daring themes to empower the disadvantaged. In reality it does exactly the opposite. Vigilant citizen explains

Jian Ghomeshi leave court.

Liberal Media Picks Its Pervert

Two perverts were in Toronto courts on the same day. One was a woman beater. The other a child pornographer who drafted Ontario’s sex education courses. Guess which got the most coverage?

“Return to Oz” : A Creepy Disney Movie That is Clearly About Mind Control

“Return to Oz” : A Creepy Disney Movie That is Clearly About Mind Control

The Wizard of Oz was among the occult elite’s favorite programming tools. The 1985 movie Return to Oz picks up where the original left off. Vigilant Citizen explains

Slavery remains systemic part of American society: Chomsky

In the wake of Michael Brown’s shooting Chomsky is making accusations that seem intended to play on the sense of grievance among Black Americans

Chemtrails over Paris. "WHO you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"  ~ Chico Marx, from 'Duck Soup', 1933.

State Media Turns Reality on its Head

To dismiss “conspiracy theories” enslaves you to mass media and government ‘disinfo. Andrew reflects on a subverted society

U.S. Secretly Infiltrated Cuba’s Hip-Hop Scene To Spark Anti-Government Movement: Report

Given the mind-control techniques and occult symbolism now routinely found in Hip-Hop, we wonder: how much of this was created in covert collusion with the U.S. government?

Anton Lavey visiting Monroes grave in 1967

Illuminati compilation clips 100% real

Opens with a vintage clip of an urbane and engaging Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. An even more interesting clip follows minutes later about the scene at his deathbed

Image from Pilger's 2010 documentary, The War You Dont See. Click to enlarge

War by media and the triumph of propaganda

Had journalists done their job, if they questioned the official lies instead of amplifying them, we would never have gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan

Chris Spivey and the Murder of Lee Rigby

Chris Spivey and the Murder of Lee Rigby

It is MI5’s policy to ‘own’ the leadership of those investigating their crimes. Do we now have a (manufactured) voice “exposing” the Woolwich terror event?

Is News Coverage of Michael Brown Killing Being Deliberately Manipulated?

Is the corporate media presenting and manipulating news coverage in order to heighten racial friction?

This could be the official logo of Sex Kitten Programming. The face of a cat that has a thunderbolt (representing electroshock torture) splitting its head in half (representing the fracturing of the psyche of MK slaves).

The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism

Award shows do not exist to reward the most deserving artist, they are a carefully planned to celebrate those behind the music industry and the forces they serve

MPs rebuke social media giant for failure to act on online activities of Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebowale

In preparation for stricter control of the Internet?

Ferguson Verdict Explodes Media’s Lying Racial Narrative

Initially the media portrayed Brown as a “gentle giant” who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Then it turned out that he had robbed a covenience store minutes before he was shot

Former Scotland Yard detectives say Young Boys Murdered by Westminster Paedophile Ring

As the scandal grows to include Jimmy Savile the BBC tries to bury the story. Will police involved in renewed investigations do the same?

One must wonder just what else has been peddled before the public
by the Western media as authentic or "believed to be" authentic, when in
reality being a complete, 100% fraudulent production. Click to enlarge

West’s Propaganda War on Syria Exposed Again

How much of the “news” from Syria has been contrived by Western intelligence agencies?

Nicki Minaj’s “Only” or How Rappers Give Tribute to Their Elite Overlords

Nicki Minaj’s “Only” or How Rappers Give Tribute to Their Elite Overlords

Nicki Minaj’s video may have caused controversy due to its references to Nazi Germany but there’s more to it than that. Much more. Vigilant Citizen explains

This drawing depicts a smiling face that is attached to several wires. The wires are connected to what appear to be switch boxes. Is this a reference to electroshock torture? Also, there appears to be small horns growing from his head.

Michael Jackson’s “Secret Drawings” Reveal References to Mind Control

Michael Jackson left a substantial body of artwork, much of it suggesting not only a tormented soul, but also exhibiting clear references to Monarch mind control techniques.

Is Barack Obama Attempting To Harass And Intimidate Media Personalities On His ‘Enemies List’?

A new type of censorship is emerging as those who criticise Obama are now being threatened by shadowy figures

Baghdadi, reputed Mossad trained leader of Islamic State. Click to enlarge

The Independent’s Profile of al-Baghdadi: What they Don’t Say

Monday’s Independent presented readers with a prime example of disinformation masquerading as “news”