The Media

How are so-called “free press” and “independent” media actually work.

The “Free Syrian Army” Media Efforts Are A British Government Operation

Western governments are helping to run a propaganda campaign to promote anti-Assad forces as “moderate opposition”, together with a compliant Western media

Wikipedia Hijacked To Serve Corporate Interests

‘Science skeptics’ use guerilla warfare tactics and racketeering behavior to infiltrate online encyclopaedia and spread corporate propaganda

Syrian civil defence members carry wounded man to a hospital in the government controlled side of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syrian government solely behind Aleppo hospital strike – US

Washington gives its seal of approval to reports originating from a now notorious disinformation outlet

How CBS News Aided the JFK Cover-up

How CBS News Aided the JFK Cover-up

Just as they’ve been complicit in the cover-up other crimes, the media worked methodically to promote the lone gunman theory and bury any notion of conspiracy

BBC Uses Shakespeare Event To Push Pro-Migrant Agenda, Sets Gay And Disabled Quota

BBC Uses Shakespeare Event To Push Pro-Migrant Agenda, Sets Gay And Disabled Quota

The BBC has set new quotas to ensure that, by 2020, one in six of its on-screen roles are given to either LGBT or disabled people

American Celebrities Are Never Allowed To Leave The Reservation—NEVER!

American Celebrities Are Never Allowed To Leave The Reservation—NEVER!

Celebrities have massive influence so certain topics are strictly off-limits for them. If they cross those lines their careers, and very often their lives, are over

An MK slave literally bound to her handler. Just one of the countless MK-inspired “tableaux” in the video.

Does Ladies’ Code “Galaxy” Celebrate the Death of Two of the Group’s Members?

In a veiled and symbolic matter, the occult elite reveal their dark deeds, gloating about the fact that nobody is even trying to stop them

Vast majority of Americans don’t trust US news media: Poll

New survey reveals that public trust in the news media is plummeting.

Jan Boehmermann

Germany accepts Turkey request to prosecute comedian

For satirical show that mocked Turkish President Erdogan

Robert De Niro denounces medical totalitarians

Robert De Niro denounces medical totalitarians

‘Let the people see VAXXED’ and decide for themselves what the evidence shows, says actor after documentary is pulled from Tribeca Film Festival

Scene from Broad City. Click to enlarge

“Broad City” TV Show: Sick is the New Healthy

The hit comedy Broad City is another example of how the mass media inducts society into Jewish dysfunction and perversity. Even a positive review makes it sound awful.

“David Icke Is A Piece Of Scum”. William Cooper exposes David Icke

Before federal agents gunned him down William Cooper condemned David Icke as “one of the biggest liars, disinformation-bullshit artists that ever lived”

Has Alex Jones Been Exposed? Does it even matter? Vinny Eastwood

Word is spreading about Alex Jones. However, as an insider explains, although be maybe a fraud he’s also a paradox

Cameron’s dad, senior Tories’ offshore asset dealings exposed & UK media still focus on Putin

While the UK press had a field day over Putin’s alleged links with leaked documents from a Panama-based law firm, they were less than forthcoming about David Cameron’s father’s involvement

The fashion show by Chinese designer Designer Hu Sheguang was all about blood sacrifice, satanism and mind control imagery. In short, it was an unfiltered representation of the occult elite’s true face. In this pic, a masked model walking around with gigantic devil horns on her head. Click to enlarge

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/16

This ain’t no April Fools joke. All of the following pictures are real

Death toll from east Damascus air strikes rises to 33, monitor says

One has only to see the source of this report to suspect that this is more disinformation disguised as “news”. Yet it is broadcast without question throughout the media

Why Western Media Try to Downplay the Importance of Palmyra's Liberation

Why Western Media Try to Downplay the Importance of Palmyra’s Liberation

Russian and Syrian froces have gained a notable victory with the liberation of Palmyra. Although you might not think so judging from the Western media

How They Brainwash Us

Anyone who pays attention can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA”

Not just the CIA: the pro-Israeli lobby, pharmaceutical combines and a host of other groups have a vested interest in ensuring the news media tells their side of the story

Mind Prisoners of Masonic Jews

Mind Prisoners of Masonic Jews

Media mind control deliberately targeting positive portrayals of Christianity