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Inflatable space elevator 20 times taller than Burj Khalifa planned by Canadian company

If and when plans come to fruition, it will be possible to take an elevator into orbit

Artists conception of Boeing's XS-1 spaceplane

Hypersonic spaceplane could fly at 10 times the speed of sound

Contracts awarded for reusable space plane capable of flying up to ten times the speed of sound

Airbus patents supersonic plane that could hit Mach 4.5

Dubbed the “Son of Concorde” the plane would fly between London and New York in an hour

Star Trek Enterprise used warp drive

Nasa’s ‘impossible’ fuel-free thrusters DO work

German scientists confirm viability of super-fast space travel that could slash a journey to the moon down to 4 HOURS

Russia’s New Super Weapon Can Switch Off Electronics On Guided Missiles

Reports suggest that Russia has developed a game-changing weapon that can neutralise most if not all of the West’s most advanced weapons

The F-35: expected to become the mainstay of U.S. air power in the decades ahead.

Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight

America’s latest fighter is not only over budget and behind schedule, it is also reportedly dead meat in air-to-air combat

Taxpayer funded trial of GM wheat ends in a £3million failure

Supporters hoped the trial would win over a sceptical public. Instead the failure has only added to growing doubts

Russian Deputy Prime Minister: GMOs Will Not be Tolerated

Unlike their Western counterparts, Russia’s political leaders seem adamantly opposed to GMOs

Testing the hoverbike. Click to enlarge

Kiwi’s hoverbike design wins US defence deal

The hoverbike is being developed to operate as a new class of tactical reconnaissance vehicle

U.S. Pacific fleet

America’s New Aircraft Carriers Will Use Lasers to Annihilate Missiles

U.S. plans to install lasers and energy directed weapons aboard its aircraft carriers

Navy to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Development for Warfighting, Support Roles

The day when Terminator like technology becomes reality draws ever closer

Artists conception of Artists impression of Chinese hypersonic vehicle. Click to enlarge

China defence ministry confirms test of supersonic nuclear delivery vehicle Wu-14

China confirms 4th test of hypersonic glide vehicle thought to be capable of speeds up to Mach 10, or around 7,680 miles per hour

Russian T-14 Armata tanks on Red Square during the May 9, 2015, Victory Day pardade

Russia steps up military modernization — but at what cost?

Putin’s $400 billion military modernisation program faces problems as Russia’s economy sinks under the weight of Western sanctions and falling oil prices

All about Russia’s Newest Advanced Stealth Fighter – Documentary

Full documentary, in Russian (with English subtitles), on the Russian fighter that many suspect will completely outclass its U.S. counterpart, the Lockheed Martin F-35

What BBC’s Panorama got wrong on GMOs

What BBC’s Panorama got wrong on GMOs

The BBC’s lack of journalistic and scientific rigour hits new depths. Claire Robinson reports

Google's Ray Kurzweil made the claims at the Exponential Finance conference in New York - but also admitted he thought we would have self driving cars by 2009. Click to enlarge

Artificial intelligence, human brain to merge in 2030s, says futurist Kurzweil

Google’s director of engineering, says we’re close to linking our brains with artificial intelligence

Iran Military Prowess Advances Amid Nuclear Talks, Pentagon Says

Although the advances “could be applied to nuclear weapons” they could equally be used in conventional weapons and they were given added impetus by threats about ‘all options’

Air Force bosses have revealed they hope to have hypersonic missiles capable of crossing countries in minutes within five years. Click to enlarge

Air Force bosses reveal hypersonic planes that could fly from New York to London in an HOUR could take off in 2023

Prototype has already flown four times and hit Mach 5.1. Includes video

The debate on lethal robots is starting too late

The killer robots are coming and it may already be too late to stop them, argues Russell Brandom

A rocket carrying a lunar probe is launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center

China’s Secret Space Weapons Have the Pentagon Worried

According to a recent Pentagon assessment: “China possesses the most rapidly maturing space program in the world.”