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Northrop Places Futuristic Drone on Carrier

Northrop Places Futuristic Drone on Carrier

Ready for flight tests at sea, a new generation of unmanned combat drone was hoisted aboard the carrier USS Harry S. Truman earlier this week

Cambridge to open ‘Terminator centre’ to study threat to humans from artificial intelligence

The founders say technologies already have the ‘potential to threaten our own existence’

Mars Curiosity rover team set to announce ‘major discovery’ on surface of Red Planet

Announcement planned for early December that ‘will be one for the history books’

Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away

The U.S. Army wants another new drone, called the Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System, weighing just pounds to be armed with lethal munitions

Lost in Space: A Starless Planet Floats Alone

Scientists discover a new planet that isn’t orbiting a sun, and it may not be the only one

Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired, team dismantled

It received little media coverage at the time but it illustrates how modern science is no longer a paragon of objectivity but beholden to corporate interests

The Death-Ray on Wheels

The Death-Ray on Wheels

US Army begins testing monster laser truck that can shoot down anything, including missiles. Includes video

Scientists build the real C-3PO to fight fires on board warships

Fire-fighting robots to be tested aboard U.S. Navy warships early next year. Includes video

US drones will soon be overtaken by new wave of robots

US drones will soon be overtaken by new wave of robots

Like something out of the Terminator movies, new ‘autonomous’ drones under development will operate without human intervention

Mars rover finds evidence of an ankle-deep stream on red planet

Mars rover finds evidence of an ankle-deep stream on red planet

An ancient stream, deep enough to be paddled through, once ‘ran vigorously’ across the surface of Mars, Nasa rover discovers

Big Brother Keeps Bringing It

Big Brother Keeps Bringing It

The latest surveillance devices are designed to monitor while remaining totally inconspicuous

Robocopter arrives

Robocopter arrives

After unmanned drones, pilotless helicopters are taking to the sky to deliver supplies to troops

U.S. Army seeks bids to build backpack sized ‘kamikaze’ drones to fly in and kill insurgents from six miles away

U.S. plans to develop a new generation of ‘killer drone’ now underway

‘Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age’

Israeli military reportedly plans to “send Iran back to the Stone Age” with electromagnetic pulse weapons. Still, we shouldn’t forget similar U.S. threats about “bombing N. Vietnam back to the Stone Age” – and look what happened there

Weighing fifty thousand tonnes, powered by nuclear fusion and travelling at 12% of the speed of light the journey would take 50 years to complete. Click to enlarge

The 100 year Starship project that plans to put humans on another star

Headed by Bill Clinton with seed money from the U.S. military, the project will look into launching manned space vessels to distant stars.

Laser that blinds, temporarily. Click to enlarge

UK: Police set to deploy £25,000 James Bond-style laser that temporarily blinds

British police to be equipped with more high-technology weaponry – for the public’s good, of course

Pentagon confirms X-51A test flight was a failure

The US Air Force confirmed on Wednesday that Tuesday’s test flight of the hypersonic X-51A WaveRider was unsuccessful

Army of the future: Soldiers will be able to run at Olympic speed and won't need food or sleep with gene technology

Army of the future: Soldiers will be able to run at Olympic speed and won’t need food or sleep with gene technology

Pentagon scientists researching gene manipulation to build the soldiers of tomorrow.

Artist depiction of Mars Curiosity landing

Mars rover Curiosity safely lands on the red planet

Mars rover survives 13,000 mph plunge to the planet’s surface intact to begin mission

Taranis killer drone. Click to enlarge

Drone race will ultimately lead to a sanitised factory of slaughter

Like much of science fiction, the Terminator movies are becoming reality. The technology is now within sight to develop autonomous killer drones that can reach anywhere on the planet within an hour