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F35 Joint Strike Fighter bursts into flames during mid-air training flight

The latest in a string of faults that have beset the problem plagued F-35 program

A Russian T-50 jet. click to enlarge

Watch footage of the Sukhoi PAK FA

Russia’s fifth generation fighter incorporates advanced radar technology that enable it to detect stealth aircraft beyond the range of air-to-air missiles

Russia's latest main battle tank, the Aramata, during Red Square Victory Day parade in May, 2015

Army chiefs TERRIFIED of Vladimir Putin’s ‘revolutionary’ SUPER TANK, leaked report claims

Leaked document reveals Britain’s military command seriously concerned about Russia’s new Armata battle tank

SU 35 Vs F 35 Unbiased Detailed Comparison: Top 5 Facts

The F-35’s advanced avionics are supposed to give it the advantage. However, Russia’s SU-35 and Pak T-50 look fantastically agile and manoeuvrable. So if it came to a straight dogfight with the F-35 we know where we’d put our money

Scientists Create Offspring By Creating Eggs In Lab From Scratch

Scientists Create Offspring By Creating Eggs In Lab From Scratch

A genuinely ominous new development

Commander: Iranian Version of S-300 Outdoes Russian Model in Range

Currently in the final stages of development, the indigenously developed Bavar 373 is scheduled to enter service early next year

The B-21 Raider. Click to enlarge

US Air Force releases first details of top secret B-21 that could take to the air in 2020

Based in mainland USA it will be able to deliver air strikes anywhere in the world. An onboard pilot will be optional

F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter. Click to enlarge

The end of stealth? New Chinese radar capable of detecting ‘invisible’ targets 100km away

New Chinese radar could make U.S. military stealth technology redundant.

Video of live fire tests of the Russian T-50 stealth fighter’s 30 mm gun appears online

Video of live fire tests of the Russian T-50 stealth fighter’s 30 mm gun appears online

Russia’s state-of-the-art T-50 stealth fighter in final phase of testing before entering service

Valleys much younger than well-known ancient valley networks on Mars are evident near the informally named "Heart Lake" on Mars. Click to enlarge

Ancient lakes on Mars suggest the red planet could have hosted life

More recent discoveries on the Martian surface indicate that it once contained the necessary conditions for life

Creating Frankenstein Monsters in the Laboratory

Creating Frankenstein Monsters in the Laboratory

A mentor once remarked that modern science was “satanic”. In view of developments in genetic engineering it’s worth asking if GM scientists are actually usurping the creator?

US Air Force Grounds F-35s It Just Declared Ready for War

Crumbling insulation in avionics cooling lines is the latest problem to ground the most expensive arms project in the Pentagon’s history

Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation multirole fighter. Click to enlarge

Russia Defense Ministry Unveils First Video of Amazing Next Gen T-50 Fighter Jet

Features video of Russia’s latest fifth generation multirole fighter

Russian Su-30. Click to enlarge

WORST NIGHTMARE for US Air Force !!! Sukhoi Su-30 Military Aircraft

A look at one of Russia’s star fighters the Su-30

What Makes Russia’s New Tu-160M2 Blackjack Supersonic Bomber Special

What Makes Russia’s New Tu-160M2 Blackjack Supersonic Bomber Special

The upgraded variant of the Soviet Blackjack bomber is scheduled to begin test flights in 2018

How Your Mind Co-creates Reality Holographically

How Your Mind Co-creates Reality Holographically

Some interesting perspectives on consciousness, quantum physics and perception

Why NATO Should Fear Russia's Terminator 2 Fighting Vehicle

Why NATO Should Fear Russia’s Terminator 2 Fighting Vehicle

Designed as a fighting vehicle to support the T-14 main battle tank, the ominously named the Terminator-three has no equivalent in the West

China’s new stealth fighter another step toward completion

China’s new fifth generation stealth fighter could become operational in the next two years. Includes video

Canada may become the first country to ditch the F-35 fighter jet

If Canada pulls out it will put greater strain on other participants in the program. Meaning others may follow Canada in abandoning the project

Artist impression of Russia's hypersonic stealth bomber. Click to enlarge

Russia’s new stealth bomber will reportedly be capable of launching nukes from space

Called the PAK-DA strategic bomber, the hypersonic aircraft — which won’t be visible to radar — could take to the skies within 5 years