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The ZOLJANAH tactical truck, which in a modified form will likely carry the Bavar 373, Iran's s-300. Click to enlarge

Iran to Unveil New Air Defence System on September 22

Iran to unveil new air defence weapons in the coming weeks. Including the long-awaited Bavar 373

Supercavitation. Click to enlarge

Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chinese supersonic submarine

The principle is called supercavitation and Russia has already employed it in an experimental torpedo that reached speeds of 370km/h

Experimental U.S. hypersonic weapon destroyed seconds after launch

The weapon is part of a program to develop a weapon that will destroy targets anywhere on Earth within an hour of getting data and permission to launch

Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation multirole fighter. Click to enlarge

Russia to deploy fifth-gen fighters, S-500 missiles in 2016

Weapons development continues apace in Russia, with a new generation of anti-aircraft systems and fighter jets soon to be deployed. Updated with video

Taranis drone in flight. Click to enlarge

British drone makes its first invisible flight

The British Ministry of Defence lifted the veil on its most advanced drone Tuesday, following the successful completion of tests where the UAV went fully stealth

US Navy unveils electromagnetic railgun prototypes

US Navy unveils electromagnetic railgun prototypes

Prototypes of the US Navy’s latest weapons technology, which could revolutionise naval warfare, were unveiled this week

BAE systems screenshot. Click to enlarge

Self-healing ‘transformer’ drones – future of warfare?

In a matter of decades, scientists foresee the development of transformer-like technology, complete with directed energy weapons and the ability to repair itself. Includes videos

F-35 fleet grounded for the eighth time over unknown engine issue

What was planned to be the mainstay of Western airpower is turning into a very expense turkey. Includes video

Two giant planets may cruise unseen beyond Pluto

Two giant planets may cruise unseen beyond Pluto

Phenomenon known by scentists as “orbitol resonance” suggests that there maybe another giant planet beyond Pluto’s orbit

Artists impression the the capsule's powered landing. Click to enlarge

SpaceX’s new Dragon capsule could be the future of space travel

Reusable, with a capacity for 7 astronauts and capable of powered landings, the upgraded capsule could revolutionise space travel

Doctors will cool down the patients so their blood cells need less oxygen to survive. In effect, freezing them and inducing a state of suspended animation. Click to enlarge

Left between life and death: First ‘suspended animation’ trials set to begin in bid to buy time for stabbing and gunshot victims

Clinical trials for medical procedures that could have come from a Star Wars movie

Nature inspiring designs for new micro drones. Click to enlarge

What drones may come: Experimental robots take inspiration from nature

Researchers looked into whirlwinds and strong winds, considered to be most challenging of all obstacles faced by flying robots, by studying the movements of a hawk moth

‘Inspired by Terminator’: Scientists create self-assembling bionic particles

‘Inspired by Terminator’: Scientists create self-assembling bionic particles

Scientists take another step toward bringing sci-fi fantasies, and nightmares, closer to reality

Can Smartphones Adversely Affect Cognitive Development In Teens?

Imperial College in London to investigate whether smartphones and wireless technology can adversely affect the development of youngster’s cognitive abilities

Illuminati Transfer Human Evolution to Computers

Illuminati Transfer Human Evolution to Computers

Some of those involved in the New World Order are literally trying to create a cybernetic Frankenstein. David Livingstone explains

Debris flow in this Martian crater (top) was compared with similar formations at Svalbard, Norway. Click to enlarge

Scientists Find New Evidence of Water on Mars

Indications that water flowed on the Martian surface within the last 200,000 years

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: part of the price for Israel quietly acceptaning the deal? Click to enlarge

Money for nothing? Boeing says F-35 isn’t so stealth after all

More delays and cost overruns in what is turning into America’s most expensive fighter program ever

DARPA project seeks hive mind for drones

DARPA project seeks hive mind for drones

Pentagon embarks on a program that will enable individual attack UAVs to coordinate with other drones. Effectively giving them the ability to work together in swarms

Iran Designs Sayyad 3 Missile for S-200 Air Defense System

The Sayyad 3 marks a critical upgrade in Iran’s air defence system. Includes video

Scientists warn the rise of AI will lead to extinction of humankind

Scientists warn that the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will inevitably lead to a Terminator-like scenario; where AI turns on its creators