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Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America

Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America

An academic who almost lost his job for questioning what happened at Sandy Hook explains why America is beginning to resemble a totalitarian state

Public support for Palestine is growing, but mainstream media fail to reflect this

Public support for Palestine is growing, but mainstream media fail to reflect this

A huge protest gathered outside the BBC Saturday but you might not have known it. BBC News barely noted it, even though it was the biggest protest in London in a decade

Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

While cops gun down innocents, thugs think that gives them licence to run riot. Two sides of the same ugly coin that is modern America

Doubts over Russian ‘aid’ as convoy nears Ukraine

Fears the ‘aid’ my be used as a cover for stealthy Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine

IGOR KOLOMOISKY (2nd from left) the Israeli governor of Dnepropetrovsk is a prominent supporter of Ukraine's Jewish community and the president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. He owns several airlines as well. MH17 was in the air traffic control region of Dnepropetrovsk when it was shot down. For reasons that have not been explained MH17 was diverted from its normal route and instructed to fly across the war zone at a lower altitude of 33,000 feet by air traffic control of Dnepropetrovsk. Click to enlarge

The Downing of MH17 – Is Israel Involved?

The evidence suggests that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by a fighter jet. Christopher Bollyn looks at who may have may have behind it

Police to probe why arrest of Lord Janner over child abuse accusations was ‘blocked’

The arrest of the former head of the Board of British Jewish Deputies was blocked at the last minute. Who is protecting him and why?

US suppressing satellite images which implicate Kiev in MH17 crash: Petras

US suppressing satellite images which implicate Kiev in MH17 crash: Petras

“Shrapnel that has been discovered in the cabin of the downed plane… suggests that a fighter plane or fighter planes were involved in downing the airliner,” says James Petras. Includes video

Israeli negotiators head to Cairo for Gaza truce talks

Israeli negotiators are due in Cairo Monday as a new 72-hour truce brokered by Egypt appeared to be holding.

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

We carried the New Straits Times article some days ago, but in response to its charges of Ukrainian complicity in the downing of MH17 there has been a resounding silence in the Western media

Activists during a gathering in Independence Square, Kiev. Click to enlarge

Euromaidan Activists Protesting Kiev’s Operation in Eastern Ukraine

While the world’s attention has been focused on eastern Ukraine, protesters still occupy Independence Square in Kiev.

MH17: Pockmarks look like from very, very heavy machinegun fire, says first OSCE monitor on scene

Investigator’s findings at the scene completely odds with Washington’s verdict. So will this item receives any news coverage? Or will it be buried?

An Air of Danger

An Air of Danger

While most of the corporate media will dismiss chemtrails as a “conspiracy theory”, this ground breaking article from SOCO Magazine reveals them to be a real and credible threat to us all

Obama authorises US air strikes to help Iraqis besieged on mountain by Isis

President Obama authorises military action in Iraq three years after U.S. withdrawal

David Cameron's plane touches down at Sumburgh airport, Shetland. Click to enlarge

Rumours of a Massive Oil Find Follow Cameron’s Secret Shetland Visit

Why would his visit be secret? Because it adds weight to rumours of a massive new off-shore oil find on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum

Israeli troops to withdraw from Gaza as ceasefire begins

Israeli troops withdraw from Gaza as Israel declares it has completed the task of destroying Hamas tunnels and another ceasefire begins. Whether it will last and for how long remains to be seen

Overturned bus in Jerusalem after being tipped over by Palestinian construction worker. Click to enlarge

IDF officer: Destroying Hamas gov’t was not army’s goal

A senior IDF officer has revealed that further options are being considered for Operation Protective Edge, as terror attacks spread from Gaza to Jerusalem

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Click to enlarge

NATO exerting pressure, not interested in MH17 investigation – Russia’s mission

NATO chief Rasmussen blames Russian involvement for downing Flight MH17. Even though the investigation isn’t over

I watched Libya seize its freedom. Now I have to flee its new chaos

Gaddafi was toppled 3 years-ago with the aid of NATO airstrikes. Far from ‘restoring democracy’ however, chaos still prevails as Western governments evacuate their citizens and rival militias vie for power

President Obama addresses a press conference on August 1, over the abduction of Israeli 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin by Hamas

Obama calls for immediate release of captured Israeli soldier in Gaza

Truly this man is at the beck and call of America’s Zionist lobby

How Mass Immigration Hurts Us All

Study concludes what should have been self-evident. Uncontrolled immigration into the UK puts pressure on infrastructure and leads to congestion in an already overcrowded island