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The West is Turning the Planet into a Global Barracks–Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Excerpts from an important address by Vladimir Putin, which has largely been unreported by the Western media

An Israeli police officer near the Jerusalem forest where a body was found after reports that an Arab teenager had been kidnapped. Click to enlarge

Possible Revenge Killing Adds to Tension in Israel

Reports of an Arab teenager being forced into a car early Wednesday and of a body found later in a Jerusalem forest have raised suspicions of an Israeli revenge attack

REVEALED Edwina Currie approved Jimmy Savile’s role at hospitals

Ex-minister Edwina Currie, famed for having appeared on Reality TV and for her liaison with then Prime Minister John Major, gave Savile a “free run” in hospitals

Ukraine begins military offensive as cease-fire ends

The big question now is how will Russia repond?

Nicolas Sarkozy held by police for questioning over influence peddling

Interference in the judicial process is regarded as “influence peddling” in French law and carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years

Former Downing Street adviser charged over child abuse images

This received minimal media attention so before it disappears down the memory hole forever: one of David Cameron’s senior aides resigned the day before he was arrested for possessing images of child abuse — sparing Cameron embarrassment

Israeli air strike in Rafah. Click to enlarge

Israel Hits Gaza After Finding Bodies of Slain Teenagers

Dozens of Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip overnight after the bodies of three missing teenagers found in the West Bank

Jimmy Savile and a younger William Hague, currently serving as British Foreign Secretary. Click to enlarge

Wilful Ignorance Allowed Savile to Continue His Crimes For More Than Fifty Years

Official report reveals Savile to be the most prolific sex offenders ever with a penchant for necrophilia

Suspicion of Captain Zaharie' involvement in the disappeance of Flight MH370 has grown with recent discoveries. Click to enlarge

MH370 captain plotted route to southern Indian Ocean on home simulator

Investigators have discovered that the pilot of missing Flight MH370 had plotted a flight path to a remote island far into the southern Indian Ocean

Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and former commander of US Cyber Command. Click to enlarge

Ex NSA Chief Pitches Banks Costly Advice on Cyber-Attacks

The revolving door between government and big business is still turning. Only now former senior figures from the NSA are advising banks instead of the government

DHS pay for illegals to be brought into the US. Click to enlarge

DHS to Pay For Illegal Immigrants to be Escorted Into U.S.

Minors up to age of 17 to be brought in “with dignity and respect” at taxpayer expense

Prof Fired For Calling Global Warming ‘Unproved Science’ Stands Firm

Enforcing the ‘received wisdom’

Top attorney found dead in home

Top attorney found dead in home

As well as being one of Latvia’s top lawyers, Andris Grutups’ was also a best-selling author. So why would he commit suicide? Or was he viewed as a threat to Zionist power?

According to Joel C. Rosenbburg: most of the top Jordanian officials I spoke with recently warned of an “explosion” of Radical Islamic extremism and foreign jihadist fighters coming out of Syria that could threaten other nations in the region. Were they secretly instructed by U.S. trainers and are they now in Iraq? Click to enlarge

Assad-busters: At a secret base in Jordan, U.S Special forces are training Syrian rebels for war…

Flashback: having failed to overthrow Assad have they now turned their attention to Maliki?

The bodies of Iraqi soldiers lie face down after allegedly being executed by the ISIS militants. Click to enlarge

Conducting U.S. airstrikes in Iraq would be complicated, former military officers say

Former U.S. military commanders warn about getting drawn in without a clear objective

Russia Today Interviews John Pilger

John Pilger talks with Russia Today about the conflict in Ukraine, western media coverage of the situation and how the West is setting a trap for Putin

Political class ignore strength of feeling on immigration 'at their peril'

Political class ignore strength of feeling on immigration ‘at their peril’

Perhaps more than any other issue in Britain, this reflects the mounting public mistrust of politicians

Investigation under way after 13 planes mysteriously vanish from radars in Europe for 25 MINUTES in ‘unprecedented’ incident

Echoes of Malaysia Airways flight MH370?

Jerad and Amanda Miller like dressing up, particularly as Batman/woman. Click to enlarge

Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda?

The corporate media quickly tagged them as “white supremacists” but the recent Las Vegas shootings eerily echo Sandy Hook and the Denver Aurora slayings

U.S. in Talks with Snowden on Possible Plea Deal

The fact that discussions are underway over plea deal, plus the fact that despite announcements to the contrary he hasn’t revealed anything of a serious nature about 9/11 or the like, raises the possibility that this is more orchestrated political theatre