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Surgeon who criticized Clinton Foundation fraud after Haitian earthquake mysteriously killed in NY home.

The latest addition to the still growing Clinton body count?

A bird violating a young girl while another bird watches over. Click to enlarge

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Why are there paintings of birds raping people on display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Special Advisor to the President Jared-Kushner in conversation with Haim Saban at the Saban Foundation in Washington dec 3 2017. click to enlarge

Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel. Why Isn’t That News?

The decision on Jerusalem is so contentious that it threatens to cost lives — not just those of Israelis and Palestinians, but of Americans too

92% of Ukrainians vote in favour of the return of the previous government

Meaning that Ukrainians now regret the 2014 Maidan revolution that led to the installation of a Western-aligned government under Poroshenko

Flashback: Israeli War Criminals in Patagonia

For some years journalist Kawther Salem has recorded the appearance of Israeli military personnel and sometimes-whole units in Patagonia. They continue to appear in this unspoilt wilderness to this day. What are they doing there?

Lasers from the Sky & the California Fires

Numerous eyewitness accounts suggest that Directed Energy Weapons were used to trigger the fires

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

More anomalies that suggest Directed Energy Weapons were used

Michael wolfe. Click to enlarge

Man jailed for 15 years for hate crimes after leaving bacon in mosque

Yes, you read that right: sentenced to FIFTEEN-YEARS in jail for leaving a slice of bacon in a mosque

The Hidden Hands Behind US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Wayne Madsen on who was really behind Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Firefighters arrive at the scene of the blast. Click to enlarge

Terror suspect sets off pipe bomb in underground subway passage near Port Authority Bus Terminal

Four slightly injured, including the bomber — a 27-year-old Bangladeshi native

Christian maths teacher sues school for religious discrimination

Suspended from teaching after he called a transgender pupil a girl rather than a boy

Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem August 2016. Click to enlarge

Nasrallah: Trump’s Quds (Jerusalem) decision threatens to wipe out Palestine & Aqsa Mosque

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah describes Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, as a “new Balfour declaration”

Russian Su-35 chased away rogue US F-22 jet: MoD blasts US Air Force for hampering Syria op

A Russian interceptor was scrambled to stop a US fighter from disrupting air strikes against Islamic state, says Russian Defense Ministry

China, Saudi Arabia, and the US

China, Saudi Arabia, and the US

Official truth has become a stinking mound of offal. One can only hope for a great ‘shaking off’. James Petras explains

Former SDF Spokesman Talat Silo speaks out after defecting to Turkey. Click to enlarge

Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal

A high-level defector from Kurdish-led forces says thousands of Islamic State terrorists left Raqqa in a secret, U.S.-approved deal

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Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line

ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Where please is the “deal” that allows the U.S. to indefinitely occupy north-east Syria as it now officially demands?

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists

Washington helped unleash hell across the Mideast in the naïve belief that jihadist proxies could be controlled and used to do its dirty work

A chill falls over heterosexuals)

Sexual Harassment OverKill

Dave Daubenmire is tired of strong women playing victim

“Trump and Netanyahu- Blind Guides and Hypocrites”

Is Jared Kushner the right person to lead the peace process? Especially since his family are major supporters of settlements and close friends of the Netanyahu’s?

DHS Plans Chemical / Biological  Weapons Drill in January

DHS Plans Chemical / Biological Weapons Drill in January

This is one drill we don’t want to “go live”