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Southern Ocean. Click to enlarge

Southern Ocean soaks up more greenhouse gases, curbs warming, study finds

Is this why global warming hasn’t materialised quite as predicted?

German "Illuminati" Published in Nick of Time

German “Illuminati” Published in Nick of Time

Putting into perspective why 800.000 Africans came into Germany this year alone. The majority not refugee families but young men, like soldiers.

North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police

North Dakota state police authorised to use armed drones, like the ones used by the U.S. military in Iraq and Syria

Virginia Reporter's Shooting: 100% Fraud Case Closed!!!

Virginia Reporter’s Shooting: 100% Fraud Case Closed!!!

Note that as soon this incident was exposed as a fraud by the alternative media it disappeared from the mainstream media radar

Abduleez Bouteflika, Algerian president. Click to enlarge

Algerians Fear Illuminati Dismemberment

Algerians fear Israel plans to create civil war in their homeland. An Algerian writer and historian explains

Video: ‘Refugees’ Throw Rocks at Hungarians, Shout “F**k You!”

Video: ‘Refugees’ Throw Rocks at Hungarians, Shout “F**k You!”

Video casts doubt on corporate media claims that the migrants are all helpless victims of circumstance

Syrian refugees cross the border into Hungary. Click to enlarge

Migrant crisis: Influx will change Germany, says Merkel

Even the BBC describes the numbers involved as “staggering”. Is Merkel helping to facilitate a scheme of unprecedented social engineering?

NATO powers move to exploit refugee crisis to intensify bombing of Syria

Although many refugees flooding into Europe were originally displaced by Western bombing — in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq — NATO is considering more strikes in Syria, under the pretext of hitting ISIS

The left-hand part of this photo has been widely published by the Atlantist Press. The victim, a Syrian Kurd child, Aylan Kurdi, is supposed to have been washed up by the sea. However, his corpse is perpendicular to the waves instead of being parallel. On the right-hand part, the presence of an official Turkish photographer reinforces the suggestion of a staged event. In the background we can see people bathing.

The phoney «refugee crisis»

Thierry Meyssan explains why the photo of a drowned Syrian boy was faked and asks: what is the real reasons behind this manufactured “refugee crisis”

Zhejiang blast. Click to enlarge

One explosion is an accident; four is sabotage

Fourth industrial explosion rocks China in string of covert attacks on industry

Doug Richard: David Cameron advisor and Dragons’ Den star charged with child sex offences

Trouble is he’s not the first. Is this a reflection of the sort of character now being attracted to the realm of governmental power?

British government surveilling 3-year-olds for ‘extremism’ while defending pedophile elitists

Toddlers on the terror list while serial child molesters are protected

Majority of voters want to leave Europe – says shock poll

Survey finds the majority of Britons questioned would opt to leave the European Union

Chancellor George Osborne. Click to enlarge

Osborne migrant crisis must be tackled at source in Syria

It doesn’t get more politically dishonest than George Osborne’s call for the migrant crisis to be dealt with “at source”

Hundreds Of Refugees Leave Budapest On Foot As Hungarian Parliament Tightens Migration Rules

While Western politicians and the media condemn Hungary for its stance they ignore who created the migrant crisis, or blame Assad or IS, when the West’s humanitarian ‘interventions’ were responsible

Nelson Mandela hunting. Click to enlarge

Same liberals who mourned for Cecil the Lion praised Nelson Mandela for hunting animals

One standard for white American who went big game hunting. Another standard for liberal icon Nelson Mandela

Yantar. Click to enlarge

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas

High tech Russian research vessel believed to be gathering intelligence on U.S. underwater sensors and nuclear submarines

China's covert war with America heats up

China’s covert war with America heats up

Warships near Alaska, another industrial explosion, and China unveils cruise missile that renders U.S. carriers obsolete. Includes graphic, must-see video of Tianjin blasts

Muslims rampage through Paris

Muslims rampage through Paris

There’s news about farmers protesting in Paris but nothing about this. Why? Because it might fuel opposition to waves of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe?

The Planned EU Immigration Crisis – Morris

Although no one in the corporate media will say as much, Western bombing of Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya is what really sent waves of migrants toward Europe