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Protests over Freddie Gray's death quickly turned violent.

Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore And This Is Only Just The Start Of Something MUCH Bigger

America is changing. This is what social decay looks like…

US Stryker armoured vehicles pass through Poland in Operation Dragon Ride, part of a drive by Western fighting vehicles close to Russia's border. Click to enlarge

US Troops in Europe Request Bigger Guns Amid Tensions with Russia Over Ukraine

US troops in Europe are requesting that their infantry fighting vehicles have their 12.7-mm. guns replaced with 30mm. guns

Rahul Manchanda. Click to enlarge

Vicious Vendetta Against Illuminati Defector

NYC Attorney Rahul Manchanda refused to sell his soul to the devil. Now, the devil is taking revenge.

Bakers face $135,000 fine for refusing to make cake for gay wedding

The rule of law or the imposition of a new social order? Bakers face the loss of business and home after they refused to make wedding cake for same sex couple

Baghdadi, reputed Mossad trained leader of Islamic State. Click to enlarge

Al Baghdadi Dies From Wounds Sustained in Air Strike

The Mossad trained terrorist leader reportedly died in an Israeli hospital from wounds sustained during an air strike in western Iraq

Two Iranian Warships Now Escorting Iranian Cargo Ships Off Yemen

Contrary to earlier reports that Iranian ship sailing toward Yemen had turned back, rather than risk confrontation with the U.S. Navy, they have now reportedly been joined by two Iranian naval vessels

NATO: Big Military Build-Up on Russia-Ukraine Border

While these claims have yet to be confirmed it should be noted that previously Washington has used claims of a Russian military build-up to distract attention from a NATO build-up Russia’s borders

Janner. Click to enlarge

Crime And Punishment – Holocaust vs. Paedophilia

Gilad Atzmon on the double-standards being applied to Oskar Groening and Lord Greville Janner

One of the Mistral-class helicopter carriers Vladivostok is seen at the STX Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard site in Saint-Nazaire, France, Sept. 4, 2014. Click to enlarge

France’s Hollande moots cancellation of Mistral deal with Russia

Effectively limiting Russia’s amphibious landing capability for the foreseeable future

Poland to buy U.S. Patriot missiles, French helicopters

Eastern Europe’s biggest economy embarks on a multi-billion dollar rearmament drive in response to what it described as “changing security circumstances”

Pentagon: US Warships Preserving ‘Options’ in Yemen Crisis

Navy officials confirm that the USS Theodore Roosevelt — together with other Navy vessels — is sailing to stop Iranian weapons shipments to Houthi rebels in Yemen

Ricky Dearman

Why Is the BBC Protecting Satanists and Paedophiles?

Jimmy Savile’s former employers are currently helping to shield a suspected paedophile, Satanist and murderer.

USS Theodore Roosevelt. Click to enlarge

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

Another potential flashpoint emerges as Iranian warships are also sailing toward Yemeni waters

Lord Janner chaired the Holocaust educational Trust and was Vice President of the World Jewish Congress. Click to enlarge

‘War criminal’ in nursing home

Strange double standard here: it seems there is one set of laws for War Criminals and another set for paedophiles and powerful Jews

I wasn’t shown fresh evidence of Lord Janner’s alleged abuse of children, says former DPP

House of Lords attendance records show Janner turned up virtually every day to claim over £100,000 in expenses in the four years AFTER he was diagnosed with dementia

Greville Janner affair: Children’s homes inquiry evidence ‘must be released’

Janner was investigated for child abuse on three different occassions between 1991 and 2007. In each case he avoided prosecution. Now abuse survivors want the findings of those inquiries made public

700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck

The result, in part, of Western backed regime change in Libya, which saw the formerly stable regime of President Ghadaffi replaced by chaos and civil war and sparked a massive exodus

A still image of Foley's purported beheading. Click to enlarge

Latest Islamic State Video

Complete with close-ups, one wonders if this slick production isn’t the work Western disinformation operatives trying to convince us of the threat posed by IS?

Lord Greville Janner. Click to enlarge

Lord Janner Will NOT Face Trial

Despite accusations of abuse from multiple victims over decades the former head of the Board of Jewish Deputies will not stand trial, allegedly because of ‘dementia’. Is he being protected?

Mexican Authorities Say ISIS Camps Located a Few Miles from Texas and New Mexico

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch cites Mexican government and military officials as saying the terror group ISIS, or Islamic State, has two camps just south of U.S. border in Mexico