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AP Exclusive: Draft Agreement Cuts Iran’s Nuclear Hardware

AP reports that the U.S. and Tehran are nearing an agreement that would cut the number Iran’s centrifuges. In return for a lifting of some economic sanctions and an arms embargo

Tunisia Attack Has Roots in NATO Destabilisation of Libya

Tunisia Attack Has Roots in NATO Destabilisation of Libya

Tunisian terror attack has its roots in NATO’s destabilization of neighboring Libya, when terrorists linked with Al-Qaeda were armed and funded to topple Gaddafi.

Iran reportedly confronts US officials at Geneva nuclear talks over GOP letter

Iranian negotiators reportedly challenge their U.S. counterpart over what they see as an attempt to undermine potential agreement

Claims police protected high-profile figures by covering up child sex abuse

Police colluded with politicians involved to suppress evidence of sexual abuse that went on for decades

Anti-Islamic advert on Philidelphia bus. Click to enlarge

Judge Rules Philadelphia Buses Must Run Anti-Islam Ads Featuring Hitler

Philadelphia judge rules that buses can display anti-Muslim adverts which liken Islamic leaders with Hitler

MP Simon Danczuk said the report showed "police are good at protecting the careers and pensions of senior officers but they aren't any good at protecting vulnerable young girls". Click to enlarge

Rochdale Abuse: Police Will Face No Action

MP Simon Danczuk said the report showed “police are good at protecting … senior officers but they aren’t any good at protecting vulnerable young girls”

Zehaf-Bibeau. Click to enlarge

Ottawa Shooting Film Raises More Doubts

A reminder that terrorism is staged and why

Demonstrators in Ferguson. Click to enlarge

2 Officers Are Shot Outside Ferguson Police Station

Gunman thought to have fired on police from a small hill opposite Ferguson police station

Political Violence and Oppression in Sweden

If you thought Sweden was a byword for tolerance think again. Violence against the more conservative elements, particularly against the Swedish Democrats, is common but glossed over by the media. With English subtitles

Islamic State executioner. Click to enlarge

Islamic State horror as new film shows boy aged 12 shooting teenage ‘Israeli spy’ in head

Is the latest video shocker intended to blunt critical analysis through its shocking brutality?

U.S. military unit headed to Baltics for training mission

This Reuters despatch corroborates earlier reports that a substantial NATO force was deploying in the Baltics, ostensibly to train and reassure allies in the face of a possible Russian threat

Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor to Prime Minister Thatcher's country retreat at Chequers.

Detectives raid homes of Leon Brittan and ex-head of the Army

Homes of former Home Secretary and Army chief searched as part of ongoing investigation into cases of alleged historic sex abuse

Cyril Smith, later awarded a Knighthood. Click to enlarge

Margaret Thatcher ‘knew of Cyril Smith abuse and Cabinet Office covered up information’

So what else was concealed for the sake of Thatcher’s poliitical and public image?

Margaret Thatcher Didnt Turn Blind Eye To Pedophile Politicians, SHE PROMOTED THEM!

Jimmy Savile regularly visited Thatcher and she appointed many known perverts to key posts — where they were obliged to do as they were told. Or face exposure

Oxford whistleblower's attempt to protect young victim of a sadistic gang went unheeded

Oxford whistleblower’s attempt to protect young victim of a sadistic gang went unheeded

Like Jimmy Savile, it almost seems as if these abusers were being protected. While the media omits to mention the full facts

Jihadi John unmasked. Click to enlarge

Mohammed Emwazi ’9/11 and 7/7 attacks were wrong’

Interviewed in 2009, the man who went on to become ‘Jihadi John’ condemned 9/11 and 7/7 as “wrong”. However the fact that he didn’t mention false flags suggests he’s either a dupe, a dummy or a double agent

"Birds of a feather ...": Boris Nemtsov and Bill Clinton. Click to enlarge

Boris Nemtsov Sacrificed to Kick Off Color Revolution?

Boris Nemtsov was a stooge for the global elite and he paid the ultimate price. They played him as sacrificial pawn

Jihadi John unmasked. Click to enlarge

Brutal Jihadi John had links to failed 21/7 London terror attacks

So Jihadi John was under surveillance by the security services and we are supposed to believe he evaded them to end up in Syria?

No role for Assad in Syria: Britain, France

Implying that both France and Britain are still intent on regime change in Syria

‘Jihadi John’: Reaction to the unmasking of Emwazi confirms his PR value

The motto on an Isis social media reads, “Media is half jihad,” suggesting a degree of media savvy targeted not so much at devout Muslims but Westerners.