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Neo Nazi Svoboda. Click to enlarge

Illuminati Zionists & Nazis Resume Collaboration

John Ryan explores the involvement of the neo-Nazi Svoboda movement in Ukraine’s new Western leaning government. An involvement that is being downplayed by the Western media

Matthias Chang. Click to enlarge

“Flight 370 was remote-hijacked”

Kevin Barrett talks to Matthias Chang, who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and who explains why a remote-hijacking may explain the plane’s disappearance

MH370 Malaysia Airlines: Anwar Ibrahim says government purposefully concealing information

Malaysia’s sophisticated radar system would have immediately detected Flight MH370 as it crossed the country’s mainland after changing course and should have alerted the air force, Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader, has claimed

Spc. Ivan Lopez, image from Facebook. Click to enlarge

Fort Hood shooter was on anti-depression medication

The Iraq War veteran who shot 3 dead and wounded 16 others at Fort Hood did not see combat in Iraq. He was however, on prescribed anti-depressants

Spanish Newspaper Reports That Malaysian Plane May Have Been shot Down To Prevent Terror Attack

Major Spanish newspaper claims Flight 370 was shot down to prevent a repeat of 9/11

Heartland Institute says more CO2 is good for the planet

A Chicago-based libertarian group claims that rising greenhouse gas levels will actually help the planet rather than harm it

He’s Back Again! (And He’s No Holocaust Denier)

He’s Back Again! (And He’s No Holocaust Denier)

He’s Back Again: A new Hitler satire tops Germany’s best-seller list

Global Warming Will Cause War, Pestilence and Famine Says New IPCC Report Inevitably

New report on ‘global warming’ predicts unimagined horrors. James Delingpole explains

Finding Phillip Wood: Updated

Finding Phillip Wood: Updated

Jim Stone claimed that hijacked Phillip Wood had got ‘a selfie’ out of Diego Garcia. Now Wood’s friends say that claim is a hoax. Is Jim Stone a disinfo agent? Includes interesting comments from Phillip Wood’s partner

Is Jacob Rothschild linked to the disappearance of Flight MA 370? Click to enlarge

What Really Happened to Flight MA 370?

According to one report, the owners of a valuable patent were aboard MA 370. If they died, the patent would belong to the company, Freescale Semiconductor, which is owned by Jacob Rothschild.

US targets Russia with further sanctions

The U.S. continues to ratchet up the pressure on Russia following recent events in Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament Approves New Laws Required for IMF Bailout

The offer of an International Monetary Fund bailout comes on cue but as always, with strings attached

Media Buries Bombshell Admission of Turkish Government Planning False Flag Attack

Establishment press in stunning display of spin and censorship as world leaders are caught wearing bizarre Illuminati symbols. Includes videos

Murder By Plane Crash

John Kaminski ponders some of the inconsistencies surrounding Flight 370. Is its disappearance connected to an upcoming FEMA drill and will that drill go live?

How Much War Does Washington Want?

Washington cares not for democracy, only for its agenda. And Russia, China, and Iran are in the way.

European Union’s Capital City is Doomed

European Union’s Capital City is Doomed

While viewing this bear in mind that Western intelligence has been covertly promoting some of the more radical elements of Islam for their own purposes

Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv?  The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 2H6(ER) - 28416/155, an identical twin of the missing plane, which has been in Israel since November 2013.  What are the Israelis doing with this plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv?  Could it be part of a false-flag terror plot in the making?  Where is this plane today? Click to enlarge

Updated: Are The Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?

Updated with vital new information that suggests Israel was planning to use the hijacked Boeing 777 as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Time to grab guns and kill damn Russians – Tymoshenko in leaked tape

While the former Ukrainian PM confirms the conversation took place, she claims the recording has been tampered with

The moment the Syrian Mig 23 went down. Click to enlarge

Syrian Pilot Rejects Claims He was in Turkish Airspace

The pilot of the Syrian Jet shot down by a Turkish missile managed to bail out and refutes claims he was in Turkish airspace. Raising suspicions is the fact that the incident was caught live on Turkish TV

Russian military helicopters flying over Crimea. Click to enlarge

NATO warns of ‘very sizeable, very ready’ Russian force

Although Moscow has denied the claims, NATO’s Supreme Commander in Europe warns about Russian forces massing at the Ukrainian border