Political Intrigue

Politics Behind Closed Doors

Is Huckabee the Spawn of Satan?

A reader explains why the former Baptist preacher, governor of Arkansas and front-runner in the race for the White House may not be all he claims

Some People Never Learn the Lesson

In the wake of a fund raising scandal Gilad Atzmon examines the Friends of Israel, the British counterpart of Washington’s pro-Israeli lobby and their influence over Britain’s ruling Labour Party

Big Putin vote in Chechnya has locals puzzled

Just like his counterpart in Washington, Vladimir Putin’s elections are also tainted by suspicions of vote rigging

Secrecy, Intransigence and War

The vices of Hilary Clinton

Sarkozy gets rapturous welcome as he mends relations with US

However the situation with Iran is resolved, expect France to play an increasingly prominent role in the face off between the Muslim world and the West

Is Rep. Ron Paul a CIA Spook?

This is an old trick and it’s used in Britain too, where the head of the anti-immigration BNP is also reputed to be an intelligence asset. This gives the authorities a handle on opposition to their policies while mainting the illusion of political freedom

Clinton bucks the trend and rakes in cash from the US weapons industry

Ignore the liberal posturing; Ms Clinton is as much a candidate for the military-industrial complex as George Bush ever was

Blair emerges as candidate for ‘President of Europe’

Just the man for the job: a consummate liar ready to do the bidding of his backers – no matter what that may involve

Hillary! Uncensored – Banned By The Media

A rough trailer on how the Clinton’s lied about campaign contributions and then double-crossed the contributors

Lying Is Good Government – Blair`s New WMD Inquiry Chief

Under pressure, Blair has finally approved an inquiry into why Iraq’s WMD’s are absent. Heading this inquiry will be Lord Butler (left), a man with plenty of experience in cover-ups and “limited hangouts”

President Petraeus?

Iraqi official recalls the day US general revealed ambition

Bush considering secret military action in Turkey

US foreign policy is now being driven by its perception of Iran. Thus a former aide to Cheney has briefed Congress on plans for US Special Forces to assist Turkey in eliminating Kurdish guerrilla leaders – no doubt be in return for assistance against Iran

FBI director contradicts Gonzales’ testimony

Mueller says terrorist surveillance was discussed during 2004 hospital visit, contrary to the Attorney General’s sworn testimony

Kissinger-led U.S. group attends closed debate at Putin home

High level meetings are still taking place between Russia and the U.S. This is where the future is being decided but note: the latest took place behind close doors at Putin’s home and was chaired by Illuminati front man Henry Kissinger

Miliband gives Iran nuclear warning

Britain’s new Foreign Secretary said there would be no relaxation of demands that Hamas recognise Israel’s right to exist, and pointedly, repeatedly refused to repeat a predecessor’s statement that military action against Iran would be “inconceivable”

Will BAE Scandal of Century Bring Down Dick Cheney?

The next chapter is now being written in the scandal of the century, and it could mean the end for Dick Cheney. Ironically, it could come at the hands of his own political boosters in the City of London, rather than from Congressional Democrats

So Who Is Gordon Brown? Blair and New Labour on Steroids

Gordon Brown celebrates, what he calls, a “New World Order” (ie Global Government) numerous times referring to what “somebody” said back in 1990. That “somebody” was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush


Is Dick Cheney being blackmailed?

Vote Fraud and “Little French Hitler”

Vote fraud has become the hallmark of the modern election; apart from the 2004 US elections accusations of vote fraud have also been levelled at recent elections in Scotland, where 100,000 ballot papers were ‘spoiled’, and France

Just Another Corporate Candidate? Obama, Incorporated

With donations from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, the Exelon Corporation and UBS, Europe’s second biggest bank, Barack Obama’s campaign is en route for the White House. But of course, writes Joshua Frank, Big Business will expect a return