Princess Diana. What Really Happened?

Was she assassinated? And if so, why? We look at the mounting evidence that suggests there was more to her death than was reported by the mainstream media.

Former spy head to rebut claims about MI6 ‘role’ in Diana’s death

Former spy head to rebut claims about MI6 ‘role’ in Diana’s death

Ms McKenzie, wept in court as she recounted a conversation she said she had with Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, who survived the crash in the Alma Tunnel. According to Ms McKenzie he said: “If I remember, (what happened) they’ll kill me”

Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence

A review of Jon King’s investigation into Diana’s death that is now being made into a film, “The People’s Movie” as they once called Diana the ‘People’s Princess’

Former Police Chief Accused of “Concealing Evidence”

The former head of London’s Metropolitan Police was today accused of trying to conceal evidence pertaining to Princess Diana’s death because it revealed the involvement of “British state agencies”

Diana police ‘ignored her crash death warning’

Nearly two years before her fatal crash, Diana told her solicitor of a plot to tamper with her car, so as to “get rid of her”. She also told the police

Queen warned Diana’s butler of mysterious ‘powers at work’

Yes and she is effectively a front for them. As were her forebearers when they assumed the throne as the House of Hanover on behalf of the continental banking dynasties

Duke’s ‘cruel’ letters to Princess

Do they reveal a motive for murder coming from the man who is reputed to have given the final word on Diana fate? According to a purported CIA document, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, did indeed give the word

Princess ‘may have been murdered over landmine file’

Just in case it’s proved the Princess was murdered the guilty are now starting to shift the focus of blame. Now the media reports testimony suggesting a minion in the arms industry gave the order for Diana’s assassination, not the Duke of Edinburgh

Diana ‘feared being bugged by dark forces’

These ‘dark forces’ seem closely associated with British royalty and their minions

Diana letter said Charles was plotting to kill her

In a letter to her butler, written ten months before her fatal crash, Princess Diana wrote: “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning an accident in my car”

Duke’s aide to face Diana inquest

The Duke of Edinburgh’s top aide is expected to be questioned this week at the inquiry into Princess Diana’s death about allegations that the duke ordered Diana’s “murder”

“A Harlot, a Trollop and a Whore”

Britain’s Royalty had more bad press as the contents of Prince Phillip’s letters to Diana were revealed and even more serious allegations made

Medics could have saved Diana, inquest told

The inquest into her death has heard that Diana’s ambulance took well over an hour to travel the 6 kilometers to the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, a delay that probably contributed to her death

New evidence in Diana’s death: Detective

Despite what the British Royal Family may want, this is one story that is simply not going to go away

Diana Sensation: ‘I Saw Hitmen Cause Crash’

Diana Sensation: ‘I Saw Hitmen Cause Crash’

A witness to Princess Diana’s fatal crash says he thought he had witnessed a gangland killing when he saw a motorcyclist inspect the wreckage after her car crashed

The Diana and Dodi Inquiry

The Diana and Dodi Inquiry

A reader comments on the charade currently playing out in London

Queen to Strip Harrods of its Royal Crest

Queen to Strip Harrods of its Royal Crest

It may be more than ten years old but it’s still highly pertinent. It was published the day before Diana was killed and reveals the depth of anger in the House of Windsor over her behaviour. In effect, revealing a motive for her murder

Princess Diana death dossier ‘disappears’

The entire dossier on Princess Diana’s death – a pile of photos, legal papers and documents more than a metre high – has gone missing

Diana: Vital New Evidence Blows Apart Police Case

And reveals new evidence of attempts to cover-up what was really behind Princess Diana’s death

Diana Murder: Coverup Turns Deadly

Nearly three years after the Paris car crash that claimed the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, the cover-up of that tragedy has taken a deadly turn, prompting some experts to recall the pileup of corpses that followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Over the course of four years, after President Kennedy […]

Diana WAS Pregnant When She Died

An explosive document has surfaced in the archives of the hospital where Diana was taken after her fatal crash. Says respected investigative reporter Chris Lafaille: “It is a near certainty that Diana was nine to ten weeks pregnant at the when she died”