Princess Diana. What Really Happened?

Was she assassinated? And if so, why? We look at the mounting evidence that suggests there was more to her death than was reported by the mainstream media.

Diana: Fiat Driver ‘Shot in Head’

James Andanson (left), the photographer who followed Diana in the week before her death, was thought to have committed suicide when he was found dead in a burnt out car. But now the fireman who found his body says he saw two bullet wounds in his head

Diana’s Fear of Murder

Further details have been revealed from a hand written letter Princess Diana wrote ten months before her fatal crash, in which she writes “My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car”

Involve Queen in Diana inquest – QC

Lawyers acting for Mohamed al Fayed in the inquest into the death of his son Dodi and Princess Diana, want the Queen questioned over remarks she made in the wake of their deaths

Diana inquest must be heard by jury

Senior judges have ordered that the coroner hearing the inquest into Princess Diana’s and Dodi al Fayed’s death ‘shall do so sitting with a jury’. Overturning deputy royal coroner Baroness Butler-Sloss’s earlier decision that she would sit alone

Fair Jury Could Crack Diana Cover-Up

An attempt by British Royalty to have its own household staff and retainers make up a jury – in effect to rig the jury – at an inquest looking into Diana’s death has failed

Diana: Time to end the cover-up

Speculation continues over Diana’s death, as its now been revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, refused to be interviewed by Lord Stevens inquiry into Diana’s death

Diana: Fayed Accuses ‘Senior Royal’

Harrods owner Mohammed al Fayed has reacted angrily to the findings of Lord Stevens inquiry into Princess Diana’s death; claiming that Diana and his son Dodi were murdered on the orders of a senior member of the Royal Family

Married to the Octopus

Diana’s death aside, evidence of sordid goings on in Britain’s House of Windsor continues to build. Now it appears that George Smith, a former royal valet who claimed to have found Prince Charles in bed with an aide, died last year of an unknown illness

Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up

Led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens, the inquiry into Princess Diana’s death confirms what many have long suspected. She was murdered. Will the British press now publicise these findings or will it, as we suspect, ignore them?

Diana Inquiry Chief’s Laptop Secrets Stolen

Last week burglars broke into the offices of the man heading the new inquiry into Princess Diana’s death, after it was reported that his inquiry had reached a “sensational conclusion”. Prompting speculation that the ‘burglars’ were MI6 agents

Diana: Police ‘tried to rig’ evidence

Fears that an open investigation is being stifled by the Establishment have grown amid concern that Lord Stevens’ inquiry is being closed down prematurely by the Government, with vital questions left unexplored and unanswered

Diana: More Evidence of a Cover-up?

The official explanation for Diana’s accident looks increasingly threadbare. As it now emerges that her driver’s blood was mixed-up with another’s in the Paris morgue, calling into question the inquiry’s finding that Henri Paul had been drinking heavily

Dodi ‘real target’ in Diana tragedy

The story over Diana’s death is beginning to change: it’s no longer an accident but an assassination of Dodi Al Fayed. Diana just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

Diana Death: Bodyguards Face Quiz

The idea that Princess Diana’s driver was drunk on the night of her fatal crash is increasingly being called into question. As the inquiry headed by a former head of Scotland Yard, unearths more evidence that challenges the official version of events

New hitches in hunt for truth over Diana

Its now been revealed that a full inquest into Princess Diana’s death will now only be heard in 2008. That’s full eleven years after her fatal crash, an unprecedented delay

Will Mossad finally hand over its secret files on Diana’s death?

Did Diana know too much about the British Royal Family’s ties to the international drug’s trade?

Tomlinson: The spy who was left out in the cold

Since being sacked by MI6, Richard Tomlinson has waged war on his former spymasters, by exposing the role they played in Princess Diana’s death. Now they’re exacting harsh revenge for his revealing what was really behind her “accident”

Death-crash Paul ‘drank Diet Coke’

Diana’s fatal crash was originally blamed on driver Henri Paul (left), who was thought to have mixed prescription drugs with alcohol. However that notion has been challenged by a girlfriend of Paul’s

Diana Death ‘Was Not An Accident’

French doctors may face criminal charges as fresh evidence of a cover-up emerges

Diana Death; New Cover-up Fears

Inquest on Princess will be a “whitewash”, say critics