The Ancient Past

Perspectives on an ancient past.

How the research was formed: A rendering of drilling operations during the campaign in Southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, from October - December 2007. Click to enlarge

NASA discovers Antarctica was pretty warm (at 7C) 20million years ago

According to a new study, evidence has been unearthed showing that ‘Global warming’ may have featured in the ancient past

Two skeletons, believed to be those of suspected vampires, were discovered with iron poles plunged through their hearts. Click to enlarge

Archaeologists find Bulgarian ‘vampires’ from Middle Ages with iron rods staked through their chests

If you thought vampires were simply the stuff of myth and legend – think again

Humanities African Origins Theory Challenged by New Findings

Humanities African Origins Theory Challenged by New Findings

Although still widely accepted, the notion that humanity originated in Africa is being challenged by new archaeological discoveries

Jesus ‘died on Friday, April, 3 33AD' claims study that matches crucifixion to earthquake mentioned in gospel

Jesus ‘died on Friday, April, 3 33AD’ claims study that matches crucifixion to earthquake mentioned in gospel

Researchers compare historic accounts, geological evidence and astronomical data to precisely pinpoint the date of crucifixion

Ancient leather bound manuscript said to be the Gospel of Barnabas. Click to enlarge

Seized from smugglers, the leather-bound ‘gospel’ that could change our veiw on religion and politics

We wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this, as some have, as a ‘laughable Iranian challenge to Christianity’

This undated image made available by National Geographic shows four long numbers on the north wall of a ruined house related to the Maya calendar and computations about the moon, sun and possibly Venus and Mars; the dates stretch some 7,000 years into the future. Click to enlarge

Earliest Mayan calendar shows no hint of ‘world end’

Only the whores in the corporate media would suggest that Mayan calendar predicted the “end of the world in Dec. 2012”. As a cursory study of the Mayan calendar shows, Dec. 2012, only marks the transition from one age to another

World History and the Bosnian Pyramids

World History and the Bosnian Pyramids

The discovery of a huge Bosnian pyramid has profound ramifications. Taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt and part of a group of other pyramids nearby, it could revolutionise the way we view our past

Going underground: The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels

Going underground: The massive European network of Stone Age tunnels

Hundreds of underground tunnels found beneath neolithic settlements from Scotland to Turkey

Landscape Found Deep in Atlantic Sea Likened to Lost City of Atlantis

Landscape Found Deep in Atlantic Sea Likened to Lost City of Atlantis

Scientists have found evidence of a landmass, complete with mountains and 8 rivers, buried beneath sedimentary rock in the North Atlantic

The Ghost of Ezra Pound

John Kaminski tells the tale of a gang of cutthroats killing and robbing across space and time

Stone Age tools found in Crete prove man sailed the sea at least 130,000 years ago

The discoveries upset the accepted timeline for mankind’s development and origins by tens of thousands of years

Alien vs. Predator

Welcome to the endgame in the 5000-year war between “Good” and “Evil”

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?

A “grid of streets” on the seabed at one of the proposed locations of the lost city of Atlantis has been spotted on Google Ocean

Egyptian/ Hebrew Origin of Masonic Terms

Ralph Ellis explores the origins of the initiation rituals within Masonry

Hour long hailstorm may have caused 1,000-year freeze, say scientists

An hour-long hailstorm from space may have changed the climate of the Earth in 11,000 BC, leading to a freeze lasting more than 1,000 years, scientists say

Archeological Finds Disprove Darwinism

Darwinism has become an article of faith in the modern world, preventing men asking who or what created us and why. Which may explain why Darwin’s theory is still no more than a theory and why we still haven’t found the ‘missing link’

The Hammer and the Pendulum

It was endorsed by Einstein, who called for urgent research into its possibility. Since then however nothing has been done. But we may soon find out, because the ancient Maya may have seen it too, marking the “end of the 4th world”

Discovery of 12,000-Year-Old Temple Complex Could Alter Theory of Human Development

A discovery in Turkey could force a rewrite of the timetable for human progress

Researchers say: Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed by Asteroid

Researchers believe they have cracked the code on an ancient Sumerian clay tablet, which depicts the approach toward earth of an asteroid half-a-mile wide

Stonehenge: The Incredible Simple Secret of How It Was Built

Wally Wallington, a retired construction worker has figured out the answer to a mystery that has baffled engineers and archaeologists for centuries