The Ancient Past

Perspectives on an ancient past.

Discovery of 12,000-Year-Old Temple Complex Could Alter Theory of Human Development

A discovery in Turkey could force a rewrite of the timetable for human progress

Researchers say: Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed by Asteroid

Researchers believe they have cracked the code on an ancient Sumerian clay tablet, which depicts the approach toward earth of an asteroid half-a-mile wide

Stonehenge: The Incredible Simple Secret of How It Was Built

Wally Wallington, a retired construction worker has figured out the answer to a mystery that has baffled engineers and archaeologists for centuries

What the Talmud Really Says About Jesus

It may refer to events that occurred nearly two thousand years ago but a new book on the Talmud’s take on the founder of Christianity seems likely to stir some modern day controversy

Piri Reis Map

Piri Reis Map

As Charles Hapgood noted, the Piri Reis map (left) is an undisputed fact that along with other items indicates a sophisticated, global sea-faring civilisation existed when our ancestors were supposedly still living in caves

Back to the Future!!! Part 1

Back to the Future!!! Part 1

Geological evidence points to an cataclysmic event that almost defies comprehension. The problem is that it may just happen again … and soon too.

Evolutionist Claims and the Facts

Although many mistakenly believe Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to be a scientific fact, it has yet to be established as such. In contrast a volume of hard scientific evidence suggests that Darwin’s theory is no more than that, an unproven theory

Worlds Before Our Own 1

Extract from “Worlds Before Our Own”“ — By Brad Steiger It is rather amazing that such sophisticated people, as we judge ourselves to be, do not even know who we are. And it becomes rather dismaying to discover that there is a great deal of suppressed, ignored, and misplaced pre-historical cultural evidence that would alter […]

How Europeans Got to Europe

How Europeans Got to Europe

Recent discoveries in Russia seem set to challenge the widely held view that modern man originated in Africa and migrated north to Europe

Pyramids Older Than Egyptian Allegedly Found in Ukraine

A pyamid complex has been unearthed in the Ukraine that resembles Mayan and Aztec ziggurats in South America

Pirates of the Mediterranean

Robert Harris looks at how ancient Rome dealt with pirates and how it sets an ominious precedent for modern day America

Worlds Before Our Own 2

Worlds Before Our Own 2

Housed in a warehouse in Ica, Peru, is a collection of ancient stone tablets which carry pictures portraying advanced medical practice. They open a Pandora’s box of questions and challenge everything we have been taught about our past

Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Bosnia

Excavations at a hill site in Bosnia have confirmed the discovery a monumental building, similar in dimensions to the Egyptian pyramids

The Colour out of Space

How do a bunch of New Age weirdo’s, into psychic phenomenon and UFO’s, appear to have such influence over elements in America’s ruling class. Are they reincarnated ancients linked to extraterrestrials, as claimed, or agents of covert intelligence ops?

Archaeological Cover-ups

The scientific establishment tends to reject, suppress or ignore evidence that conflicts with accepted theories, while denigrating or persecuting the messenger

Chambers of the Deep – Removed, apocraphyl

Recent discoveries in Egypt, indicate a prehistoric global network of pyramids and temples, mounted like antennae on key geometric points, which were used by the ancients to stabilize earth’s tectonic plates

Giant Human Skeleton Was A Hoax

Giant Human Skeleton Was A Hoax

Just when it seemed that gas explorations had unearthed a giant human skeleton

Ice Maiden triggers mother of all disputes in Siberia

In the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia, the mummified remains of a 2,500-year-old princess unearthed by archaeologists, have locals up in arms. Encouraged on by local shamans, they want her reburied to avert disaster

Once taboo, erotic ceramics a link to ancient Peru

The huacos eróticos, or erotic ceramics from pre-Colombian Peru, were smashed during the inquisition or hidden away. But now they are beginning to see the light of day

Submerged city may be older than Mesopotamia

A submerged city has been discovered, about one mile off the Nagapattinam coast in India. Some estimate that it could be older than Sumeria in Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace of modern civilization