Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

Above: These two illustrations make the point even more dramatically. On the left, the Ashkenazim Jewess, Barbara Streisand, New York, 1966. On the right, a Jewish leader of Israelite trade delegation as portrayed on a mural on the wall of the 18th Dynasty (1400 BC) Tomb of Sobekhotep, Thutmose IV; Egypt.

Rethinking the Khazar Theory by Dr. David Duke

David Duke takes issue with a theory promoted primarily by Communist Jews

President Nixon. Click to enlarge

Nixon Was Framed by the Illuminati

Another sign that the tide is turning as respected entrepreneur makes a realistic assessment of Richard Nixon’s downfall

Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?

Are these classified FBI files proof ADOLF HITLER escaped by SUBMARINE to Argentina?

Adolf Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina where he lived in a heavily guarded ranch, according to sensational claims contained in newly released FBI files

Twenty Years Ago, The US was Behind the Genocide: Rwanda, Installing a US Proxy State in Central Africa

Prof. Michel Chussudovsky looks back at the Rwandan genocide and how it served Anglo-American interests

David Stein/Cole on the Holocaust and historical revisionism

Trailblazing revisionist talks about his experiences with Ry Dawson

Neo Nazi Svoboda. Click to enlarge

Illuminati Zionists & Nazis Resume Collaboration

John Ryan explores the involvement of the neo-Nazi Svoboda movement in Ukraine’s new Western leaning government. An involvement that is being downplayed by the Western media

Hitler and Von Braun. Click to enlarge

Was Hitler’s lover Eva Braun from a Jewish family? New DNA evidence gathered from her hairbrush shows she could have kept her background secret

Or maybe he knew but wasn’t bothered?

The German DVD

An intelligence insider with background on the DVD, or German Defense Service, which was set up by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris in 1943/4, when he realised that Germany was going to lose the war

Residential-school-class. Click to enlarge

Mass Murder of Canadian Children Admitted

Court proceedings to commence in Brussels over the murder of over fifty thousand children. British Crown and the Vatican named as complicit in the genocide

Satan At The Wailing Wall

Powerful stuff. Brother Nathanael Kapner exposes the fraud that is the modern day wailing wall.

Scene from Korean War. Click to enlarge

The Korean War: Another Illuminati Fraud

For the Illuminati, war is revolutionary because it advances world government. Peace is “counter revolutionary.” James Perloff explains

Yevnigue Salibian. Click to enlarge

The extraordinary story of 100-year-old Yevnigue Salibian

One of the last people alive who can recall the horror of the Armenian genocide

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (centre) with Churchill and Stalin at the original Yalta conference in 1945. Click to enlarge

FDR Was a Communist

FDR claimed he was not a Communist but, as Dave Martin shows, his actions belied his words

What the Jews think about non-Jews

In 1976 Harold W. Rosenthal, assistant to Senator Jacob K Javits gave a candid interview about Zionist aims and ambitions. A month later he was dead. Shot when an Israeli airliner was hijacked over Turkey. Was he paying for revealing too much?

Zionists Deny Their Holocausts

Zionists Deny Their Holocausts

The massacre site is a few hundred yards from the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum dedicated to victims of the Nazis. Yad Vashem makes no mention of the massacre of Arabs by the Judaic Nazis among whom was Menachem Begin

Three Who Made A War — Paul Craig Roberts

As Russia’s President Putin reminded the world on March 18, 2014, the US prefers the rule of the gun to international law. Paul Craig Roberts looks at earlier example

On the Israeli Eugenic Project and the Radiation of Arab Jews in the 1950s

On the Israeli Eugenic Project and the Radiation of Arab Jews in the 1950s

Award-winning documentary on an infamous yet largely unpublicised program that killed thousands of Sephardim children and left many more with cancer. Includes video

Why the US Didn't Pursue Hitler

Why the US Didn’t Pursue Hitler

Harry Cooper explains how Hitler and his entourage escaped the fall of the Third Reich. Why Juan Peron provided refuge and why the U.S. knew but did nothing

The Industry of Scholars in Pursuit of Answers

For some people the city streets and celebrities are real. So too are the politicians but to me, as a famous fairy tale declares, “they’re nothing but a pack of cards”.

Crypto-History: The State of the Art Part I

Crypto-History: The State of the Art Part I

There have long been two versions of history. One, which is now the official version, says that civilization has evolved from barbarism to modernity. The second flows from an idea found in nearly every culture’s early mythology