Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

Orwell and the Jews (Video)

I am either very brave or just suicidal, writes Gilad Atzmon. We will know soon.

New Duke Video: The Illustrated Protocols of Zion–Help us Publish this Incredible New Book!

David Duke takes a new look at a book considered one the most controversial publications, if not the most controversial, in the last century

Nelson Mandela pictured the then ANC leadership in April 2013, shortly before he passed away. Click to enlarge

Mwezi Twala — A Soldiers Tale

Tortured and killed for asking a simple question. The sombre truth behind the media’s rose-tinted portrayal of the ‘New South Africa’

Bilderberg's silent takeover of Britain’s $60bn defense budget

Bilderberg’s silent takeover of Britain’s $60bn defense budget

Little-known background on the origins of the Bilderberg group, which as Tony Gosling explains, has its roots in a “‘witches’ cauldron” of blood, treachery and betrayal

Exclusive: Iran pursues ballistic missile work, complicating nuclear talks

After making progress, ongoing talks over Iran’s nuclear program have encountered a new problem that could derail agreement. This was almost to be expected. and it has nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear program

Willi Munzenberg. Click to enlarge

Liberals Descend from Munzenberg’s “Innocents’ Club”

At a time when Communism has little remaining formal influence, Münzenberg’s techniques of propaganda and disinformation pervade our lives.

Bizarre Holocaust Lies Support Publisher's Win

Bizarre Holocaust Lies Support Publisher’s Win

‘Holocaust survivor’ who took publisher, and the public, for a ride and made millions in the process must now forfeit their ill-gotten gains

Ukraine’s Anti Russian Stance Is a Zionist Masterplan — Sheihk Imran Hosein

We are not sure whether we entirely agree with Sheihk Imran Hosein but what he says interesting nonetheless

The Camps on the Rhine

The Camps on the Rhine

We’ve been told repeatedly about the Nazi’s ‘final solution’ but there is one aspect of WWII we never hear about: the Allied extermination of German P.O.W.s

Putin Signs Law Criminalizing Denial Of Nazi War Crimes

He may be seen as an opponent of the New World Order but on certain issues he’s willing to tow the line. Calling in to question if Putin isn’t just another contrived opposition figure in the service of the Illuminati?

McConville's children at press conference Sunday. Michael McConville is far right. Click to enlarge

‘Gerry Adams warned me not to say who killed my mother’: Jean McConville’s son

Son of IRA victim says he was warned that he would face a “backlash” if he revealed the identity of his mother’s killer

Spain is inviting back Jews expelled from the country in the 16th Century.

Muslims need not apply, however, as Spain plans to make amends for “historical error”

Gerry Adams arrested for questioning over Jean McConville murder in 1972

Gerry Adams arrested for questioning over Jean McConville murder in 1972

Award-winning ‘peacemaker’ and Sinn Féin leader held for questioning over the murder of a mother of 10 in 1972

The principle archetype of the modern surveillance state as envisaged by Freemasons centuries ago. Click to enlarge

Was Surveillance the Purpose of the Internet?

David Livingstone takes us down the rabbit hole.

‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

Another case that points to abuse at the very highest levels that is only now being exposed decades later.

Manifestation of the Serpent, Rome, April 27

Manifestation of the Serpent, Rome, April 27

Michael Hoffman on the canonisation Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II

Peasant brutalized and crazed with cheap methylated spirits sold to him by a predatory Jew. This happened for centuries in Russia, Poland and Ukraine and helped to fuel a virulent anti-Semitism. Click to enlarge

The Jew and the Peasant, by Douglas Reed

Relevant to the unfolding Ukrainian crisis: Douglas Reed explains why anti-Semitism is so prevalent there, showing it has deep historical roots that go back for centuries …

David Cole’s “Museum of Tolerance” Caper!

David Stein, otherwise known as revisionist David Cole, on Simon Wiesenthal’s “Museum of Tolerance”. Interesting and funny too

In the movie, Clarence Darrow, played by Spencer Tracy, interrogates William Jennings Bryan, played by Frederic March. Click to enlarge

“Inherit the Wind”- How the Illuminati Brainwashed Christians

The movie “Inherit the Wind” helped make Americans adopt the doctrine of evolution. James Perloff shows how Hollywood distorted the facts to advance the Illuminati agenda.

Above: These two illustrations make the point even more dramatically. On the left, the Ashkenazim Jewess, Barbara Streisand, New York, 1966. On the right, a Jewish leader of Israelite trade delegation as portrayed on a mural on the wall of the 18th Dynasty (1400 BC) Tomb of Sobekhotep, Thutmose IV; Egypt.

Rethinking the Khazar Theory by Dr. David Duke

David Duke takes issue with a theory promoted primarily by Communist Jews