Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

1914 Christmas Truce Contains a Lesson

1914 Christmas Truce Contains a Lesson

The “Christmas Truce” of 1914-15 suggests that instinctively soldiers didn’t want to fight a war designed by bankers and Freemasons

Lockerbie bombing: ‘No evidence’ that Megrahi is innocent

What’s interesting about this anniversary report is the way the BBC frames the facts. Look beyond the headline and it becomes obvious that relatives of the deceased blame the CIA for Lockerbie

New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlarge

“Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”

The New York Times was already reporting of Jewish persecution and an ongoing “Holocaust” in May 31, 1936

China and the Jews

China and the Jews

When the time is right, I predict, the Jews will jump ship en masse and make China their next cash cow—but not before they have destroyed America

Sleeping With Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

Sleeping With Goyim in Mandatory Palestine

In a superb video (included), Dr. Daniela Reich, an Israeli academic who specialises in ‘Israeli studies’ elaborates on her research into ‘Jewess / Goyim’ relationships within the context of pre 1948 Palestine

Paige Young.

New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave

Allegations against Bill Cosby prompt a new look at the ‘suicide’ of a Playboy Bunny who left a note, “Hugh Hefner is the devil”

Hitler pictured in LIFE Magazine. Click to enlarge

Hitler was a Billionaire

Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause but by the mid 1930’s, he was fast becoming one of the richest men in Europe

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

High praise: Jim Fetzer reviews a “brilliant” scientific study of the Holocaust by Nick Kollerstrom, whom Fetzer describes as “the world’s leading iconoclast”

Dail suspended three times as Joan and Mary Lou clash again

Heated exchange highlights a history of alleged paedophilia and sexual abuse within the Irish Republican movement

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903)

Pope Said Freemasonry is Satanism

In 1902, Pope Leo XIII said the aim of Freemasonry is “to exercise an occult overlordship upon society; [its] sole raison d’etre is to wage war against God and His church.”

Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre

Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre

Uri Avnery presents some little known background to the recent killings in a Jerusalem synagogue

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. click to enlarge

The Gods of Money

If money is the ‘root of all evil’, who or what are its gods? Richard K Moore looks back at events in the last century to find out

Hot Off The Press-Har Nof Jerusalem Is Deir Yassin and it is Remembered

Hot Off The Press-Har Nof Jerusalem Is Deir Yassin and it is Remembered

Gilad Atzmon notes a timely coincidence that few in the corporate media will mention

President Truman Presenting a Distinguished Service Medal to James Forrestal. Click to enlarge

James Forrestal- Early Zionist Hit-Job?

An update on the murder of America’s first Secretary of Defence

Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron

Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron

Never in the history of the world has such an orgy of rape and mass murder taken place: the Allied Holocaust of National Socialist Germany

General Smigly Rydz. Click to enlarge

Meet the Man who Started WWII

Forerunner of the same crime syndicate now trying to spark war with Syria and Iran, before ultimately igniting WWIII with Russia and China

George Orwell quote. Click to enlarge

You must know by now

A checklist to run past your favorite local elected official to make you realize how important it is to vote him (or her) out of office as soon as humanly possible

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Is this hand gesture the explanation of German generals' docility?

British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup in 1938

The German General Staff was ready to overthrow Hitler in Sept. 1938 but the British ( i.e. Illuminati) withheld support. Why did the British want war and why did the Germans follow their lead?

Psychopaths to maintain order after massive nuke attack – Home Office docs

The idea was ruled out when first proposed in 1982. However, one wonders if it hasn’t since been reconsidered as many of our political leaders clearly exhibit psychopathic traits

Basil Zaharoff displays the Knight Grand Cross of the Bath which he received in 1919 for selling the munitions that killed 10 million goyim on both sides in WW1. Click to enlarge

Basil Zaharoff – A Name You Should Know

Eustice Mullins looks back at a man who has largely been forgotten but who ranks alongside the very worst criminals in history