Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

Christian Rakovsky with Leon Trotsky c. 1924. Stalin hijacked Communism. Trotsky, an agent of the Illuminati Jewish central bankers was supposed to succeed Lenin. Click to enlarge

Rothschilds Conduct “Red Symphony”

The 1938 transcript of Christian G. Rakovsky’s interrogation by Stalin’s secret police is definitive proof that events are “made to happen”. Henry Makow explains

Joseph Hirt. Click to enlarge

Holocaust imposter and historical fraud

Man who claimed he escaped Auschwitz admits he lied to keep the memory of the “Holocaust” alive

Some Things You Should Know

Some Things You Should Know

Although the Holocaust happened over 70-years-ago the number of “Holocaust survivors” has grown each year

David Irving’s Final Address in the London Libel Trial March 2000

David Irving’s final address provides astonishing details of the concerted campaign to destroy his career and silence him. A Feature film starring Rachel Weiss is soon to be released, which we are sure will further distort what really happened

100+ Reasons to Cease & Desist from Any Further Holocaust Commemoration

100+ Reasons to Cease & Desist from Any Further Holocaust Commemoration

32. For the lack of acknowledgement in Jewish writing that for more than a decade and a half after the war, there was absolutely no conception of ‘The Holocaust’

History as ghastly repetition – Anna Lindh & Jo Cox

History as ghastly repetition – Anna Lindh & Jo Cox

We had almost forgotten but as they say “history repeats itself”, and Jo Cox’s murder had a bizarre precedent 13 years ago.

German teenagers taught mothering skills -- with interracial baby simulators. Click to enlarge

Rabbi Rabinovich’s 1952 Speech Relevant Today

In fact what rabbi Rabinovich spoke of more than fifty years ago is unfolding before our eyes

Khomeini return from exile. Click to enlarge

US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran revolution

Newly declassified diplomatic cables suggest the US indirectly helped facilitate the return of Ayatollah Khomeini. His successor says the documents are fabricated

Jimmy Carter behind Anglo-CIA conspiracy in Iran which installed Khomeini and the Mullahs

Archive footage suggests that the U.S. had been instrumental in deposing the Shah. Although, we believe, they may not have intended to install Khomeini

Dolly Kyle.

Bill Clinton’s lover – before and AFTER his marriage – spills the beans on Hilary

Insider reveals that what lies behind the public facade of the Clinton’s marriage

Holocaust artist David Olère, L’Oeil du Témoin (The Eyes of a Witness)

Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 2)

How a mass delusion became the truth. Or as Lenin put it: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

West Germany’s Holocaust Payoff to Israel and World Jewry

They don’t call it the ‘Holocaust industry’ for nothing. Not only has it produced substantial financial reparations, it has also generated a huge payoff politically

US Air Force Boeing C 17A Globemaster III flies over a minaret after taking off from Incirlik air base in Adana, Turkey. Click to enlarge

If a US court acknowledges the Armenian genocide, the Government must follow suit

The ghosts of the dead, Robert Fisk explains, are returning to haunt even America’s latest Middle East war

Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 1)

Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 1)

“Some events do take place but are not true; others are [true], although they never occurred.” — Elie Wiesel, 1968

Another Labour anti-Semitism row as activist refuses to apologise for comments that triggered suspension

Labour Party activist refuses to apologise for stating a recognised, if little known historical fact, which Zionists don’t want you to know about.

Veterans: Heroes, Mercenaries or Dupes? Click to enlarge

Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

When NATO fomented and led a revolution in Libya in 2011 it was one of only four countries in the world that didn’t have a Rothschild central bank. Now it does

When Americans Lynched a Jewish Rapist/Murderer

When Americans Lynched a Jewish Rapist/Murderer

Not only was the Anti Defamation League founded on the lynching of a convicted child rapist-murderer, there’s even an exhibit of him in the Dallas Holocaust Museum

Plaques commemorating Auschwitz deaths: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Click to enlarge

Auschwitz: Myths and Facts

Many fanciful stories that have been told about Auschwitz and then, once they were proven to be false, they were quietly forgotten. Mark Weber recalls some

WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable

WW2 in the Pacific — Totally Avoidable

Henry Makow on how the U.S. forced Japan into the Pacific war, in order to prevent it invading Russia and opening a second front on Stalin

86 Year Old German Woman lays charges against the Central Council of the Jews in Germany

Here is a story you won’t hear in the “mainstream media”. Includes video (with English subtitles)