Hidden and Revisionist History

What you were not taught at school. Alternative views of our past that may be closer to the truth than the currently accepted version.

Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology Occult Science Great Documentaries

A lengthy but very worthwhile documentary on human origins, the ancient past and the suppression of evidence that contradicts the conventional view of evolution

Samuel Dichstein 1885-1954

The Talented Samuel Dickstein

Even his KGB handlers thought the Congressman was a crook.

Many American diplomats pointed to Stalin’s special affinity for Roosevelt’s assistant. Charles Bohlen, who accompanied Hopkins to his later meetings with Stalin, as a translator, recalled that Stalin once said in his presence that Hopkins was “the first American to whom he had spoken “po dushe” – from the soul.”

“Russian Meddling?” FDR’s Soviet Spies Sodomized the US

Diana West explains how America was betrayed by its very leaders

LBJ, Jackie Kennedy and JFK. Click to enlarge

CIA’s Jackie Kennedy Flirted with LBJ After Assassination

Tape recorded phone-calls phone shortly after Kennedy’s assassination reveal an over-familiarity between the recently widowed Jackie and LBJ

The idea that a democratically elected goy leader thinks independently and euthentically is, apparently, as hostile to the Israelis as a war declaration.

The Final Stage of Chosen Narcissism

There have been demands that Israel recalls its ambassador after the Polish PM’s comments. Judge for yourself whether they are “anti-Semitic”

Sen Joseph McCarthy - an American Hero

Sen Joseph McCarthy – an American Hero

McCarthy continues to be reviled because the West is de facto Communist

Jeremy Corbyn. Click to enlarge

Former Communist Spy Claims Corbyn Was Paid to Inform on Britain During the Cold War

According to a former spy, Czechoslovakia’s Soviet-backed spy service regularly received information from Corbyn

Top 10 War on Iran cap: Should anti-Semitic cartoons like this be permitted? We call for an IMMEDIATE ban on all such cartoons!

Iran – An Illuminati Target Always

A short history of Western aggression

Some of the victims of the Allied holocaust in Dresden. Click to enlarge

The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

A half-million German civilians and three-quarters of a million Japanese civilians were burned to death in Allied bombing, yet it is a thought crime to say so

Tet Offensives, Hungry China and Dumbed Down Americans

Tet Offensives, Hungry China and Dumbed Down Americans

Drugged, decadent, easily manipulated, narcissistic and ignorant of history, how will Americans deal with the existential storm awaiting them?

A new video released by ISIS allegedly shows the beheading of 21 Egyptians. Click to enlarge

The illusion of the eradication of Daesh

Thierry Meyssan explains that Daesh are far from defeated. The entities that first created the Sunni militants are repackaging them with new objectives in view

Poland Holocaust Law Pisses Off Jews

Poland Holocaust Law Pisses Off Jews

Brother Nathanel Kapner on Jewish reaction to a new Polish law that outlaws claims the conquered nation was complicit in Nazi crimes carried out on it soil

Feminism Was Created by US Communist Party

Feminism Was Created by US Communist Party

The goal of Communism always has been to destroy the “bourgeois” family.

US troops advance into Germany during WWII

Allies raped almost 1m Germans: academic

Of course this doesn’t take into account the hundreds of thousands of rapes carried out by invading Russian soldiers as they advanced from the east

The Battle of Gas Chamber Doubter Robert Faurisson is not yet over

The Battle of Gas Chamber Doubter Robert Faurisson is not yet over

Michael Hoffman explains why Franz Kafka’s ordeal has nothing on the trials of Dr. Robert Faurisson

This cover of Cosmopolitan magazine looks like a parody of Cosmopolitan magazine. I mean, just read the ridiculous headlines on it. Even more ridiculous is Madonna looking like an Beta Kitten going to an Illuminati masked orgy.

Illuminati Taught Young Women to Trade in Sex

Thanks to #MeToo, proud sluts are now victims. Henry Makow presents a less than flattering look at former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown

Hitler’s Consultation Of The Doomed

U.S. Ambassador to Britain Joseph Kennedy told Defence Secretary James Forrestal that Neville Chamberlain told him that “World Jewry forced England into war”

Massacre at Dachau and other Allied war crimes

Massacre at Dachau and other Allied war crimes

Some interesting and little known facts about a real war crime that the allies suppressed

I Helped Sell the False Choice of War Once. It’s Happening Again.

Former secretary of state Colin Powell’s chief writes that they sold Americans the case for war with Iraq. Now it looks as if history is repeating itself

The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool-Aid

The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool-Aid

The hammering you hear is the Illuminati dismantling Western Civilization.