Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out The Human Race

Paul Craig Roberts on why it pays to be suspicious, cynical even, of what government and presstitute media tell you

US already third world economy: American economist

According to Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury: “America is in the toilet, and the rest of the world knows it”

Putin Steps Into World Leadership Role — Paul Craig Roberts

If Putin had wanted to give Obama the full rebuke he deserves, Putin could have said: “The US is the only country in the world that has attacked 8 countries in 12 years, murdering and dispossessing millions of Muslims all on the basis of lies…”

The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth

Because the American press is a corrupt government propaganda ministry, the American people have no idea that neoconized Washington is planning nuclear war

Coup d’etat

The criminals who have seized illegitimate power in Washington cannot survive unless truth can be suppressed or redefined as treason

Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War

This isn’t the raving of some wild-eyed ‘conspiracy theorist’ but comes from the keyboard of a former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Economic Policy, Paul Craig Roberts

Why Disinformation Works. In America “Truth has no Relevance. Only Agendas are Important”

Do you not think that it is extraordinary that the only investigations we have of such events as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing are private investigations?

How Elites and Media Minimize Dissent and Bury Truth

For most Americans, reality is whatever the television news tell them. Even if it is lies. Paul Craig Roberts explains

America’s Descent Into Deception and Tyranny: Agenda Prevails Over Truth

Paul Craig Roberts on why things are only going to get worse

The Osama bin Laden Myth

A historic interview conducted 17 days after 9/11 in which its alleged “mastermind” denies all involvement. This interview with bin Laden, verified by the BBC world monitoring service, was thereafter buried by the Western news media

Puppet State America

The German assault on the Warsaw Ghetto is one of the horror stories of Jewish history. Such an event has happened again, only this time Jews were perpetrators instead of victims

You are voting for your own extinction, by Paul Craig Roberts

You are voting for your own extinction, by Paul Craig Roberts

Commentary from Paul Craig Roberts presented and enhanced by Lasha Darkmoon

“It is a mystery why Israelis put Netanyahu in public office instead of in an insane asylum.” — Paul Craig Roberts

Mad Dog America

Israel has no power except what its American protector provides. Yet, despite Israel’s insignificance, it rules Washington

The War Criminals in our Midst

The War Criminals in our Midst

Five years from now, if there is a military coup or revolution, all these people could find themselves in front of a firing squad

Who Runs the Madhouse?

Who Runs the Madhouse?

The evidence is simply overwhelming that Washington—both parties—have Russia and China targeted. Nuclear war is the likely outcome

Financial Collapse At Hand: When is “Sooner or Later”?

Foreigners who hold dollar assets look at the annual US budget and trade deficits, look at the sinking US economy, look at Wall Street’s uncovered gambling bets, look at the war plans and conclude: “I’ve got to carefully get out of this.”

Trials Without Crimes Or Evidence

Secret evidence murders the concept of a fair trial. It murders justice and the rule of law. Secret evidence means anyone can be convicted of anything. But, Paul Craig Roberts explains, it is pivitol to the ‘War on Terror’

Silencing The Critics

“The US government does not represent americans. It represents a few special interests and a foreign power. US citizens simply don’t count …Money, power, hegemony are all that count for Washington”

Washington Moves Closer to War

And if the war gets out of hand, and if Russia and China intervene or nukes start flying, Washington wants the blame to rest on Israel

The Next War on Washington’s Agenda

The Next War on Washington’s Agenda

What we are witnessing is a replay of Washington’s policy toward Japan in the 1930s that provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, writes Paul Craig Roberts. Only this time the target is not Japan but Iran