Will Russia Succumb To Washington’s Economic Attack?

To survive Russia should insulate against rather than integrate with the West

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China

Paul Craig Roberts predicts that Russia and China will soon be confronted with an unwelcome choice: either accept U.S. hegemony or go to war

Zionist Israel Hides Its Crimes Behind Its Smears of Truth-Tellers

“Anti-semite” has lost its sting, because every justified criticism of the Zionist Israeli government is declared to be anti-semitism. Indeed, to be declared “anti-semite” by the Israel Lobby is to be declared a person of high moral conscience

US Assaults British Sovereignty

Paul Craig Roberts on why Obama has been sent to London to persuade Britons to stay in the European Union. A simple explanation that makes perfect sense

How the American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind’s Hopes for Peace

Hillary Clinton is the Neocons choice. If she makes it to the White House prepare for more wars, possibly with Russia and/or China

How They Brainwash Us

Anyone who pays attention can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.

Drill at Sandy Hook. If 20 children & 6 teachers had actually been slaughtered, they would be running away in terror. Click to enlarge

Sandy Hook Puzzles

Paul Craig Roberts examines some photos relating to Sandy Hook and asks: was it a real event or a hoax?

Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

The sign of a totalitarian or authoritarian state is a media that feels no responsibility to investigate and to find the truth, accepting the role of propagandist instead

Presstitutes At Work

Nazi propaganda was very mild compared to the constant stream of dangerous lies that are pumped out by the U.S. media.

There Is No Freedom Without Truth

Dwight D. Eisenhower wasn’t the only figure in history who today would be labelled a “conspiracy theorist”.

The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization

Paul Craig Roberts on why Putin is correct when he says America and its vassals are lawless

War is on the Horizon: Is it Too Late to Stop It?

There is no doubt that Washington is driving the world toward Armageddon, and Europe is the enabler

‘We are the terrorists!’

‘We are the terrorists!’

Two separate pieces by distinguished political analyst Paul Craig Roberts. With pictures, captions and endnotes by Lasha Darkmoon

Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations

The only benefactor of the Paris attack is the Western political establishment and Washington’s goal of unseating Assad in Syria

Police at the Bataclan music venue in Paris after the attacks. Click to enlarge

The Matrix Extends Its Reach

With the Paris terror attacks, what was impossible became possible, and the French president announced the closing of France’s borders. The border closings will spread

The “War On Terror” Is The Hoax Foundation Of The Police/Spy State

Are the American people really such washed-up sheeple, such cowards, that they acquiesce to a police/spy state, the foundation of which consists of nothing but lies?

The MH-17 ‘Report’

The misrepresentation of the Dutch report by Western media, such as NPR, is so outrageous as to make the media the story and not the report

Russia’s False Hopes

If the Russian government thinks that Washington’s word means anything, the Russian government is out to lunch. Washington has never honored any treaty. Just ask the Plains Indians or the last Soviet President Gorbachev

Refugees from Libya and Syria attempt to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe. Click to enlarge

Insouciance Rules The West

Everywhere in the Western media there are reports deploring the influx of migrants; yet nowhere is there any reference to the cause of the problem

Moscow's Top Man in Donbass Says All-Out War Will Start Soon (Video)

Moscow’s Top Man in Donbass Says All-Out War Will Start Soon (Video)

Donbass PM says: “Minsk agreements are torn apart”. Includes video (with English subtitles) and comments from Paul Craig Roberts