Navistar armoured vehicle used by the Department of Homeland Securty and U.S. polce. Click to enlarge

Government arms race kicks into high gear as DHS buys 2,700 armored vehicles for streets of America

Is the U.S. government expecting more terror attacks? Or are they preparing for insurrection?

Are you under the spell of media hypnosis? Take this simple test and find out

Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think. Includes videos

LAPD literally trying to execute Christopher Dorner while endangering LA citizens with frenzied 'shoot to kill' gunfire

LAPD literally trying to execute Christopher Dorner while endangering LA citizens with frenzied ‘shoot to kill’ gunfire

The manhunt had the urgency of a political execution squad, not an arrest of a murderer

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. Click to enlarge

Argentina’s regime leader Kirchner freezes food prices, pushes country toward food shortages and riots

Cristina Kirchner reflects a global trend. Everywhere around the world, governments are lying to their people

Beware: A President who justifies secret drone killings of Americans can justify anything

There’s no other way to say it: This is tyranny. A President who has the power to kill anyone he wishes, completely outside of law and the Constitution, is a dictatorial tyrant

Jesse Jackson pushes new ‘Occupy’ plan: Have Homeland Security occupy Chicago with armed TSA agents

Jesse Jackson is calling for is the rise of an armed domestic security force like Hitler’s Brownshirts

Why every U.S. city is like a Brazilian nightclub inferno with no exits for the masses

If you are living in a high population density city anywhere in the world, you are living inside a death trap.

You've just been Sandy Hooked

You’ve just been Sandy Hooked

Why everything from politics to health care is pure theater

Delusions of the radical left: Prohibition doesn’t work for alcohol or marijuana, but it will somehow work for guns

In fact outlawing firearms leads to a RISE in gun crime. In Britain, in the decade following the 1997 imposition of strict firearms legislation GUN CRIMES SOARED 89%

Visionary internet activist Aaron Swartz found dead; was this brilliant internet revolutionary ‘taken out?’

Mike Adams on the suspicious death of Aaron Swartz and the implications for those who wont swallow the authorities lies

20 dark predictions for 2013, the year of oppression and insanity

The Earth isn’t going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are

Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters

Time to awaken from the false ‘reality’ conjured by the corporate media and our leaders

Gandhi advocated the right to bear arms; use of ‘violence’ to defend innocents against bullying, oppression

How would Gandhi have responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre? The answer may surprise you

US government intelligence agencies see possible economic collapse, resource wars, the fall of America by 2030

I have to question the intelligence of this report, writes Mike Adams. Nowhere does it cover the U.S. government’s fall into tyranny and oppression

Shock study: Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary ‘treatment’ for cancer they never had

Unlike the old fairground fakes however, the modern quacks make vast amounts of money – and ruin innumerable lives in the process

Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China now more free than America in notable ways

Not even in North Korea are air travelers sexually molested by overpaid perverts and grown-up morons dressed up in a costume with a fake badge and the fabricated title of “officer”

‘Proof of Heaven’ documents existence of afterlife, multiverse, intelligent life beyond Earth, multidimensional realities

How a Near Death Experience turned a neurosurgeon and lifelong sceptic into the most credible afterlife witness in recent history

Ten Health Ranger predictions about December 2012 and the first half of 2013

Mike Adams on what to expect in the coming weeks and months and how you can prepare

26 things to get done before the global debt collapse

Obviously, this list can go on forever, but these 26 things should be at the top of your “preparedness to-do list”

Everything is rigged - health, politics, finance and more - but here's how to beat the system

Everything is rigged – health, politics, finance and more – but here’s how to beat the system

The whole system may be rigged and in terminal decline but you don’t have to go down with it. As Mike Adams explains, there is a way out