Mr Apocalypse is the Ronald MacDonald of Armageddon

The New Age movement is an arm of The One World government movement, just as the established and now crumbling religious institutions are

The Black Friday Palindrome Boogie Down

The Black Friday Palindrome Boogie Down

People see but… they won’t say. It costs too much but… now… now… that’s changed. Things are not what they were. Our time is coming. Their time is going. Say what you will. That is how it is

The Seek-Speak and Spread Truth Conference

Newly returned from the Belly of the Beast, Les Visible reports that the Truth conference in London was a resounding success

Ambulatory House Plants and Burning Bacon Heads

People will do all kinds of things because they’ve confused license with liberty. They’ve confused notoriety with fame. They wanted to push the envelope and they got ‘folded spindled and mutilated’

Don’t You Know we’re Riding on the Disinfo Express

I’ve been watching various cable series to get an idea of what is being slipped into the common awareness, under the guise of entertainment

Lowering the Moat Portcullis Against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor

Lowering the Moat Portcullis Against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor

I love my friends but I’ve come to accept that we are moving at different speeds and not going to arrive at the same conclusions or places at the same time

A World beyond Lawyers and Vampire Banks

The majority of people are enslaved by their appetites and that is what makes it possible for others to enslave them in the first place

The Last Gasp of the Satanic Ridiculous and a Primer

It might be crazy and chaotic and it might be tranquil and serene, every case is different. It’s important not to forget or to give up. You may think you got left alone but… you didn’t

The Dragon of the Apocalypse at the Crossroads of Impasse

Those who will not listen will feel. Those who will not awaken by being called out to, will be shaken from their sleep by whatever force is necessary

Support the Dupes who Die in the Bankers Wars

The incredible and self destructive activities of the bankers and the super rich, are all being directed by Mr. Apocalypse. It IS for the purpose of demonstration

Dilenttantes, Dabblers and Quija Warriors

It’s a slender, slender thread. It’s a narrow, narrow way. Is it any wonder we fall to one side or the other?

An Apocalyptic Frottage in an Age of Hannibal Lectors

The public mills about like poleaxed steers, as outrageous crimes take place with impunity… so far

Military Cocktails at the Feeding Ground for Ghouls

The great power of materialism and the efforts of it’s agents are all for the purpose of taking people’s minds off of what is important, by body-slamming them with trivia and the inconsequential

The Warlocks of Wall Street and the Devil’s Buttboys

As I’ve said before, things have changed on the higher planes and that change is precipitating down, now.

The Bint Paradise of Helminth Crawlers in the Age of Aeolist

The end is near when fear has been replaced by ridicule. When contempt swallows all apprehension, you know that the shitmeisters have fallen into their own soup

Drunk and Stupid, with Doomsday on the Event Horizon

The public needs to make the connection between the majority of their afflictions and THE BANKS, especially THE CENTRAL BANKS

Soulless Corporate Whores, doing the Inverse Cowpie in the Pig Sty

Are you pursuing life or death? Can you tell the difference? These are questions everyone ought to be asking themselves, along with, “:What is real?” “Who am I?”

Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity

My job and the job of all heralds in this time is to proclaim the coming age, expose the enemies of humanity and generally tell anyone and everyone to be optimistic despite appearances. “A change is gonna come.”

The Pending Descending and the Treasures of the Heart

The Pending Descending and the Treasures of the Heart

The sort of things taking place now, are direct evidence that Satan is afoot and actively at work in the hearts of his minions

Boston Stupid and Working for the Man in Afghanistan

The REAL PROBLEM is in the complete lack of sensitivity and awareness in a large body of the population. That’s what materialism does to an otherwise sane consciousness