Ruminations on the Concept of Free Will

In the waning days of my former state, now transitive (hopefully) to a new location, many thoughts come to mind

Love and the Road to Self-Discovery

Faith is not unlike a boat. As someone else once said: “The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

The Industry of Scholars in Pursuit of Answers

For some people the city streets and celebrities are real. So too are the politicians but to me, as a famous fairy tale declares, “they’re nothing but a pack of cards”.

Toreadors, Dancing Bears and Love Supreme

There’s more to the ego than meets the eye. There is more to all of the components of a person than meets the eye and you can be sure that it is a metaphysical truth that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Weekend Warblers whose Character is Fate

A higher love is the ultimate objective. As good as some drugs are AND- I know what I’m talking about in that respect, nothing comes close to that state

On Being Able to See around Corners

All of us get tryouts with different teachers. We could well not know when this is taking place. If we don’t rise to the occasion, they pass on. We’re unripe fruit

Sirius Bidness in Times of Material Darkness

There is no power on Earth that has any power over you, except what you have conferred. All of this takes place in the mind and the heart. All triumph and defeat occurs there. All conflict begins and ends there

How To Bypass a Directed Darkness

How To Bypass a Directed Darkness

It remains to be seen whether Les Visible’s Zurich talk goes ahead. In the meantime though he ponders on diverse topics from sexual energy to video entertainment

Out of the Shadows and into the Wold's of Light

Out of the Shadows and into the Wold’s of Light

Take but little notice of the slings and arrows of this vale of tears and shadows. It is not the real world.

"The Cornucopia of Grace and Holocaust Porn."

“The Cornucopia of Grace and Holocaust Porn.”

The servants of darkness gain considerable power by a different channeling of the sex force. This is why there is so much perversity in the halls of power and so much incidence of child sex and blood sacrifice of the innocent

Making the Rounds in the Age of Self Interest.

All kinds of people go round and round in circles with cycling lifetimes. Millions of years can be involved in this, so long as appetites need to be fed, so long as desires remain unfulfilled

Allegorical Tales of the Bloodsucking Oligarchs.

The mask of civilization is a thin veneer and beneath it often lurks the face of a beast. Set the temperature coordinates of a culture so as to provoke any particular state of pervasive fear and you will see what people are capable of, both good and bad

“To Turn Again… to Turn Away.”

The devil exists to challenge and to test you. So let’s remember that intelligence does not come attended by morality or spiritual discernment. Psychopaths are generally intelligent

If you Do Not Seek, you Will Not Find

The divine communicates with all kinds of people all the time and most of them were not even aware of it, except in the manner of hunches and premonitions

Big Trouble in Little Japan and other Things

Those who are not evil are not equipped to understand what it is capable of and why, nor by what permissions it is allowed to continue

Demodex Mites and the Power of Bhakti

Demodex Mites and the Power of Bhakti

♫Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! ♫ And… what a fine early Spring morning it is. There is light up ahead for all of us, SHOULD WE WISH to take that route

The Signature Dish of our Times

The Zionists and Satanists are looking to blur the margins and reduce humanity to full time engagement in basic appetites

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus

I’ll probably catch it for my cavalier disregard for a particular, mysterious area of scientific apparati, if certain apparatchiks see this (grin) but…

It Came from Beneath the Valley of Seeing through a Glass Darkly

Until we recognize that we can be conscious players, we will be played. That’s how it works. If you are not in control, you are being controlled

Quarantine the Negative at a Far Remove

We are being sorted, tried and tested and it results in things like this. Don’t let it happen to you. Les Visible explains how with the help of a video