We’re Shakin’ in Our Boots here, Boss

As people age, whether they have been good or bad, their face becomes a road map of the places they have been and the things they have done

Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

The more they can twist basic nature into The Land of Perversity, the easier it is to drive people in directions they would ‘normally’ not go.

In the Presence of the Divine or the Habitation of Demons

Anyone in possession of a brain should be able to see to what extent the organized church is in bed with their depraved and demonic government

It’s Likely they’re not Living in Scrub Brush Country

There is life and consciousness in many more things than most might imagine

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example

The world of the moment is in a nose dive, spiraling toward a dreadful awakening

Rhinestones, Diamonds and Hard Baked Earth Syndrome

It’s all scripted and it has happened before. The failed experiments of hundreds of thousands and even millions of years lies buried under the sands of the sea

To Be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement

To Be Free in the Realm of Bondage and Confinement

One cannot stress too intensely, the importance of the divine in one’s life. All the yogas and disciplines of any type are just for the sake of tuning in

American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitute

American Stupid cannot hear and it cannot see and it will wake up at some point well beyond the point of no return

Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing Through the Formica Wonderland

Ozzie and Harriet, Sailing Through the Formica Wonderland

Life’s disappointments are meant to force us to rely upon the ineffable whose promises are eternal. Either faith in the temporary or faith in the everlasting. It’s your call

To Leave a Luminous Legacy

One of the biggest illusions presently going in the world of today is that one can become too powerful to touch or too big to fail.

Value Received for those Deceived or True Value Comprehended

Our most consistent and continuing illusion is our perception of ourselves

The Deep and Penetrating Awareness of Whatever

These are the strangest of days. People are behaving either totally out of character, or their real character is being revealed. I don’t know which of these it is but… time will tell

The Steel Cage Match between Romper Room and Kardashian Think

I want to say a little something about the phenomenon of Satanism here. It proliferates much further and over a wider reach than you might suspect

The Clones and Copies and Confusions of this Xeroxed World

The Prince of Evil is behind all the negative things and he has agents all over the world and only some of them come from Israel and are of a particular genetic strain

We Are and We Are Not Who and What we Think we Are

Some of us move with relative ease through the twists and turns of our existence; no drama of demonstration is required of them. Some of us, on the other hand, make waves

Global Madness is in Full Approach

For whatever the deeper reasons may be, it is coming on in many places all at the same time and the madmen at the wheel are hitting the accelerator and driving with their eyes closed

Living on the Treadmill of Fear

If you are watching closely you can see your life change. If you look even more closely you can see it coming before it arrives.

Lambs in Vengeance Suckle at the Teats of Irony

How it all teeters on the edge. Observe the high tension spectacle of a runaway gyroscope, spinning and leaning on the lip of a smoking abyss

Memory Lane Can Intersect with Amnesia Road

Karma sometimes puts us places where we do not prosper for the purpose of learning

And the Worst of the STD’s is … Political Correctness

This is the state of our world now; where some take control of children’s emergent libido to fashion and shape them in the confusion of their transitions through puberty