The Stupor Bowl: Dancing in the Hallucination Zone

You know the end is near when the most mercantile people on Earth, control every aspect of your government and laugh about it in front of you. Oh… how easily people are led by simple basic desires, into a darkness not easily exited.

The Howler Monkeys of the Moment in the Land of Perpetual Ooohs and Ahs

What can you do when most of the public have been brainwashed into supporting those riding roughshod over them? The greatest danger to these predators is that the people might wake up

To Bring Down the Vampire Banking Syndicate

Corporations have no conscience and they don’t promote people who do. By the time you get anywhere near the levers of power, you are a cold blooded, psychopathic sonofabitch

The Watcher Within

He’s there. You just have to look inside yourself to see him as he watches the harvester approach, sweeping these souls to this side and those souls to the other

Bearding the Zio-Ogre Bankers in their Den

Everything that happens to us is relative to our level of awareness. Change your awareness and you change what happens to you

The End of the Bad Drummers who Hijacked Holy Drummerland

It was an artificially constructed beat that forced everyone to dance unnaturally and you see it very much these days, as their particular beat is applied to everything, including basic sexual expression

Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death

Those who have invested so much in the oppression of their fellows, believe that their hour of total victory is at hand. They could not be more mistaken, as they will soon discover

Six Flag Waving Nations over Fundie Land and Elsewhere

I hate to be the one who mentions it to you but I want you to be wary and observant as you go, should you be living in Police State U.S.A

The Sirens of Appetite and the Doors of Perception

The Sirens of Appetite and the Doors of Perception

I should have said something earlier but I recognize things get said when they are supposed to get said and since what is going to be mentioned is now approaching, well… there you have it. Incoming

To Speak the Truth and … that Oasis in the Desert Thing

Powerful religious figures don’t speak the truth. They engage in selective cherry picking of scripture that reinforces their core beliefs.

The Art of Camouflaged Agendas and Other Things

C’mere. I want to to take a look in the electron microscope. Tell me what you see… I just want to make sure it’s not an hallucination

The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil

One thing you can count on is that evil will destroy itself. It’s all just a matter of time.

From Poleaxed Steers to Sold Out Whores

The collapse of western culture is blatantly obvious, all the way from the totally sold out whores at the top of the pyramid to the peons at the bottom

Fear and the Artificial Landscapes of Terror

Let me try to explain why Fear is a much bigger player these days, with a much more expanded role around the world.

Of Departing Monsters and Serious Transformative Change

We are entering into the time of signs and wonders. Massive shifts are initiating in the body public, as they come up against both untenable circumstance and a greater awareness of what is being done to them

Mr Apocalypse is Gonna get You, One way or The Other

At some point probably quite soon you’re going to come face-to-face with Mr Apocalypse. That’s certain. How he treats you though will depend very much on you

The Ever Widening and Tightening Gyre of Whiffenpoofs

There is a mass awakening in progress. It appears not to be actual until, all at once it manifests everywhere at once.

Sitting in the Bakelite Chair at the Bus Station Bardo

I have a big thing about not being understood and slander. It originates from early childhood where my own father slandered me often and also in public

How to Avoid being an Extra in Lifestyles of the Rich Man’s Anus

There is a reason; a very good reason why I’m using certain terms today and it’s not gratuitous

People Get Ready for the Changes Coming!!

Help is present and help is on the way. You have to be able to tell the difference between help and hindrance. This is all arranged according to your value system. If your value system is askew then so will be you