Dreaming of the Beautiful Islands in the Sun

We’re all searching for some sort of serenity. We get the idea it must be, ‘out there’ somehow but… it’s not.

She is Everywhere, in Unseen Miniature Multiplied

There is a dark agenda at work at the moment, with the intention of sucking as many as will go, down into a vortex of negative polarity

Out on the High Mesa with the Tattered Ghosts of the Night

He’s not Smoking Mirrors in this particular posting but he’s ‘smokin’ … Recommended reading from Reflections in a Petri Dish

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion

Massive cultural changes seem to come out of nowhere because most people aren’t paying any attention to anything besides the allurements of self interest

Out of the Well of the Subjective and into a Cleansing Light

I cannot exactly comprehend why some people would hate me as intensely as they do. I have one job and that is to please my creator.

Transiting from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

The Sun is a living creature. The Moon is also a seat of consciousness. Nature is filled with devas and each individual star was once someone like you and me

One Day Every One of us will be Bathed in the Light of the Ineffable

Many atheists seem unable to pick up on the difference between the idea of an overseeing creator and to the vagaries and vices of organized religion.

The Dawning of the Sun of Reality in the Age of Brotherhood

Les Visible reflects on a little history that is all the more striking for the obvious parallels today

Pimp Rolling through the Grand Apocalypse

Pimp Rolling through the Grand Apocalypse

Disorder is the rule and disorder is a timed explosive. It doesn’t have a fuse. It has an elastic wire and it follows the ‘repent of the pull rule’

Circling and Spiralling on the Helix of the Ineffable

The self can be an unruly beast. Some of us have considerably more passion and drive than others and reigning it in can be a formidable undertaking

The Man Who Squats Behind the Man who Works the Smoke Machine

Dying cultures are unpredictable, like a drunk at a party who is about to pass out. You never know which direction he will fall in and if he falls in your direction, there is always the possibility that he might also puke in your lap as well

Naked and Afraid and as Dumb as a Fence Post

The greater the force of Material Culture, the more the general mind is imprisoned in the turbulent soup of it.

Reflections on the Passing of Brother Est.

Les Visible on the passing of a poet and a friend

Sipping Dom Perignon in the High Tower with the Dali Lami

Sipping Dom Perignon in the High Tower with the Dali Lami

It seems like every time you scratch the surface of a claimed prophet or world teacher these days that you find a dark underbelly

The Busted Rhapsody of What is and What is Not

Life is a constant struggle because you are either driving or being driven. One is an expression of the hand of the divine, unhindered by your interference. The other is the hand of the devil

The Darkness of the World and the Light of the Ineffable

Should you ever wish to measure yourself against your temporary enemies or detractors, measure it against your capacity for forgiveness

Something has Gone Very Wrong in Barbarous Babylon

In times of great transition, social turmoil is a given. Another given is that people will press for change and the rulers will resist change

The Angelic and Satanic Subliminals Working on Maggie’s Farm

It is vitality and flexibility. It is poetry and pornography and, depending on how the plumbing is channeled, it blossoms in perversity and piety as well

Politically Correct, Batshit Crazy March off the Cliffs of Sanity

Let us look at ‘some of’ the logical, next steps in this politically correct, march off the cliffs of sanity into wherever that leads’

We’re Shakin’ in Our Boots here, Boss

As people age, whether they have been good or bad, their face becomes a road map of the places they have been and the things they have done