9/11 – Stale Bread and Pornographic Circuses on Propaganda Road

There is something more than sleep and brainwashing involved in the masses being unable to see. Some of us are not fooled yet some still remain comatose

The Creeping Understandings from the Fathomless Pool

One of the most necessary lessons is to accept what a man on a beach told me; “Everything is under control”, he said. He wasn’t talking about human control either

The Musical Bowels Dancing in Bugs Bunny Bardo

The Musical Bowels Dancing in Bugs Bunny Bardo

I do not measure the looming specter of catastrophe given by those screaming that the sky is falling. I just look at what is right in front of me

Maybe it isn’t April, Maybe September is the Cruellest Month

I’ve been mentioning September for awhile now but it isn’t like I know anything and sometimes I say things in the hope that because I said them they won’t happen

The Adamic Principle and Friends in High Places

I have been predicting September as a time of great change; simply drawn from intuitive input. I am not alone in this

Gazing into the Pool of True Recovered Memory

Life is all a play of dancing cards that demonstrate the roles and activities of that master shuffler and dealer with all the aces up his sleeve

The Living Scriptures that are Vibrating in the Secret Chambers of the Heart

Early morning European edition

There is No Way out, there is Only a Way In

All through our lives we war against ourselves. We remember selectively. We err and regret and then we go forth and err again.

The Priceless Worth of a Love Centred Heart

The winds of discord are wailing down the pipeline of the continuum of end times that are not ending but simply the beginning of something else

There is Only One Power that Makes and Permits all Things

There is Only One Power that Makes and Permits all Things

Behind the physical wars is a spiritual war. The one harvests the bodies of the victims and the other harvests the souls.

The Most Incredibly Long and Winding Road

These are very significant times. You don’t get all these billions and billions of people for no reason. There is a very good reason

The Truth Within and the Lies Without

If you don’t control your thoughts, it is very much like having the radio or TV on all day

Definite Proof of Visible's Broken Hip in Germany

Definite Proof of Visible’s Broken Hip in Germany

Certain vipers of darkness had insisted he had faked his injury. However, Les Visible has the official documents to refute his accusers, which he links here

The Empire of Heaven and the Buddha of LSD

The Empire of Heaven and the Buddha of LSD

When humanity has fallen past a certain longitudinal line in the sand, metaphorically speaking, Nature gets the cue and takes a hike of its own. It begins to wash up on the beaches and fall from the skies

Let Love Shape You and you Will Become Perfection Itself

Les Visible reflects on separation from a good companion

Where's the Haldol Collider when You Need it?

Where’s the Haldol Collider when You Need it?

The devil is the way the wicked see God and let us keep in mind that bit of scripture that mentions ‘generation of vipers’. First they sanitize, then they proliferate to degenerate.

Dreaming of the Beautiful Islands in the Sun

We’re all searching for some sort of serenity. We get the idea it must be, ‘out there’ somehow but… it’s not.

She is Everywhere, in Unseen Miniature Multiplied

There is a dark agenda at work at the moment, with the intention of sucking as many as will go, down into a vortex of negative polarity

Out on the High Mesa with the Tattered Ghosts of the Night

He’s not Smoking Mirrors in this particular posting but he’s ‘smokin’ … Recommended reading from Reflections in a Petri Dish

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion

Massive cultural changes seem to come out of nowhere because most people aren’t paying any attention to anything besides the allurements of self interest