Krazy Glue, Duct Tape and Demon Spit

The time is coming when privileged minorities had better be looking for rocks to crawl under, though it will do them no good. Les Visible explains in text and video

Being Origami as Opposed to Constructing Origami

It’s not always the narrow confines of personal karma that determines event and outcome. Sometimes we are hammered into shape by things in order to be suitable for what lies ahead

Sir! Can I Have Another Sir!

Sir! Can I Have Another Sir!

Sometimes I hate full disclosure because it gives fuel to my enemies (and I have some) and I sometimes can’t see the upside to it but I am committed to it so here goes.

A Personal Update in Search of the Impersonal

A Personal Update in Search of the Impersonal

Life is a series of tests and sometimes, with a particular test you can literally go no further until you have passed that test. It just rounds the corner again and again until you do

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Sheetrock

People only see what they are capable of seeing and a lot of that has to do with what they want to see.

The Humidity of Mortality on Pinball Planet

It is one of those secret laws of existence that in any operation there has to be at least one major dick

Appearances are Lies in Manifestation

A few decades back, so much of what is taking place would generate a collective outrage across the board. Now it generates a listless apathy

Breakfast with Eli Wallach and John Malkovich or Maybe Not

It looks like the whole visible world is indifferent to the invisible world, or else completely unconscious of it. Many people will tell you if you can’t see it, it’s not there. I tend to believe if they can’t see it, they are not there

Uh Thank You … Thank You Varry, Varry Muche

I think it was Smoking Joe Stalin who said, and he would know: “a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night

Dancing to that Strange Accordion File Music in the Still of the Night

Was he pushed? Or did he fall? Les Visible contemplates the changes in his circumstances

Weaponized Military Grades of BS

Weaponized Military Grades of BS

I can show you and you can find; scenes of elegant opulence and all manner of plenty with total want and despair only a short distance away

Here in the Painful Aftermath

A welcome return for Les Visible who explains: “I don’t know where the count lies at this point in the number of the times I should have been dead”.

Gunsights on the OK Per Se

Let us consider Joe Biden who’s playing Bozo the Bloodstained Clown to Howdy Doody; two doomed puppets with not a gram of integrity between them.

Muhammad Raheem Bava Muhaiyaddeen

To Prioritise the Light Within

Yesterday, I found myself getting upset about something. It was a justifiable upset … and I was going back and forth with it in my mind when the ineffable came in and said, “Watch yourself…”

Walking Down Memory Lane With Broad Daylight Awareness

I’m grateful that I have an inner life that occupies my existence because there were times in my life that I actually tried to fit in and the result was not pleasant

On Not having Boat Drinks in the High Tower

For many there is an automatic snooze factor that kicks in whenever they are faced with a question that puts them outside their comfort zone, or which might require some kind of undesirable change in their nature

Patterns and Principles of Contemporary Morph

It’s not whether you win or lose but what is in your heart as you proceed. That is the ultimate arbiter of destiny. Includes Patrick Willis and Les Visible collaboration

More than Any of the Things and All of these Things

If you try to find Love in the world around you, you could get lucky for a time but the Love in the world is like a seasonal flower … the bloom fades eventually

Snake Bit City and the Real Deal

Surviving the ups and downs of material existence doesn’t have a lot to do with the prevailing wisdoms of the times. It has to do with perseverance and the certitude that there is a plot and there is a director

The Gathering in of Every Single Separated Self

The Gathering in of Every Single Separated Self

When Materialism reaches a certain level, rage and anger percolate at the surface, along with envy and resentment. Sociopaths are both born and made in these times