The Feckless Whores From Bent Nose County and the Angel of Dread

I’ve said it a great many times, it’s not winning or losing. It’s the role you play and how you play it.

A Little Super Sunday Sermon of Benevolent Intent

It is the nature of the forces of darkness to go after anyone who is engaged in actions that threaten the command towers of the negative

Dead at the Stupor Bowl from an American Sniper

Dead at the Stupor Bowl from an American Sniper

It is kind of in my blood and I actually enjoy the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship. However… I bring up the Super Bowl today to point out its negative aspects

The World is the World is the World

The World is the World is the World

Although everything comes out of the sun and though it commands both the darkness and the light, there are intelligences born of the darkness that are permitted to cavort about in places where Materialism prevails

That Ain't Paradise Beneath the Dashboard Light

That Ain’t Paradise Beneath the Dashboard Light

I have seen some things of late and I realize I am tracked and monitored. This I know now. The truth is, I’ve been played

Of Time and Maybe a Couple of Rivers

My dog can’t touch me intellectually but my dog dwarfs me when it comes to what is real and what matters. Compared to my dog I am a dysfunctional shit.

The Usual Details Concerning New Horizons and Lands

The Usual Details Concerning New Horizons and Lands

Les Visible reports from the land of Aloha where all is not Aloha but where he has an interesting visitor

The Fierce Encroachment of the Last Gasp of Darkness

Happy New Year, my friends! May this coming year bring massive frustrations for The Overlords and a rapid diminishment of all of their powers and influence

Love in the Age of Kali Yuga

Love in the Age of Kali Yuga

We are grateful here for our general lack of worldly success. We don’t have to concern ourselves with how powerful backers might take what we say

Speculation upon the Cause of Israel did 911 Denial

The word, ‘inconvenient’ and ‘truth’ are often in proximity together. Ironically, if I remember correctly, Big Al Gore had a documentary fantasy film that was called, “An Inconvenient Truth”

Moving through Darkness in Search of the Light

Materialism is a supermarket of pain; a one stop shopping center of non stop torment and the worst of it is in not knowing why it hurts. It hurts all over but… why?

Dancing the Apocalypse Tandava with Amanita Muscaria Claws

Although most people are not awakening to it, there is another facet upon the jeweled agenda of Mr. Apocalypse, they will be

The High Value Potential of each Living Moment

Realize that you are an investment banker too. Invest wisely in the eternal

Having Skin in the Game of Unfortunate Trends

I draw your attention to the Satanist pedophile murder scandal taking place in the UK. There is more going on at all times than meets the eye and there is far more going behind the scenes than we know about

Big Bad Things and Big Good Things

The most profane, pornographic and… lacking in all creativity skills, are at the top of the entertainment pyramid, legitimizing the worst behaviors and expressions

Taylor Twit and those Heroin Model Rock, Eyes of Darkness

Never in the wildest dreams of the architects of the Constitution, would the Supreme Court have conferred personhood upon corporations.

No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them

Though we are all a part of the body of God, we are not all the same parts. We do not have the same duties. We do not have the same faces or the same interests. The creator expresses differently in each of us

The Kansas City of the Heart and Mind

We are not able to see how near to the event we are. We cannot know how rapidly it may occur. If you are not taking steps on the various planes of existence, steps ARE BEING TAKEN that will affect you

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things

Cancer is a living thing too. It keeps on living until the host organism dies and then it dies too, in the zero sum game in which it is a player

Color Coded Slot Cars to the Sewers and the Stars

It is likely that in many cases, those travelling on these roads, especially the roads that are going down don’t have a clue about where they are headed