Going to Disneyland to do the Horizontal Hula

When you get into one of those secret bowers where wisdom, realization or similar graces are gifted, one of the things you notice is how very alone you are

The Great Work and Building the Body of Light

We are the children of God. We are the ground in need of preparation. We are the project and that is why it is called The Great Work; that process by which we build our body of light

The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Unprotesting Virgins

The Ring of Fire is agitated and I’m not talking about Henry Kissinger’s haemorrhoids. I’m talking about inevitables that may not be on the clock

The Easter Equinox and the Defining Year of Change

The Easter Equinox and the Defining Year of Change

Heee’s back … with an important public service announcement

Dirty Harry Sun Bathing at the Dead Pool

Dirty Harry Sun Bathing at the Dead Pool

Les Visible with a final few words before he disappears briefly, we hope, and temporarily

Noah and the Hard Rock Transformers meet the Village People

Les Visible gives us the lowdown on the movie Noah and he doesn’t mince his words

Mr. Optimism at the Worm Food Sushi Bar

Passed 700 Smoking Mirrors a few days ago. Will the internet still be here when number 1,000 rolls around in early 2016? Mr. Optimism says, “Yes.” He also tells me that quite a few other things won’t be around then

Cliff Notes Junkies with the Integrity of Pleather

We are being watched at all times. In the ethereal realms, angels pass over us at regular intervals. They are always searching for awakening souls and souls in search of awakening

Rat Singers, Sirens and Flaming Dumpsters

We come into the light when we depart from our area of personal darkness. Then, all the forces of good will rush to our sides and we will hear angels rather than sirens singing

The Tower Card Rider Deck

To Shake, to Rattle and to Roll away the Stone

Les Visible reflects on the tarot cards Death and the Tower as he ponders the coming West Coast Earthquake

An Age of the Miraculous and a Gathering of Perfect Storms

I wasn’t all that bright and intelligently objective in earlier times. I’d take off into the wind at the least provocation; friends in need, romance, pursuit by Federal and State Law Enforcement and sundry

Things you may See, they ain’t Necessarily So

The Republican candidates for Catamite in Chief have just gone to the seat of Satan (Las Vegas) in the U.S. to pledge their fealty. Those familiar with Satanic ritual are aware that it’s not the fiends finger ‘ring’ that they will be kissing

Sun Baked Mudpies. It’s What’s for Dinner in Haiti

Childhood is that dreaming place where the exercise of hope and faith are unnecessary, for they are already perfected in the moment. After that the world divides and you begin to feed upon yourself, until only a burned out husk remains

Water in Our Hands and the Imprisoned God

There is inert truth and living truth. There is the empty space once filled by the spirit and there is that place presently occupied by the spirit. God is alive, conscious and intimately involved. We should be too

Little Georgie Sorrows and the Kites of the New Serengeti

Although there worse crimes there are two things that deserve special notice and that is ‘suicide’ and the treatment of women. One should take great care to avoid one and be always considerate with the other

Ruminations on the Concept of Free Will

In the waning days of my former state, now transitive (hopefully) to a new location, many thoughts come to mind

Love and the Road to Self-Discovery

Faith is not unlike a boat. As someone else once said: “The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

The Industry of Scholars in Pursuit of Answers

For some people the city streets and celebrities are real. So too are the politicians but to me, as a famous fairy tale declares, “they’re nothing but a pack of cards”.

Toreadors, Dancing Bears and Love Supreme

There’s more to the ego than meets the eye. There is more to all of the components of a person than meets the eye and you can be sure that it is a metaphysical truth that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Weekend Warblers whose Character is Fate

A higher love is the ultimate objective. As good as some drugs are AND- I know what I’m talking about in that respect, nothing comes close to that state